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  • Two Towers, The: The Lord of the Rings
  • Action, Adventure
  • Unknown
  • Electronic Arts
  • Teen
  • November 11, 2002


Multi-player Mode Gimli

Successfully complete the game with two characters under any difficulty setting.

Gem Limitation

We all want all the gems in the game but we can't there is a limit to the amount of gems you can get with a character. You can only get 65,535 gems.

Troll Tusk (Frodo)

Found in Moria (just after the bridge of Kaza- dum). The Troll Tusk can be found in the northeast corner.

Judkins Scrolls (Eowyn)

In one map, a woman will ask you to clear town hall (a large building in the center of the area). Instead of immediately going in, go near it, then wander around the level for awhile, killing things and collecting items. When you return (usually), you can find the artifact in front of a wood pile to the west of the town hall door.

Balin's Book (Gandalf)

This is found in Balin's Tomb before the Cave Troll enters, just below the actual tomb.

Sauron's Ashes (Aragorn, Gandalf, Legolas, Frodo)

This is found in a tower at Helm's Deep up a large flight of stairs in the "Gorge" level to the north. It is the map immediately after you defend the broken wall with Gimli. A chest will appear to the left of the forge after opening all the boxes and chests on the northeast wall. Frodo does not go to Helm's Deep, but he can find the Ashes in a Mordor or Emyn Muil map.

Moria's Lamp (Legolas)

In the map where Legolas, Aragorn, and Gimli meet Gandalf, Moria's Lamp is hidden in a secret area at the top of the map. You have take a path to the right of the screen and group, then left. When you walk into the edge of the screen, you will disappear to another area where you can easily get the lamp.

Bilbo's Map (Aragon, Frodo, Legolas)

Found in a Dimril Dale map. An elf will ask you to recover a lost item from some Orcs. Two Orcs will be guarding a chest and one of them will drop the artifact when you kill it.

Narsil, The Sword Of Isildur (Aragorn, Legolas)

Found in Lothlorien at the bottom of the map. It can also be found by Frodo in Crinfanti.

Chain Link Of Morgul (Aragorn, Legolas)

Found near the end of a Rohan map called the "East Wall". You start the level between three bushes (one big on the right and two smaller ones on the left). A bright blue Troll will appear and start running away. It invincible, but you can follow it to a cave. The chainmail will appear there.

Balin's Tomb: Defeating The Troll

When you first enter this room, note the first doorway before you proceed to the actual tomb. When the Troll appears, run back to the doorway. You will see that there is a slanted area. Position yourself such that the troll is in that corner and move southwards so that he cannot move further in. From here you can kill him, even with your melee attacks. Alternately, run back to the first room you were in and use the attack through walls glitch to hack and slash until the Troll dies. Just before the Cave Troll comes in, if you are standing against the back wall, all the way to the left is a flight of stairs leading to a ledge that overlooks the actual tomb. When the troll enters, run up the stairs to the ledge and use your long range attack on him. If you are not fast enough, he will follow you up the stairs. Just run back down the stairs and try to defeat him from the bottom of the ledge. When the Cave Troll enters, run all the way to the left and up the stairs, killing Orcs on the way. When the Troll comes over, hit him with your sword or arrows. If you have any special skills, use them (for example, Gandalf's Fireworks or Zaps).

Moria: Easy Orc Kills

At the beginning in the mazes of Moria, Orcs scream and run towards you on another side of the wall. You can kill them through the wall.


The Uruk-Hai with the hammer falls forward when he really dies and backwards when it is not. Also you can check if he drops an item. He does so when he dies. However, sometimes corpses do not leave items.

Defeating Ringwraiths

When your corruption is at maximum (flashing eye), Ringwraiths will appear. However, they will only appear at the top of you. You can trap them by standing on a ledge and running to the top end before they appear. From there, you can kill them with ranged attacks or lure them to an open space one by one. As Legolas, in the level where you start out with Aragorn and a Orc and two Swamp Ghosts (Flames), do not kill any crows unless they attack you. Run until all the crows that fly away are gone, then run back to the fence (it is more like a wall) and push up against it. The Ringwraiths will appear above you, where they cannot hurt you. Go to the side of the gate and shoot them until they die, then go around and get the items. Note: Overdraw works especially well.

Defeating The Balrog

When you are facing the Balrog, immediately go to the top left corner. Shove yourself in as far as possible. The Balrog will appear, hit the wall, and always miss you. Then, launch fireworks or Zaps at him. If you really want to kill him the old fashioned way, sit there while pressing B.

Defeating Lurtz

When facing Lurtz as Aragorn, use the active skill "Summon Legolas". Legolas will appear and start fighting the nearest enemy, in this case Lurtz. You can now fight alongside him until Lurtz is dead. Usually this does not take very long.

Legolas: Use Overdraw Quickly

For those who use Overdraw with Legolas, use the following trick to eliminate the delay when he starts the attack. Press B (normal attack) then immediately before he shoots the arrow, press A (which should be set to Overdraw). You will hear the "whoosh" sound if done correctly To charge the Overdraw, hold A after pressing B.

Moving Around Quicker

Always keep a pair of sandals in your backpack. They usually come in handy. For example, if you find a forge, a shrine, or an Ent Pool, you will probably want to keep returning there to sell things. They are also useful when you want to run away from an enemy. In most shoes, boots, etc., you will move a lot slower than you would in sandals.

Recover Health

Play as Legolas with the skills where you can Meditate (stand still and recover hit points ) and Forest Friend (call hawks to distract and injure the foe). Use Meditate and Forest Friend at the same time and your hit points will recover twice as fast.

Duplicating Items In Multi-player Mode

Trade an item from character one to char two saves and have both turn off the game. Both characters should now have the item.

Easy Spirit

Find a place where Orcs, Trolls, Wargs, young Wargs, or Goblins cannot get you. For example, in the stone fence above the health pool when you are against the Fargon Troll (only the little Troll can get you). Then, stand still for about six to ten seconds.

Easy Levels And Gems

If you are having too much difficulty passing a level, wait until you are about to die then save your game and quit. Restart that game and you will start back at the beginning with full health, full spirit, the experience you just gained, and all enemies are re-spawned for you to kill again. Repeat this several times to gain easy level ups, gems for buying power-ups and items, and to rack up kills in order to reach the 500 point skill increases.

Multi-player Mode Misty Mountains Level

Successfully complete the game with all eight artifacts.

Hidden Ending Sequence

Successfully complete the game with all characters to view a sequence featuring squirrels and a Cave Troll.

Duplicate Items

In multi-player mode, have player one gives item (s) to player two. Then, have player one quit the game without saving. When the screen says the that Game Boy Advance has lost the connection, have player two save the game and quit. Player one will still have the item(s), and player two will have the copied item(s).

Moria's Lamp

To get Moria's lamp you must defeat the forest troll at the end of the Faghorn forest level. When he is defeated you will meet up with gandolf. After the other characters leave the screen go to the right as far as you can and then up as far as you can. After that go to the right a little ways and the screen will go black for a second and then you will apear in a new spot. Go strait up and there will be Moria's Lamp. To leave the level just retrace your steps.

Get The Narsil Artifact

To acquire the shards of Narsil, you must get to Lothlorien with Frodo. You will get to Lothlorien after passing the long level from Moria, and into the woods. So, once you are in Lothlorien, go south from where you start. You will come to plenty of tree stumps that you can chop open. Make sure you cut open each one, because in one of them, you will find the sword of Narsil!

Get The Tusk Articfact

When playing with Frodo, after running across the bridge of Khazad-Dum and leaving Gandalf, go north as far as you can. Not far up is an object just sitting on the ground. You may have to smash a pot to find it. Pick it up. It is the second artifact.

Ultimate Arrow

When Legolas use overdraw but don't let go of A. Wait until the circle is orange then without letting go of A hold down B. Then let go of B and he will shoot but you will still have the arrow ready and you can moveT then medatate and the circle will be orange and blue. Now you have an unstopable arrow. Press A to launch.

Balrog Strategy

When fighting the Balrog hit him with long range Magic then when he seeems to be meditating hit him with your sword /Staff Repeat this until it is dead.

Easy Cave Troll Win

Here's an easy way to beat the Cave Troll in the room with Balin's Tomb. Get close to the troll to catch his attention, but not close enough to get smashed. Lead him up the staircase on the lower left part of the room. Make sure he follows you up the stairs. Go up into the little room in the upper left corner of the tomb. Knock over the statue to make sure the goblins don't come in and kill you. Attract the cave troll until he comes to the doorway and repeatedly tries to hit you, but stay out of his way. Then shoot him with Legolas or use skills to hit him until he dies.

How To Get Balin's Book

To get Balin's book you need to be Gandalf. Travel through Moria tell you get to the part where you face the cave troll. Next to Balin's tomb you will find his book. The item will automatically be added to your artifacts list.

Weapon Power Up

If you hold down the "B" button your weapon will start to "sparkel". This should kill a regular Goblin and a regular Orc in one hit.


We have no cheats or codes for The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no unlockables for The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


Glitch: Legolas: Overdraw

This is another glitch in Legolas' Overdraw skill. First, charge your Overdraw by holding the button. Then without releasing the overdraw, charge up your attack for about two seconds. Next, release only the normal attack, then release the Overdraw. You will see that nothing happens when the Overdraw is released, but the aura will still remain. Also try leaving it until his Meditation skill starts. The aura will change yet again. Use the Overdraw again to remove it.

Glitch: Gandalf: Invisible Staff And Sword

Start a new game with Gandalf. Remove his staff and sword. Gandalf's arm will still be positioned as if he is holding a staff. If you attack an Orc, you will hear the sword sound when he is using his fists.

Glitch: Hit Through Wall

You can hit through thin walls such as those found in Moria. Any other thin walls will also work, including the barriers such as the trees and rocks in the plains.

Glitch: Uruk-Hai

The Uruk-Hai with the sword already hits you when he swings his sword. He will hit you again when it lands, registering two hits.

Glitch: Frodo: Skills

Some of Frodo's skills can be canceled with his charged up attack. For example, his rollaway move and charge move can be canceled into a charged up attack. This is useful, as when you roll just nicely to the enemies' back you can attack immediately instead of waiting for Frodo to finish his roll.

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