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Extra Health

For extra health in Easy Mode you must shoot 20 enemies without missing a shot, if you miss you must start from zero again. In Normal Mode shoot 30 consecutive enemies.

Easy Story Mode

Select the first mission from the mission selection screen. Time attack and story mode options will appear. Shoot outside the screen, then shoot the selection box for story mode. An easy option will appear on the story mode box. Easy mode allows five lives and extra time to complete game play.


Alternate Reload

Press Triangle, Circle, Square, or X on a standard controller in port two to hide or reload instead of using the red gun button.

Level Select

Hold L1 + X + Circle for approximately five seconds. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear the sound of a gun. Press Start at the title screen to jump to any level.

Cheat Mode

Wait until the main screen with the three target boxes appear. Shoot the hole in the center of the letter "R" in the word "CRISIS" twice, then shoot inside the cross hairs that are next to the word "TIME" twice . A cheat menu with life, credit, and shot options will appear. These options may be used to enable nine lives, unlimited credits, and no reload mode. Note: Your aim must be extremely precise when firing at the screen. Aiming from just off the screen is recommended.


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Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Time Crisis yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


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