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  • June 2, 2009


Baby Hints

Want twins or even Triplets? Then watch the Kids channel on the TV or listen to the childrens music station on the stereo! Doing EITHER activity Slightly Increases the chance for twins or triplets! Doing BOTH at the SAME time really improves your chances of having Twins or Triplets! "Gender". Want a boy or a girl? ! To have a boy. Eat THREE apples during the Pregnancy to increase the chance of having a baby boy! Now if you want a girl! Eat THREE watermelons during the Pregnancy to increase the chance of having a baby girl!

Earn More Money With Guitar

When your sim has enough guitar skill points to unlock the "Play For Tips" option, go to the Theater and play for tips there. You earn a ton of money!

Go Back An Age

To go back an age, all you have to do is enter the testingCheatsenabled true code. Shift click the person whose age you want to change and then go to create-a-sim mode. Their you can change the sim back to a young adult teenager or a nature adult.

Keeping Your Garden Successful.

If your sim is in the gardener career and you find it hard to keep all of your plants watered you can put sprinklers in your garden. The sprinklers help keep the plants watered and makes your garden more successful! I know this works because I have done it! You can find the sprinklers in outdoors activities in buy mode.

How To Age Faster!

If you don't want to sit and wait for your kids to grow from baby to adults, well there is a way to speed it up! It is easy. Just buy a birthday cake and blow out the candles. You can only do this once a day with each person. So if I wanted my baby to grown up I would by a cake and have them blow out the candles then I would wait till the next day and do it over. It isn't hard and if you have the family thing it makes it easier to grow up!

Getting To Pick The Traits For Your Baby!

Your mother sims mood is the best way to get the chance to select your baby's Traits! The happier the mother is. The BETTER! Massage away those backaches, indulge those food cravings! Pamper her every chance! If mother was happy during the prego You get to pick BOTH traits for baby! If she was pretty happy you get to pick one trait! If she was in an okay mood for most of the prego both traits are assigned randomly! A mother unhappy during her prego one is chosen randomly and the second one is pulled from the Negative traits! (evil, snob, neurotic, loner, etc! ) Now if the prego was a disaster of sickness, cravings, and backaches, then both traits will come from the negative trait pool! Now there is one more thing you can do to affect the pergo and increase the chances of getting to pick the two traits! Go down to the bookstore and BUY both Prego books! "Totally Preggers""An Expectant mothers tale and baby incoming" Read them both if you can! It helps alot!

Play YOUR Music In The Sims 3

Step 1: Open the EA folder where The Sims 3 is found and open "The Sims 3" Folder example: my "EA" folder is under Documents>Electronic Arts>The Sims 3
Step 2: Open the "Custom Music" Folder, if you bought a certain Sims 3 Expansion Pack there are a few songs there already. (i deleted them, that's up to you if you want to or not)
Step 3: If you have ITunes, Open that or wherever you have stored your music. Move your favorite songs into the "Custom Music" folder and now your songs will be heard on the radio under "Custom Music"!
Hope this works out for you, It did for me! Excited to say this is my first ever cheat entry xD.

Boy And Girl Twins

Normally in Sims, you can't have fraternal twins (One boy one girl). But there is a way! It's worked for me MANY times.
1) Get the "Fertility Treatment" LifeTime Reward for one or both of the parents
2) Get the mother pregnant (Wait until she actually gets the pregnant moodlet)
3) Go see a sim that is Level 5 or more in the medical carrer and ask to "Determine Gender of Baby".
4) Once the doctor tells you what it is, go to the store and buy the OPPOSITE fruit of that gender. Ex: If it's a girl go buy apples. If it's a boy go buy watermelons. Eat ATLEAST THREE OF THAT FRUIT.
5) Have the pregnant sims watch kids channel and listent to kids radio station at the same time for long periods of time until babies are born (It won't work if it's not twins or triplets)
6) When baby comes go to the hospital. The gender that the doctor said it'll be will be born FIRST then the baby of the opposite gender. If it's triplets usually the third baby is most likely the opposite of the first one.
Note, this may not work if they aren't twins or triplets. Make sure you have room in your household too!

How To Make The Neighborhood Better

If you were wondering how to make all of the houses or buildings around you, this is what you do:
1. I like to make my neighbors house better or just sell the stuff inside, you first need to open the cheatbar and type in "testingceatsenabed true", then you go and click on any residence or building while holding shift and click on build on this lot.
2. While building you can switch to buying anytime you want and you can bring out the sledge hammer tool and sell all of their furniture for some extra cash, the best places to look are in their garage but none of my neighbors have nice cars.

Teleport Without A Teleporting Pad!

You can actually teleport your Sim to wherever you want! (inside of your gaming boundaries of course! ) Make sure that you hit Ctrl+c to enter cheat mode. Turn on testingCheatsenabled true. Say you are in town but you want to go home without driving. Click "view my home" by the camera toggle menu then click anywhere in your house while holding down the 'shift" key and click "teleport me here. " Within seconds your Sim should appear! :).

Sims Life Span

Unlike in The Sims 2 you can change the life span of your sims. The 5 Life spans you can chose from are:
Short- 25 Sim Days
Medium- 50 Sim Days
Normal- 90 Sim Days
Long- 190 Sim Days
Epic- 960 Sim Days.


If you have had the Sims 2 then you know very well that you have to use a cheat to turn aging off but on the Sims 3 you just go to the options menu and just turn off aging! :).


$50,000 Per Entry

Hold down the shift, ctrl and c keys at the same time. This will bring up the bar at the top of the screen where cheats are entered. In the Sims 3 it is a blue color. Click your curser in this area and then type in the word motherlode and hit enter. You just gave your sim $50, 000. Repeat this process to make your sim as wealthy as you want. When your cash gets low, add some more by following the steps again.

Max Motives

To Max Your Motives Press Ctrl-Shift-C And Enter (TestingCheatsEnabled True) After That Hold Shift And Click Your Mailbox And A Choice Menu Will Come Up Click on (Make Happy) and Your Motives Max Out There Are Other Things AT The Mailbox Too.

Gives 2,500 Lifetime Happiness Points To Active Sim.

At the code entry type shazaam and it wil give your sim 2,500 lifetime happiness points.

Open All Cheats

This will work at anytime in the game click Ctrl+Shift+C at the same time. Then a blue window like thing will drop down from the top left of the screen, then type: TestingCheatsEnabled true It is case sensitive. Then click enter on your keyboard. Now you can adjust almost anything in the game. Note do not type the boolprop like you would in the Sims 2 game. It doesn't work in the Sims 3 games. most all of the cheats in the sims 2 games will work in the Sims 3 games, but remember don't use the boolprop on any of the cheat in the Sims 3 games it won't work.

Change Careers

Enter the code: set career {career/level}

Make Service Sim Appear

Enter the code: force service sim {name}

Buy Fish, Gem, And Flower Box Thingys

Type in buydebug. This cheat will let you buy these odd boxes and things that will help you get collection items, and I think you can buy those flowers that will keep the reaper from taking you away.

As Much Money As Possible

Type in familyFunds in the cheat code bar then that family will have that amount.

Friends Cheat, Mood Cheat...

Hold CTRL, SHIFT, and "C" to bring up a long blue transparent box at the top of the playing screen. Enter "testingcheatsenabled true" make sure that you ONLY put a space behind the word "true" or else it will say. "CODE NOT RECOGNIZED". After that, go to the mood and click and drag the green, yellow, or red bar up or down. You may go to the friends list and also drag those bars up or down.

Modify Sims' Lives

Open the cheat window and type "enabletestingcheats true" Now shift+right click on the mailbox of your sim's lot, and a menu will open up allowing you set their career and many other things. You can also click and drag their motives and skills with this cheat on. You can also shift+right click on sims to trigger an age transition. You can shift+click anywhere to "teleport" to that spot.

Llamas Enabled Message

Enter the code: enablellamas {on|off}

Tester Cheats

Enter the code: testingCheatsenabled {true|false}
This lets you move the sim's stats/attribute bars using your mouse.

New Friends

Enter the code: make friends for me

Neighborly Visit

Enter the code: force visit

List Of Cheats

To get a list of most cheats enter: help

Go To Create-a-sim

Enter the code: edit in cas

You Can Heal Sim, You Can Decide Career, Many More

With it code: testingcheatsenabled Turns on Testing Cheats, with shift click on sim, objects.

Enter Create A Sim Without Deleting Your Family.

While playing the game enter 'CTRL + ALT + C' the cheat box will come up type in "testingcheatsenabled true" then hold down the Shift key then click on the sim you want to edit and there your done! Also work for many other things. Just hold down shift and click on thinks it will have more options for you and your sim to do!

Cheat Codes (Video)

To open the cheat box, press CTRL + SHIFT + C.

Delete The Boxes That Make Your Sims Unhappy

First you have to be playing a sim. You know the boxes that say your sims are, for example, disgusted, grungy, smelly, embarrassed, etc. Anything in those boxes you can delete. But you only want to delete the negatives so your sims can be happier.
Press CTRL + C on the keyboard, type in the words: testingcheatsenabled true, in the box at the top of the screen. Then you hold down the Ctrl key on the keyboard and click one of the negative boxes your sim is feeling and that will delete it.

No Object Snapping (positioning)

Enter the code: disableSnappingToSlotsOnAlt {on|off}

Fade Objects Near Camera

Enter the code: fadeObjects {on|off}

Change Angle For Snap By 45 Degrees

Enter the code: snapObjectsToAngle {true|false}

Snap Objects To Grid

Enter the code: snapObjectsToGrid {true|false}

Show Talk Balloons

Enter the code: hideHeadlineEffect {on|off}

Random Jokes!

Enter the code: jokePlease

Speed Of Visuals

Enter the code: slowMotionViz {0-8}
0 is normal speed and 8 is the slowest speed.

Show Framerate

Enter the code: fps {on|off}

Full Screen

Enter the code: fullscreen {on|off}

Quit/close The Game

Enter the code: quit

Force Terrain

Enter the code: constrainFloorElevation {true|false}

Send Sim Home

Enter the code: resetSim [firstname] [lastname]

Force Career Opportunity

Enter the code: force opportunity

Force A Career Event

Enter the code: force event

Force All Career Events

Enter the code: force all events

Super Popular Sim

To get them to know everyone, enter the code: make me know everyone

View Outfits And Uniforms

Enter the code unlockOutfits {on|off}
You should do this before going into the create-a-sim mode.

Set Motives

Enter the code: make motives {static|dynamic}

Set Moods/moodlets To Perfect

Enter the code: make happy

Unlimited Object Moving/placing

Enter the code: moveObjects {on|off}

Enter Cheat Mode

Hold down the shift, ctrl and c keys at the same time. This will bring up the bar at the top of the screen where cheats are entered. For windows Vista, you may have to hold shift, ctrl, windows, and press the c key to get the cheat bar/console.

Ignore Cost When Buying Lots

Enter the code: freerealestate

Modify Traits

Enter the code: modify traits

Add Sim To Household

Enter the code "add to household" to add the active sim to the current household.

Change Age

Enter the code: set age {number}

Money & More Money & Help

If you re bored of jobs then press [ctrl]+[shift]+c and a bar will show up type in kaching and you will get some cash. Type in motherlode (not motherload) and you will get even more money. If you typein help it should show you more cheats for the sims 3! :note:if kaching does not work or motherlode (they work on the sims 2) then type help and you will see more cheats than just 2! :hint: help is used most often.


We have no unlockables for The Sims 3 yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for The Sims 3 yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no glitches for The Sims 3 yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no achievements or trophies for The Sims 3 yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

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