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  • Splinter Cell Chaos Theory and Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory
  • Shooter, First-Person Shooter
  • Ubi Soft
  • Ubi Soft
  • Mature
  • March 30, 2005


Move Silently

When you want to move absolutely silently, get you gun out and move. Look at your stealth/sound meter, and it will be empty.

Accuracy Helper

Here's a rhyme to help you kill an enemy, aim for the head to make them dead. When you see an enemy use your assault rife scope and aim for the head, if it's a good shot he'll drop.

Train Repair Station (Co-op Mode)

When you and your partner start the mission, go straight and around the corner. Go almost all the way to the end, but look to your left. You will see an elevator shaft. Stand on the edge of the shaft, making sure that you don't fall to your death. Press X so you initiate the rappel. Your partner has to come and stand in front of you, walking slowly so that your partner doesn't fall. Your partner has to complete the rappel. Your partner then rappels his/her way down the shaft. When he/she reaches the bottom, he/she has to look for the elevator pad, and click X. He/she chooses to go up, and then you step into the elevator. You go to the elevator pad and choose to go down(By the way, next to the elevator shaft is a 'call elevator' button. It doesn't work (Nice try though.). Now, there are two ways of which you can go. You can go the first way, or the second way(obviously.). The first way is the first stop on your way down. that is the longer way. If you want to go that way, then go out of the elevator and follow the tunnel. Be careful when you come out of the elevator, as there is a wall mine on the left wall. If you want to get the wall mine, approach it from the side VERY CAREFULLY. If you go to fast, it will blow up. Anyway, take a right turn, and jump up onto the building thingy. Then jump up onto the first ledge, then jump onto the second ledge. there will usually be a guard walking there. You can keep a low profile by falling on him when he is below the ledge that you are now standing on, or you can become noticed by shooting him. Next, you and your partner go around the train, and go forward. Be careful though, as some more guards, might come around the corner. As you follow the tunnel, make a right turn, then you can either skip completing the secondary objective/mission, or complete it. If you wish to complete it, go past the door, and around the corner. There might be some guards. Kill them, and go around or through the train. Go to the computer, and read the files on it. There, you have completed your secondary objective/mission. now, go back to the door with the keypad. Use the keypad. The code is 1810 (if you didn't know because you decided to skip the secondary objective/mission). Open the door, and go in slowly. I am stuck at this part, as there is a laser beam going across the room. If you touch that laser beam, then the bombs go off and you fail the mission. There are two ways to get past this. Way #1: Roll under the laser beam- This way is very dangerous, because you have to start your roll at the right moment, or you hit the beam. I am still trying to figure out the right moment. When I do, I will submit it to the hints section. Way #2: Defuse the bomb- go to the side wall to the right as you walk into the room. Press X to defuse the bomb. What you have to do is pull the right wire and put in the right code. I do not yet know wat wire to pull or what code to put in. It may be on the computer, but I am not sure.


All Coop Missions

At Coop menu hold L1+L2+R2+R1, then press square (5X) then circle (5X)

All Solo Missions

At the solo menu, hold L1+ L2+R2+R1 and press square (5X), then circle (5X).


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