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  • Action, Adventure
  • Activision
  • Activision
  • Everyone-10
  • June 16, 2007


How To Get The News Choper

At the Casino Strip, climb onto the tower that looks like the Space Needle (It should be at the bottom-right of your map. Once you get up there, look around there should be a pool. Jump down to it. At the side there will be the news chopper.

Combat Choper Unlocked

At hoover-dam you should pass big open holes with grey sqaure borders. Inside should be three jets -with no results. Next side should be three chopers. Scan it and it should say "COMBAT COPTER UNLOCKED".

To Get The Raider

In tranquility at the docks there is a circle of trailers climb to the top. Then scan the car.

Look Alike

I don't know if you need an action replay for this to work, but, first off, complete the game. Then, play as any autobot BUT the create a bot. Play around for a bit, exit, then go to the replay missions screen. Go to the level "Information Super Highway". You'll play as the bot you used (this also works on the decepticon level where you destroy those cops for barricade).

Blackout's Death, Brawl's Death, The Fall Of Megatron

Dogde all the missiles, and shoot him with the laser, when he transforms, shoot and punch. He's so slow he won;t even hit you. Then then repeat the first thing. Strafe and shoot, ONLY , the when he's in tank mode, hit him with tanks Shoot and hit him with trees and poles, use the drones as health, you'll fail a couple of times, but you'll get the hang of it.

Revenge Of The Autobot

Have a new save file and beat the game, and right after, do the mission endgame. Use the car racer. (note - this is EXTREMLY! Rare, but it works ) after the dialouge between prime and megatron about your autobots death, you may see your autobot fight megatron instead of prime. It's so much easier, but if it works, that i'll the the last time that it happens.

Blackout's Blackout, Brawl's Destruction, Megatron's Death

In the mission downtown blackout, shoot blackout with ratchet's laser and dodge all missiles. In the second part of the fight, you can punch him once or twice and run and shoot so blackout won't hit. In the 3rd part, repeat what you did in the 1st part.
When fighting brawl, at first shoot him, that's it. Then when he transforms into a tank hit him with other tanks.
Start with your autobot to hit him in the back, when he drops the allspark, grab it and hit him. The autobot then dies. Now. . . Shoot missiles then when you run out of ammo, hit megatron with something. Repeat until he dies. Every once in a while kill an exoskeleton drone for health.

How To Get The Police Helicopter

There our three ways to get police helicopter. The way that is easiest and most fun is to get threat level two. If you see a white with two blue stripes helicopter, scan it and you will have police helicopter unlocked. The second way is on the level where you must destroy sector seven's defenses. At the first road block there will be the police helicopter scan it and you got the police helicopter now the third way is really tricky - its on the level where you must destroy barricade you must be right on barricade tale. At the first or second turn the helicopter there is the police helicopter scan it and you will have police helicopter unlocked.

Unlock SWAT Van

In the tranquility go behind the building that looks like a court house. Then go to the building behind the court house and there will be a blue van that says police on it.


To beat Barricade, transform into the car and drive by. Shoot and ram him along the way.

How To Get Stealth Chopper

On the level where bumblebee has to destroy the defenses, get past the road blocks and get to the dock. Ther should be black copters, transform and then scan the chopper. It should be the stealth chopper.


All Robots

Up, Down, Right, Right.


Unlock Maintenance Truck

Once you beat the game, you will unlock a green and yellow truck called the maintenance truck.

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