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  • Simulation, Business Sim
  • Unknown
  • Apple
  • Not-Rated
  • December 2, 2011


Fast Restocking

After you have started all of your sales, go to settings, general, date and time, and change the date to the next day. Then go back to Tiny Tower and collect your restocks, but make sure that no building are stocking (or else you will have to start all over) then go and change the date back! There you go, Enjoy!

Free Tower Bucks

Figure out a blitzens birthday. Then go to settings, general, time and then type their b-day date. Go back to tiny tower and it will say you got another tower buck. Keep on doing this for more.


We have no cheats or codes for Tiny Tower yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no unlockables for Tiny Tower yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

Easter eggs

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GameCenter Achievements

Amusements Fully stock a Toy Store & Tech Store
An Eye for Art Fully stock an Optometrist & Art Studio
Bar Fight Fully stock a Pub & Martial Arts
Bet the Pot Fully stock a Casino & Pottery Studio
Blockbuster Fully stock a Cineplex & Video Rental
Bookwork Fully stock a Book Store & Plant Nursery
Burger Bytes Fully stock a Sky Burger & Cyber Cafe
Cloud Topper Build 100 floors
Code Freeze Fully stock a Software Studio & Smoothie Shop
Cold Medicine Fully stock a Frozen Yogurt & Pharmacy
Cut an Album Fully stock a Barber Shop & Recording Studio
Dance Fever Fully stock a Night Club & Doctors Office
Decked Out Fully stock a Mens Fashion & Hat Shop
Designer Shoes Fully stock a Graphic Design & Shoe Store
Desserted Fully stock a Cake Studio & Scoops
Dirty Laundry Fully stock a Private Eye & Laundromat
Fashionista Fully stock a Fashion Studio & Womens Studio
Fat Quarter Fully stock a Health Club & Fabric Shop
Field Trip Fully stock a Tutoring Center & Museum
First Quarter Build 25 floors
Fish Tacos Fully stock an Aquarium & Mexican Food
Five Oh Build 50 floors
Fortune Cookie Fully stock a Fortune Teller & Asian Cuisine
Funny Money Fully stock a Comedy Club & Bank
Green Screen Fully stock a Vegan Food & Film Studio
iGlass Fully stock a Mapple Store & Glass Studio
Joystick Junkie Fully stock a Game Studio & Game Store
Keep Rollin Fully stock a Bike Shop & Bowling Alley
Musical Chairs Fully stock a Music Store & Furniture Store
Nerd Alert Fully stock a Comic Store & Arcade
Nice Shot Fully stock a Paintball & Racquetball
Oakinawa Fully stock a Wood Shop & Sushi Bar
Pizza Roll Fully stock a Pizza Place & Bakery
Please Be Seated Fully stock a Theater & Wedding Singer
Printer Ink Fully Stock a Print & Ship & Tattoo Parlor
R&R Fully stock a Day Spa & Travel Agency
Rags to Riches Fully stock a Diner & Fancy Cuisine
Say Cheese! Fully stock a Dentists Office & Photo Studio
Something's Brewing Fully stock a Coffee House & Soda Brewery
Spike in Sales Fully stock a Volleyball Club & Ad Agency
Stellar Record Fully stock a Planetarium & Record Shop
Subpar Fully stock a Sub Shop & Mini Golf
Tea Square Fully stock a Tea House & Architect Office
Tiny City Have 100 residents
Tiny Town Have 50 residents
Tiny Village Have 15 residents
Triskaidekaphobia Build 13 floors

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