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  • Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Legend
  • Action, Adventure
  • Crystal Dynamics
  • Eidos Interactive
  • Teen
  • June 22, 2006


Nepal Shortcut

While your at the Nepal level make your way to the top of the Himalayas then draw Lara's guns pistol's etc. Then simply jump while guns are drawn and there you go but sometimes Lara might die but if get to the checkpoint. This shortcut will skip the second silver reward but gives you the bronze reward instead.


Textureless Mode

Press and hold L. Then press R, X, Circle, X, Triangle, R.


Unlockable Outfits

Here are some of the outfits you can unlock

legend brown-deafult from start
legend pink-complete ghana with all silver rewards
legend blue-complete peru with all silver rewards
legend union jack-complete bolivia iwth all silver rewards
amanda-complete ghana time trail
amanda winter-complete kazakhstan time trail
biker-complete england
biker red-complete england with all silver rewards
biker no jacket-complete england with all silver and gold rewards
catsuit-get the gold reward in japan
snowsuit-get the gold reward in nepal
classic aqua top (TR 1-4)-find the gold reward in peru
classic gray top-get the gold reward in ghana
goth-complete england time trial
goth lace shirt-complete japan time trial
evening gown black-complete japan
evening gown red-complete japan with all silver rewards
special forces-find gold reward in kazaksthan
special forces urban-find gold reward in england
sport green-complete bolivia time trial
sport blue-get the gold reward in bolivia
suit blue-find the gold reward in croft manor
suit cream-get all silver and blue rewards in croft manor
swimsuit black-complete all time trials and find all rewards
swimsuit white-complete all time trails
winter-complete kazaksthan
winter no coat-same as above
winter orange-complete nepal with all silver rewards
winter orange, no coat-complete kazaksthan with all silver rewards
winter pink-complete nepal time trail
winter pink, no coat-complete peru time trail
note:swimsuit can only be worn in croft manor.

Easter eggs

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