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Black Gate Side Quests: Jhelom: Dagger From Minoc

Do you remember a certain event in Minoc involving a certain dagger? Is there anybody in Jhelom who certainly is a weapon specialist? Like, Master De Snel? Be sure to be in good shape if you challenge him!

Black Gate Side Quests:Dungeon Destard: Cosmo

After you talk to all three warriors, you might want to hit 2 places in Britannia. First, Jhelom. Second, the other cave in Destard complex. In Jhelom, you might want to talk to Ophelia. In Destard-2, you find the Unicorn and tell him about Cosmo. The creature agrees to help and they live happily ever after, or something like that.

Black Gate Side Quests:Vesper

There are lots of problems in this town, but you can only solve one. Is there a serious troublemaker in Vesper? Have you talked to the barman? Who hates the gargoyles the most here? Talk to Blorn. Agree to help him. From here it is pretty linear: talk to Lap-Lem, then to Blorn again. Return the amulet to Lap-Lem.

Black Gate: Following Elizabeth & Abraham (Locations)

Well, you start in Trinsic, naturally. From there you go to Britain. Then to Minoc. Then to Paws. Then to Jhelom. Then to Britain. Then to Vesper. Then to Moonglow. Then to Med. Retreat. Then to Terfin. Then to Buccaneer's Den. Then to Avatar's Isle (where you finally find them!)


Below are the locations of all towns on the mainland you will need to visit during the game. The locations are in the order you are most likely to visit them.

Britain -- North of Trinsic (you have to go 
through Paws on your way there).

Paws -- South of Britain.

Cove -- East of Britain.

Minoc -- far North, through the swamp above Cove.

Yew -- West of Britain (follow the road).

Vesper -- in the desert, North-East of Britain.


Below is the locations of and notes on your companions, in the order it is likely they will join you. Those marked by an asterisk (*) will always join the group. Others will refuse to join if the group is crowded (but will not leave unless you ask them to).

Iolo* joins you at the beginning of the game.

Spark* -- soon after (he is from Trinsic). He is 
not so good at the beginning, but he trains 
quickly and efficiently.

Shamino* -- in Britain. (Try to ask him about 
that girl...)

Sentry -- in Britain. If he joins you, he'll 
train you for free.

Dupre* -- in Jhelom. He is very strong.

Tseramed -- in Yew. He is a good archer and 
brings you some very useful sleep arrows. He 
also directs you through the bee cave.

Janna, Catherina and others -- are not really 

Statistics And Training

When you start the game, your stats -- and those of your companions -- are pretty low. This is how the Ultima games are built. One of the goals of the game is to increase the statistics. This is how you do it: You can increase them by training. Training has a cost, though. Training costs gold, naturally, and also training points. You gain the latter with experience. Kill creatures and solve quests to gain experience!

The Avatar

The Avatar is the easiest one to train. Don't bother with trainers: Solve the Forge of Virtue. And you are rewarded with maximum statistics! Don't forget to visit Lord British after the FoV -- another huge plus to Strengh and Health.

Black Gate Side Quests: Jhelom: Sprellic

This is one of the most linear side quests in the game. As always, you just have to talk to everybody. And that includes (after Sprellic) the armorer. Agree to return the false flag, which he will kindly provide for you. Give the flag to Syria.

Cheater's Room

There is a hidden teleporter to a non-existing Treasure-and-Magic room here. It is located over a place where you surely will be. Look in The Smithy. It's on the roof there. To get to the roof, stack the crates, staircase- like, near the building, until you can walk to the roof. Then go around the roof until you get teleported.


Cheater's Menu

You can start by running the game with a certain parameter. The parameter is: ABCD[255], where [255] means holding ALT down and pressing 2-5-5 on the keypad. During the game, press F3 to teleport around. Press F2 for the menu. I'm not going to describe the usage of this menu, find out by yourself (it's really not difficult!)


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Easter eggs

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