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  • Sports, Extreme Sport
  • Neversoft Entertainment
  • Activision
  • Teen
  • March 24, 2005


Las Vegas: Super Jump

Go to the waterfall on the second story. You will find that the waterfall goes down into the bowl and up the other side. If you stand next to the water going up, run, then jump while the water is pushing you up, you will perform a super jump. This is useful for getting up to the pools if you have just fallen off the edge.

Fast Custom Character

Create a character any way desired, then select the "Scale" option. Set it so that all the bars are at the left end. He or she will be small, but fast. Then, play in Classic mode and get the THPS Coins to raise you speed to the maximum.

View Camera

When your player is off his skateboard and in walk mode HOLD down CIRCLE and ROTATE the ANALOGE STICK to look all around your player.

Zombie On Motorcycle

To find the zombie dude on the motorcycle in New Orleans, you must first do the "Raise the Dead" mission by knocking the skulls off of the crypts in the graveyard. (They fall of if you grind them.) You will watch a small cutscene and then he will be behind the large circular crypt. It didn't take me long to figure that out!

Philadelphia: Enter Skate Park

In Philadelphia (Classic or Free Skate modes), it is possible to get into the skate park without having to open the fence, which can use up valuable time in Classic mode. Skate straight toward the fence and Sticker Slap the fence (Ollie then X). If done correctly, you should be on the other side of the fence. Note: To get out, just do the same thing.

Training: Ride Up Wall

In the Training level, go to the fountain and you will see a ramp against the wall. Ride up it and you will not fall.

Afro Thunder (Ready 2 Rumble) Custom Skater

Skin: Black (Brown)
Hair : Brown Afro
Shirt: Jersey; red
Gloves: Boxing Gloves
Pants: Shorts; any color
Shoes: Any
Scale: Maximum (Tall)

Abe Lincoln Custom Skater

Skin: White
Hair: Medium
Facial Hair: Honest Abe
Hat: Top Hat
Shirt: Suit Jacket
Pants: Suit Pants
Shoes: Brown Boots


In order to get "Focused", fill your special meter then tap the Analog-stick Back. The game will go into slow motion, allowing you to "focus" better on the move that you want to do, hence the name. It will also allow you to balance better during grinds and manuals.

Easier Running

When not on the skateboard, use the Analog-stick to run (not holding X). You will run faster by using the Analog-stick.

Freak Out

When you wipeout and you can freak out press Up and Down repeatedly.

Get Inside Corners

Come up to a corner and do a grab or flip trick. If there is an area behind the corner, you can go through the wall. This is a good way to get inside of buildings.

Barcelona: Bob Burnquist Message

Depending on which of the two previous levels you play (Boston or Atlanta), you can lose Bob Burnquist in one of two ways. In both levels, they spin the Wheel of Loogies. When the loogie hits the "Cut One Loose" space, they decide to cut Burnquist. In Boston Burnquist is lost when he is hit in his "area" by a tennis ball launched by a pitching machine. In Atlanta, he is caught by the cops while spray painting a cop car and is taken away. When "Cut One Loose" is hit, Mike Vallely gets a call saying Burnquist's bail has been set at $20,000, so they decide to lose him. The glitch is, if you play the Atlanta level then get to the part in Barcelona where you receive the text message from Burnquist, the message still reads as though he had been hit with the tennis ball, as if you had previously played in Boston.


When you are not on the skateboard, hold X to run.

Control Camera

When skating, use the Analog-stick to move the camera. Note: Moving it when you are not on the skateboard will make you walk or run.

Atlanta: SPAT Logo

To get at SPAT logo in the glass building near the fountain and the globe, you first need to complete the Golden Light goal to light your board, then the Smoke on the Water Goal to destroy the fountain structure. The fountain structure will then knock over the globe, which in turn will destroy the building with the SPAT logo.

Barcelona: Set Yourself On Fire

Get some tomatoes. Find a boy throwing tomatoes at a caged bull. Join in and throw all your tomatoes, The bull will be set free. It will rampage around and hit a car. Ride over the car and you should be on fire.

Unlimited Supply

After you find Voltraman, press Square and he will throw electric balls. It takes awhile for them to disappear.

Berlin: Easy Points

Go down the stairs, then past the cop in front of the door. Then go through that door and you will be on the roof. Walk into the air conditioning unit and it will break. Then, walk over the sparks on the ground where it was. You should get 1,000 points each time. This is helpful for getting the scoring goals completed in Classic mode.

Kyoto: Summon MegaBeast Zero Goal

For the goals "Destroy the Mini-Beasts" and "Dragon Needs a Pedicure," you need to first complete the "Summon MegaBeast Zero" goal by Sticker Slapping the air horns. This is easier if you grind the blue awning on the side of the building across from the horns. This will lead you to a wire which leads to the bottom horn and you can work up from there.

Las Vegas: Fall Into The Aquarium

Go on the aquarium elevator. Start jumping up and down without your skateboard when the elevator is starting to go up. You should fall into the aquarium. To get out, walk through the glass holding the fish in the aquarium.

Boston: Star Wars Kid

From the starting point, turn right and go to the apartments just before the construction site. Using the quarter pipe on the left side, jump through the window into the room above. You will see the Star Wars kid and can have him show you his moves. Press Circle to start and stop his moves.

Boston: Sheep Dance

Go to where the Star Wars kid is found. Go in the other apartment next to it to find someone dancing in front of a sheep.

Easy Points

Find an oval or circular quarterpipe to lip. Press Triangle to lip, then focus and try not to fall by doing a combo with Square, Triangle and Circle. If done correctly, you will earn about 200,000 points.

Combo And High Score Objectives

For the combo and high score objectives, do a long manual. While in the manual, press Square, Triangle, or Circle to do other types of manuals to add in your combo.

Higguns Gap Help

In Australia, when you get your pro goals, there is a goal called "Everybody loves Higguns". Use the guy on the go-kart to do that goal. It's way easier!!


Perfect Rail And Lip Balance

Type in tightrope at the code section.

Get All The Skaters

Enter: all are my fryends

Unlock THPS1 Tony Hawk

Type in birdman as a code.


More Free Skate Levels

Beating the game unlocks two more levels that are not available in story mode: School and Canada. These can only be accessed through free skate.

Unlock Phil Margera

Beat Story Mode Once

Unlock Geeky Kid

Beat Story Mode.

Unlock Purple Alien

Beat Story Mode Once

Unlock Shrek

After beating Story Mode, Go to secret characters on the skater selection screen. Shrek is available for playing with.

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