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  • Action, Adventure
  • Unknown
  • Eidos Interactive
  • Teen
  • June 23, 2003


Fighting Brother Obscura

When fighting Brother Obscura: Get down on all fours and search around room for ammo and a shotgun. Crawl Lara into position near one of the statues with the blue light on, SAVE YOUR GAME, draw the shotgun, and when Bro. Obscura is in front of you, stand up, begin firing while moving towards the statue, when the hand shows up press R1 followed quickly by action button, Lara will put away shotgun and grab painting then immediately save your game. This requires very precise timing but its the only way to get past this part. Then RUN like crazy towards the door that opened. Be patient

Wrath Of Beast

After retriving the Earth Crystal, an easier way to deal with the Knights is simply to position yourself so that the big hole in the middle of the room is behind the Knight you are fighting, shoot and keep getting closer to it until you shoot it into the hole, do the same with the others and then you can pull levers in peace and tranquility.

Easier Descent Into Tomb Of Ancients

When you reach the broken bridge, there is no easy way to descend without loosing health, (if not crumpling Lara up into a ball on the chasm floor a few times). But if you jump to the other half of the bridge, (this is against the advise of the guide if you own it) there are goodies in the doorway. Now walk to the broken edge, and look to your right for the platform missing the gargoil. A running jump will land you on it. Now jump to the next ledge, shimmy under the gargoil (You must hang off of the front, Lara cannot shimmy around the corners on these small platforms) do this to get to the other side, and you can hang down and drop to the dirt ledge below. This is easier than trying to bounce off the wall to the ledge, or aiming for the ledge occupied by a gargoil, plus You will have some extra health pick-up, and won't have lost any health either. (Unless you missed a platform, then your dead, so save before each jump)

Get Past Second Laser Room Undetected

If you own a guide, they will state that you can't get past the lasers in the second gallery in the Louvre, but it is actually quite easy. After you crawl under the crossed lasers at the entrance, walk to the right. See three vertical lasers? They are too close to walk through, actually, they aren't. Swivel the camera 180 so it is facing you from the other side, now turn Lara, (not the camera,) to face the wall and walk slowly untill you are centered inline with the gap between the center laser and the one closest to the wall, just tapping the joystick will inch her into place. Hold walk and slowly walk sideways, and, if you lined yourself up right, you are now free to sneak up on the guard without wasting ammo and health.

The Hall Of Seasons: Breath Of Hades

Make sure you find and pull the hidden lever BEFORE jumping otherwise the gate will be closed when you get to the other side. As you jump from stalk to stalk, hold down the X button so Lara will not fall off so easily. Pick a side. If you are jumping forward on the right (facing the crystal archway) watch the dragon facing you on the left side of the archway. (and vice-versa) While the dragons steamy breath may be random - it is visible AND only one of them blows at any given time! Time and place your jumps accordingly. Once you make it over to the other side and pick up the crystal (SAVE) the dragons suck it up. You just have to jump back over to the other side.

The Hall Of Seasons/Wrath Of The Beast

Save on every "stable" rock you land on. If you find yourself having trouble negotiating the running and jump sequences just yet, try walking and jumping thru this little floor crumbling wonder until you get to the "sturdy" yellow platform. Then angle Lara to face the archway and RUN. Time your steps carefully for the final jump off the edge. Walking at the first part of the scene may alert you to the falling floor parts before you step on them. Pick up the items before you get the crystal. Most of the floor will return. Do not get near the middle pit or it will suck you into to instant death. Lara can dodge some of the fiery burst from the 3 knights that appear. Those she can not can be doust with the either 1 of 2 water spouts over either archway. Pull lever 1 (I recommend save here). As soon as you pull lever 2 exit the chamber. The knights will keep coming as long as you are in that room.

Serpent Rouge Night Club

Turn on the disco lights that move up and down. Then, go up to the second level. There should be a box on the opposite side from the one that you came up from. Move that box and climb on top of it. From there you can climb up again. A huge catwalk will fall. Make a running jump and get to the other side. Next, jump onto the disco lights and enable the walk feature. Walk to your right, then turn again once you reach the the end of the frame. Jump and grab the edge. You must now climb the ladder. There should be a slide with a gap at the bottom. Slide down and jump to the other side. Then, turn left and make that jump. Straight ahead is a metal frame that you can jump to and grab. Shimmy across and pull yourself up. Walk to the edge of the wooden platform and jump to the next catwalk with a bridge. Kick the bridge down and break the door open. Go into the room and pull the left lever until the broken light is on the bottom left side of the square. Then, pull the right lever and you can collect the object. Go back across the bridge, then exit through the door that is in the room with the levers. Forget about the ladder in there, as all you get is a candy bar.

Unlimited Money Or Items

Go to any location that you can exit and re- enter easily with money or reusable items (health packs, bars, etc.) that can be picked up. Keep leaving and entering the screen. The money or item will still be there each time.

Persian Ghetto: Unlimited Money

Go into the pawn shop after you talk to the women. After you talk to the man in the pawn shop, leave. Then, go straight until you get to a sewer drain cover and an object or item toward your left. Pick it up. It will be money. Go back to the pawn shop. Then, walk back out of the pawn shop. Return to the sewer top where you found the money. There will be money there once again. Continue doing this for unlimited money.

See Some Strange Details

If you get Lara in just the right place. Viewed from bottom while she is standing still on stairs near the first person you meet when you first start playing. You can see up her pant leg. You see nothing big but you see her figure.

New Laser Route In Louvre Galleries That Works!

After the 1st laser jump, fall off the display case and climb on to the middle one. WALK forwards till you can't go any further. Back up 1 step. Wait till the laser is level with your feet and do a forward jump to land on the display case in front of you. Hey, it's easier than timing the laser to shimmy!


Skip Level Or Level Select

During gameplay press pause and hold L1+R2+Down+Triangle then, after a few seconds, quickly press Circle, Up, Square, Triangle, Right, Down then you should be able to either skip the level you are stuck on or to just wander about in the levels.

Swan Dive

Press R2 + Up + Circle and Lara will do a swan dive.

Handstand On Ledge

Hang from a ledge, then press Up and L1, L2, R1, R2. Lara will do a hanstand on the ledge.


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