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  • Sports, Skateboarding
  • Neversoft Entertainment
  • Activision
  • Teen
  • October 28, 2003


Hotter Than Hell Level

Get the last goal (Kill Eric's Best Line) to unlock the Hotter Than Hell level, which features Kiss. You will also unlock the Helicopter FMV sequence.

Relm Of Insanity!!

First, you'll have to turn on moon gravity (getitup), then go to New Jersey level and go to the place where you FIRST beat Eric (where you have to do the Flamingo) there will be a house right across the street, go to the front of the house and start to wall-hop (up/forward + tap x/jump) you will begin to scale the wall until you come to thin air, you will still be able to wall jump for awhile then you will suddenly drop and you will be in a Relm of Insanity! You can also do this on really tall buildings in Manhattan, and just about anywhere else! P. S . If you get stuck in mid-air, release forward and jump then press forward again to stop yourself again, then repeat to keep going. This is a very hard cheat to master, so don't get frustrated if you can't do it the first time.

Always Special

Get all 129 goals.

Slam City Jam: Secret Tape

Go to the vert ramp and get off your board. Climb up onto the lights hanging from the ceiling and walk over to the big four-sided television screen. Walk into it and the glass should break. The secret tape will be inside.

New Jersey: Secret Tape

Go under the bridge on the side that allows you to do so. The tape will be floating there for your taking.

Evil Tiki Head

Towards the back of Hawaii in front of the hidden place and near the little skate park up against one of the buildings is a Tiki Head, if you go stand in front of it and keep trying to walk into it, your person will hop into the head of the tiki and you will be in a weird world.

Grab And Walk On Lava

When you made a park on park editor, Make a goal look impossible! When you make a place that you have to grab cement, and if you put 1 piece of lava and nothing else but maybe pavement, you grab the edge and crawl up and you can walk on lava for only that square. You can jump and grab the next one and you can get on it and live. You may not be able to jump two times but some can. Try it and make people get a little mad.

Over The Copters

In the Hotter Than Hell level, find the go-cart and find the row of helicopters with ramps on either side of them. Then, gain speed, and go up the ramp, and you will fly over the row of helicopters. You will gain 1,000 points for jumping this gap.

San Diego Secret Tape

When you go to San Deigo the first time and get to the part when you rip it up at the demo, there should be a huge ramp get speed and jump at the top of the ramp before you go over it, then face where the glass is, get speed and get the secret tape!

Getting To Hard To Reach Areas

During any time that you can set a restart from the options menu (in game), you can use it to get to areas otherwise impossible to reach. Ollie then pause game play before you start coming down. Set a restart while in the air. Then, go to the restart, quickly Ollie again, then set the restart at the top of the Ollie again. By repeating this you will get higher and higher, and may be able to access rooftops and ledges (if you are close enough).

Easier Game Completion

If you are stuck on the final mission, all you have to do is complete a total of 96 missions to finish the game. In order to unlock the bonuses, backtrack to an incomplete goal (for example, the first chapter), and you will see the videos. This works especially well if you are completing sick mode, considering the final challenge has a considerably shorter period of time to finish.

Shimmy Anywhere

When shimmying anywhere and you reach the edge of the object you are shimmying so that you can either climb up or drop down, vibrate left and right repeatedly, but more towards the end of the object. You will soon be hanging from air and shimmying around. However, you can only shimmy in the direction line of the wall, and when you climb up or drop down, you will immediately fall.

Scratched Up Deck

Create your own deck or get any pre-made one. Grind a lot with it by doing tailslides, noseslides, boardslides, and lipslides. After grinding for so long, your board will wear on the bottom and the picture will be all scratched up.

Use Any Car Used Previously

After completing any goal that you had to use a car, you can find that car somewhere in that level as well.

Perfect Skitch

Get all 129 goals.


Get all 129 goals.


Get all 129 goals.

Cool Specials

Get all 129 goals.

Bails 1 FMV Sequence

Collect three secret tapes.

Manhattan: Hitch A Ride

When skating in Manhattan, it is possible to ride in the back of the DC trucks driving around the city. Skate behind one and jump into the back when you get a chance. Doing so will allow you hitch a ride around the block.

Manhattan: Secret Tape

When you start, go down the street to the left of the worker with the jackhammer . At the end of the street is a lit up billboard with a ladder. Climb the ladder, then jump and grab the ledge. The tape is there for the taking.

Hotter Than Hell: 10,000 Point Gap

Find the Go-Kart. Drive the Go-Kart around until you find a huge ramp that goes over the center of the level. Drive off it as fast as possible and you will clear a gap that gives you 10,000 points.

Hawaii: Secret Tape

Climb the hotel that you start at. Get to the roof and to the right of the pipe on the right is the side of the building. Grind that ledge onto the wire to get the secret tape.

Alternate Ending Sequence

Successfully complete story mode twice or complete sick mode to view an alternate ending sequence.

Lost Footage FMV Sequence

Complete the game under the too easy and beginner difficulty settings to unlock a new "Lost Footage Tape", in which instead of challenging Eric, you punch him and take the tape.

Always Hard FMV Sequence

Collect nine secret tapes.

Bails 2 FMV Sequence

Collect six secret tapes.

New Jersey: Drive Car

In story mode, after you complete the driving mission in Jersey, go up to the car to drive it.

Switch Tricks

Riding switch is the opposite of what your rider is used to. If you have a regular stance rider, then switch would be the goofy stance for them, and vice versa. When you do switch tricks, you get more points than what you would normally get for doing it in regular/goofy form. For example, doing a Kickflip (regular) results in 100 points, but a Switch Kickflip gets 120 points. It makes a larger difference on bigger tricks such as specials.

Jump Higher

While off your skateboard (walking), when you jump the first time (press X), you can also jump a second time while still in the air (if you keep tapping X). This is very helpful for out of reach places. Note: You can only jump twice.

Special Moves

When jumping onto a grind, tap Triangle(2) to do extra grinds such as Salads, Darkslides, Hangten Nosegrinds,5-0 Overturns, Hurricanes, Double Bluntslides, Crailslides, and Nosegrinds To Pivots.

Jump Up Building

Enable the "Moon gravity" cheat and begin any level. Go over to any building and keep pressing X while holding in the direction towards the building. You will start jumping up the building. Note: You will have to be off your skateboard to do this.

Kid Mode

To get kid mode, complete all 129 goals.

Create-A-Deck Mode

Successfully complete the "Slamma Jamma" in the Story Mode to unlcok the Create-A-Deck mode.

Venice (THPS2)

To unlock Venice, go into the Hawaii level and head under the underpass to the row of shops. There should be a tiki statue with smoke coming out of the top of it with its mouth open. Jump into the mouth and you will be in a tunnel. At the end of the tunnel do an ollie and you should reach the Old Skool symbol and it will say you have unlocked Venice

The Hangar (THPS2)

To unlock The Hangar, go into the Moscow level. From where you start, go straight and the go right just befor the tanks. Turn right after the building and position yourself so that your facing the red building. Wallride up the building to your right then grind on the roof and go through the window in front of you. Go to the stairs heading up and grab the Old Skool icon. it should say you have unlocked The Hangar.

Unlock All Cheats

Completing all of the 129 goals unlocks the following cheats:Cool Specials, Kid Mode, Rollerskates, Flame, Always Special, Perfect Rail Perfect Skitch, Perfect Manual, Moon Gravity.

Unlock "The School 2" Stage

To unlock the school stage from Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2, you must grab the icon the spins over the train tracks in New Jersey. To reach the icon, grind from the quarter-pipe on the left of the hospital and get on the roof. Switch to walk mode and step around the ledge over the tracks. "The School 2" is now selectable.

Unlock Peds (pedestrians)

Find every gap in the game and you will be able to play as over 2 dozen pedestrians found in the game.

Unlock Creature (Thud)

Complete story mode on the Sick difficulty setting.

Unlock Iron Man (superhero)

Complete story mode on any difficulty setting.

Unlock Gene Simmons From KISS (rockstar)

Complete story mode on either the Normal or Sick difficulty.



Go to the the options menu go to cheats and type in NOO0!

Moon Gravity

Select "Cheat Codes" at the options menu, then enter "getitup" as a code. Alternately, get all 129 goals. Note: This does not work when driving.

Perfect Skitcher

Go to the main menu and go to options and select cheat codes and enter "rearrider" a sound will activate when the code is accepted.

Perfect Manuals

Select "Cheat Codes" at the options menu, then enter "keepitsteady" as a code. Alternately, get all 129 goals.

KISS Concert FMV Sequence

Active the K-I-S-S letters on the Hotter Than Hell level to unlock the Kiss concert FMV sequence.

Perfect Rail Balance

Enter "letitslide" at the codes screen.

Unlock All T.H.U.G. Movies (MTX Mototrax Code)

Enter the code "digivid" to unlock all movies. If you come in first place, you are given the code "holeshot" which must be entered in at Then you are given the "digivid" code for T.H.U.G. This code does not have to be turned on in the pause/cheat menu.

Entering Codes

Locate the cheat codes menu under Options off of the main menu page. Type in the code. Then while playing a game, press pause, locate cheats and turn the code on.


We have no unlockables for Tony Hawk's Underground yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Tony Hawk's Underground yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


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