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  • September 10, 2008



Feed a sparrowmint a buttercup and it will turn into a candary.


If you direct a taffly to a torch and water it, it will evolve.

Evolve A Whirlm

Feed a turnip to the whirlim, then it evolves.

What Is What When Bart Transforms It

Honey makes medicine/milk makes cheese/apple makes toffee apple/monkeynut makes peanut butter/toadstool makes mushroom/pumpkin makes jack o' lantern/blackberry makes jam/carrot makes carrotcake/corn makes bread makes sandwich/banana makes banana split/gooseberry makes gooseberry fool/.

Get a Dragonache

First, get a candary by feeding a buttercup head to a sparrowmint. Next, put a gas mask on candary at level 9. Buy a goldmine at level 6 after the profitamole is a resident. Then, direct the candary to the goldmine. It may take a few attempts. You will get a dragonache egg, but it will not hatch unless you get a cluckles. Direct the cluckles to the egg, and it will hatch!

Do NOT...

Do not burn the mothdrop with a torch, or it will be unhappy with you. (I wonder why. ).

More Money For Mousemallows

Simply give it a Buttercup Seed or a Daisy Seed, and you increase the price from 305 to 320.

All Flutterscotch Colors

Blue-give it a bluebell flower
green-give it a watercress flower
yellow-give it a buttercup flower
red-give it a poppy flower

How To Get A Bispotti

To get a Bispotti to appear you have to have 3poppies to get him to visit 5poppies to get him as your resident he most eat 3poppies and that is how you get one.

How To Get A Buzzgum

To get a Buzzgum to appear you most not have any Arocknids as your residents and you most have 2buttercups to get him to visit 4buttercups to get him as your resident 6buttercups.

Ever Lasting Honey

Give a Buzzlegum a Buzzlegum Keeper's Hat and it will keep giving you honey without having to feed it a buttercup.


Get a newgat and feed it a chili.

How To Get A Juicygoose

Get a quackberry and feed him a gooseberry.

How To Get Fertalizers

First make a Taffly a resident, the grow any fruit or vegetable and make the Taffly eat it, then the Taffly will poop out Fertalizer according to the color of the fruit/vegetable it just ate, the tap it with your stylus and it will be added to the tools section.

Sours Evolution

To evolve a Sour Sherbat, grow a pumpkin the have Bart tinker it and it changes into a Jack o' Lantern, the just wait for the Sherbat to eat it. To evolve a Sour Shellybean go to Costalot's and buy a Apple seed, but don't plant it, just drop it and wait for a Sour Shellybean to eat it and it will evolve into a Shellybean.

How To Get A Pigxie

To get a Pigxie, first you must get these 2 pinata animals.
1: Rashberry
2: Swanana
You can find the Rashberry at Gretchen Fetchem's pet section.
Next, buy these 3 houses from Willy Builder:
1: Rashberry home
2: Swanana home
3: Mystery home (the Pigxie's house)
Then, romance the Rashberry and the Swanana. They should do their little romance dance, and their you go! Storkos should deliver the Pigxie egg!

Bunnycomb Color Change

If you feed a bunnycomb a water lily it will change color.

Evolve a Zumbug

To get a zumbug pinata, either feed a horstachio a buttercup head or a blackberry.

Alternate Shellybean Color

Feed a Shellybean a bluebell flower head, it will turn blue.

Alternate Color

Feed a whilm a turnip and it will turn purple.


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We have no unlockables for Viva Pinata: Pocket Paradise yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

Easter eggs

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