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  • UFC Undisputed 2009
  • Sports, Wrestling
  • THQ
  • THQ
  • Teen
  • May 24, 2009


Quick Knockout

With a kick boxer style fighter kick them in the head knee them in the face call it a day baby give me my cheeeeeck! Yea its funny but really it works! ( it may take a couple high power kicks to the head but they will go down! ).

Championship Fights In Exhibition Mode

Go to match options at the weight class selection and change fight to 5 rounds.

Grapple Block

The grapple block is performed by holding the right analog stick toward your opponent during the clinch or in the groundgame. It prevents your opponent from slamming you from the clinch, or achieving a better position in the groundgame. Learning the grapple block is essential to your success in the ufc.

Perfect Record

On season mode if you lose by KO immediately press the PS button and QUIT the game and then start the game back up a gain and you have to fight the guy a gain.

Caution With Groundgame Against Brazillian Fighters.

For those of you who are not very good at executing submissions and defending submissions, it is wise to avoid a prolonged groundgame with a brazillian fighter. Fighters such as Anderson Silva, Tiago Silva, Wilson Goveia, and Lyotto Machida are perfect examples. If you stay on the ground with on of these fighters, try for the knockout asap. Otherwise, remain standing, because they will submit you.

Quick Finish

Want to finish a fight quick? Select a muay tai fighter such as Anderson Silva. Put your opponent in the clinch and give them repeated knees to the face. You may have to initiate the clinch a few times, but keep giving knees to the face and your opponent will not be standing very long.

Easier Submission

Make sure you get your opponents stamina down as far as possible. Note: (Have stamina meter on). Either get them in a mount position (Punching there body really gets it down. Don't knock them out. Or have Wrestling or Judo and keep repeatedly slamming them until the screen goes black and white for your opponent). After slamming them or knocking them down go in for the submission before there stamina goes back up. To get the submission press X, Triangle, Square, & Circle with your thumb and spin the Right Stick with your other and there it is. (If you can't get it try practicing it first in Tutorial and turn recovery off. And if it is still difficult get a fighter with great submission and face a fighter with low submission.


Play As SkyScrape

In the title screen, enter: Up, Up, Up, Down, Left, Right, Up, Start This will unlock SkyScrape from Tapout in Exhibition mode in the middleweight class. He is rated 74 overall.


Sparring Partner Credibility Bonuses

Level 1 Sparring Partner - 50% skill bonus/penalty
Level 2 Sparring Partner - 6,210 Credibility and 75% skill Bonus/penalty
Level 3 Sparring Partner - 19,150 Credibility and 100% skill bonus/penalty
Level 4 Sparring Partner - 27,780 Credibility and 125% skill bonus/penalty
Level 5 Sparring Partner - 45,030 Credibility and 150% skill bonus/penalty

Gym Equipment Credibility Bonuses

Level 1 Training Equipment and boxing ring are already available
Level 2 Training Equipment of your choice - 2400, 9150, and 12900 Credibility
Level 3 Training Equipment of your choice - 20400, 27900, and 35400 Credibility
Octagon Cage - 25000 Credibility
Full-Size Octagon Cage - 50000 Credibility

Sponsors Credibility Bonuses

Level 1 Sponsors: 1,500 - 15,000 Credibility
Level 2 Sponsors: 17,000 - 35,000 Credibility
Level 3 Sponsors: 37,500 - 60,000 Credibility
Level 4 Sponsors: 63,000 - 75,000 Credibility
Level 5 Sponsors: 78,500 - 92,500 Credibility

Play As Punk Ass

To unlock Punk Ass, get the TapOut sponsorship in career mode.

Play As Mask

To unlock Mask, get three consecutive submission or tapout wins in career mode

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for UFC 2009 Undisputed yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no glitches for UFC 2009 Undisputed yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


Created by: RevBooyah. Read the full guide...


Trophy List

  • Platinum Obtain all Gold, Silver, and Bronze Trophies!
  • Pound-for-Pound Champion (Gold) Win the UFC Championship in each weight class in Career Mode.
  • Undisputed Champion (Silver) Win the UFC Championship with a fighter in Career Mode.
  • Hall of Famer (Silver) Enter the Hall of Fame with a fighter during Career Mode.
  • Call me “No Touch!” (Gold) Complete Career Mode and retire undefeated.
  • Where’s my bonus check? (Bronze) Obtain the KO, Submission and Fight of the Night Awards with a fighter in Career Mode.
  • That was easy! (Bronze) Win in under 20 seconds of the 1st round against a COM UFC Fighter in Exhibition or Career Mode.
  • Student of the game. (Silver) Complete all tasks from the Tutorial Mode.
  • Wax Off! (Bronze) Escape 20 submissions by technical escape against a COM UFC Fighter in Exhibition or Career Mode.
  • Trophy Collector (Silver) Obtain all the trophies in Career Mode with a fighter.
  • UFC Historian (Silver) Unlock all movies from the Classic Fights Mode.
  • World Class Striker (Silver) Win by KO without using any grappling moves against a COM UFC Fighter Exhibition or Career Mode.
  • World Class Grappler (Silver) Win by Submission using no striking moves against a COM UFC Fighter in Exhibition or Career Mode.
  • Roster Run-through (Silver) Complete one fight in Exhibition Mode with each UFC fighter.
  • White Belt (Bronze) Win an online Ranked Match with a CAF or UFC fighter.
  • Blue Belt (Bronze) Win 15 online Ranked Matches with a CAF or UFC fighter.
  • Purple Belt (Silver) Win 30 online Ranked Matches with a CAF or UFC fighter.
  • Brown Belt (Silver) Win 50 online Ranked Matches with a CAF or UFC fighter.
  • Black Belt (Gold) Win 100 online Ranked Matches with a CAF or UFC fighter.
  • Wax On! (Silver) Win 15 online Ranked Matches with a CAF or UFC fighter by submission.
  • Papa Said Knock You Out! (Silver) Win 15 online Ranked Matches with a CAF or UFC fighter by KO.
  • Gold Digger! (Silver) Obtain all the gold medals in a Weekly Mission for Online Mode.
  • You really like me! (Silver) Gain a million or more fans in Online Mode.
  • Ooh, in ya face! (Silver) Win a fight by flash KO in a Ranked Match with a CAF or UFC fighter.
  • Original fighter (Silver) Create A Fighter and use the CAF in Exhibition or Online Mode.
  • Red Belt (Gold) Reach level 50 or higher in Online Mode.
  • Two of my favorites! (Bronze) Watch the Octagon Girl cutscene 15 times without skipping it.
  • Wanted: Flying Mouthpieces (Bronze) Mouth piece travels more than 3 meters when knocked out.
  • Ultimate Highlights (Bronze) Dominate the opponent in all 3 scenes of a replay segment.
  • Ultimate Knockout (Bronze) From the gassed state, KO an opponent in any mode.
  • Ultimate Submission (Bronze) From the gassed state, Submit an opponent in any mode.

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