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If you drink a orange potion you will turn invisible.

Santa Claus

Ok. First buy a fireplace (any will work). Then Get a christmas tree and put it in the same room as the fire place. Now you need to get cookies and put them in the same room. Now for the final part that makes this hint work every time. Put all your sims to bed by 8:00. Around midnight santa should appear and leave a nice present for you. (The earlier you put your sims in bed the better the gift will be.);)

Dont Get Your Baby Stolen

If you want your baby to stay with you before she comes in the house either delete her or make a closed fence and keep her in there. (to delete use Move_objects ON)

How To Make A Super Sim

When you create a sim, first of all make three or more kids with no personality. When you have made three kids,go back and change them to adults(or delete the unwanted ones). The sims will automaticly have some job points. The first thing to do when you move them into their house, is to buy a "potion lab" and keep making potions untill you get a yellow one. The yellow potion will permanantly change your personality so your sim will have 10 personality points for everything. Just don't drink another yellow potion or your personality will be at 0 again.


Buy a christmas tree from the decorating and a fire place. Be sure to leave out a plate of cookies and Santa will come. He will eat he cookies and then leave somthing like a pool table.

Chemistry Lab

If you buy a chemistry lab and put it outside beware. A cop could come along and fine you 500 simoleans. If the cop does come use the move_objects on Code to remove her, otherwise you will still get the fine.

Naked Sims

Enter the cheat code "move_objects on" then tell your sim to take a shower. While he/she is in go to buy mode and click on the shower, then move the shower! You can also give your Sims perfect moods by going to buy mode picking them up and deleating them. Then click on there face on live mode. They will have perfect mood. P.S. Save before deleating them or they can lose job skills or even there job!

No More Bills

If you dont want anymore bills just simply Turn on the move_objects on code and select the mailbox and delete it and then no more bills. Warning, if you do this you will not be able to invite friends to your house, you will have to wait for them to come to your house.

Get Money Without Cheating

First you have to buy a rocket set Then you set a rocket off before the rocket hits the ground click on build mode and click the hand then you click the rocket and it should give you 2,300 simeleons plus Jesus loves you

Perfect Sim

Go into buy mode and enable the move_objects on code. Then click on your sim and press the delete button. Your sim will disappear but if you look at the health graph everything will go up. Then just double click on your sims profile and you will find him/her.

Build Body Skill

Build a pool with no ladders and tell your sim to dive in. Then they will swim and build up their body skill meter. Then just before the sim falls asleep build a ladder in the pool so they can get out. If you dont they will drown.

New House

Each sim starts out with 20,000$. Since that's not enough mone for a house here's what you do. Move your family into an empty lot, then without building a house press ctrl+shift+c and the box will come up, type in rosebud. Then do it again but this time make the code !;!: and keep pressing enter. Then clik on neighborhood and SAVE the game. then evict the family. Then press Pick or Create a family and pick the one you evicted. They still have there money and can afford the house.

Faster Skill

Select the create a family button. Creat three to eight kids (boys or girls). When you finish creating, change the kids into adults. Then click the finish creating button and move them into any lot. You will find that your characthers will already have skills. Some will have full skills such as cooking, ect.

99 Neighborhoods

Note: This procedure involves changing a game file; create a backup copy of the file before proceeding. Enter The Sims folder and copy the "TemplateUserData" file to the Desktop. Rename the file to "UserData" followed by a number from "6" to "99" for the corresponding neighborhood.

Full Traits

Create a Sim with no traits (0 nice, 0 active, etc.). Make him/her a yellow potion, and have them drink it. Your Sim will have a personality inversion, with all traits now at 10.

Keep Sim Alive

When a Sim dies, you can keep them alive by using the "move_objects on" code to delete the Grim Reaper. Save and exit the game, then evict your family. You will have to refurnish your house, but at least your Sim will still be alive.



press (Ctrl)+ (Shift)+(C) grey bar at the top should come when its there let go and type "move_objects on" in it!

Quick Money

While playing a game, press [Ctrl] + [Shift] + C and enter the "rosebud" code. Then, display the cheat prompt again and type "!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!" (up to sixty total commands may be entered). While playing a game, press [Ctrl] + [Shift] + C and enter "rosebud;:" as a code. Then, hold [Enter] so that "No such cheat" begins to flash. Keep the key held to gain up to 99 million simolians.


We have no unlockables for The Sims: Livin' Large Expansion yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for The Sims: Livin' Large Expansion yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no glitches for The Sims: Livin' Large Expansion yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


Created by: SloDeth. Read the full guide...

Created by: yobemag. Read the full guide...

Created by: Dan Simpson. Read the full guide...

Created by: Dan Simpson. Read the full guide...


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