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  • Action, Adventure
  • Incog Inc.
  • Sony Computer Entertainment America
  • Teen
  • January 15, 2003


Very Good Final Boss Hint

Everyone knows the final boss is a pain having to fight it 3 TIMES! But, after you defeat the first form, he comes out as a tentacle-robot thing. Before the final hit, (seventh hit) throw a piece of his first-form armor straight up in the sky. Then, before it comes down, hit him with a final , seventh, hit. When he turns into his final form, the armor piece you threw into the air will come down on his head. You can then throw it at him continuously, as it does great damage.

Instant Fatality- Robo-47

As I mentioned in my last post, Robo-47 has the ability to rapidly fire at his opponents by quickly tapping the Square button. How can you make him shoot for an even longer period without eating up all your energy? First, max your energy bar until the energy bar pulses purple and your monster's icon is brightly lit. By pressing the select button, your character will taunt and your fists will start glowing. Not only does this make you attacks stronger, but as your energy is draining slowly there is no penalty for actions that eat up all your energy quickly such as shooting or grappling opponents. So what does this mean? Robo-47: Get spear and full energy. Wait for enemy to approach. Taunt. Throw spear at enemy to impale them. Fire, fire, fire! Uh oh, he got the spear out! Missile (triangle+circle)! BOOM! Instant fatality! This technique can knockout most monsters except for the endurant ones such as Agamo, and is most effective in the easy difficulty. If your opponent can take that much abuse, I'm glad you're fighting them and not me. Good luck!

Easy Tokens

First go to endurance, then choose congar as your monster, then Outpost X as your location. Keep using his roar attack (triangle+circle) to devastate your opponent and if you can beat 22 opponents you can win over 90,000 tokens.

Robo-47 Fun

Did you know you can shoot faster if you rapidly tap the square button at a range instead of holding it? Also you can blast enemies sky high by first stunning them (Triangle and the up directional button together), grappling them (Circle), throwing them above you (pull the right analog stick down and then press Circle), targeting (L1+R1), and shooting your missile at them (Triangle and Circle together while targeting). Going, going, gone!

Ultra-V's Unblockable Combo

Square+Square+Square+Triangle+Triangle. This is an effective combo that can take a nice chunk of health. The only way that I know that this combo can be blocked is if the enemy was blocking from the start, or if he used a special attack during the combo.

Radioactive Sludge

At the powerplant. In the center of the arena, to the right of the powerplant, you will find a large building with a button on top of it. The button looks similar to a vent shaft. Dive-bomb the button and the radioactive sludge do the rest because your opponent could use a bath.

Helicopter Fun!

In the first level that you go to on multiplayer there are helicopters right? Well if you pick up one and let somebody pick you up off a building when you are still holding the helicopter you will drop it. Dont step on it! Then when you see that its still moving with the prepellar thing you destroy the building to find that the helicopter is in mid air!


If you have a piller or a steel beam and someone throws something at you (even Agamo's head) you can hit the item if you press down triangle before the item hits you.

Get Easy Energy

On Atomic Island do a dive atack on the power plant in the middle. Then stand on top of it and your energy will go up. Note: The power plant will stop after you do this a few times. Just do a dive atack on it another time.

Shorter Stuns

When you're stunned, repeatedly mash the X button to get out of a stun more quickly.

Magic Missile

Get a special with Robo-47. Hold down the long ranged special buttons, aim, keep on holding it and let go when you want to. The longer, the better. Have fun confusing your friend(s)!

Final Boss Stage 3

On the final boss on stage 3 there is an easier way to beat him. All you have to do is try to get him into the electric fence near the spaceship. When you do that it will do alot of damage.

How To Hide Underground

OK, you can only do this on the Midtown Park, and you have to have unlimited specials. To do this, you have to go to one of the buildings, with either Congour, or Ultra-V, and you have to go to the side, or angle, which ever way it falls, and use the long-range special once, then when the building is falling, use long-range special again, and the building should break, covering you in dirt and debre. Now just block with the R2 button and your hidden completely, good luck.

Three Suited Freak

If you are ready to face a boss so powerful, follow these hints. First suit of the last boss is a robot. His attack is mighty so don't get in his way. He aims at you and shoots a laser at you, here's what to do. First if you have Robo- 47,Congar,Agera,or any monster with a special attack that does major damage, use the attack when his sheild is down. To dodge his laser, get behind a stick statue and block. He will destroy it but he won't do that much damage to you. Then after he does that he gets down to recharge, he is free to hit. Use specials and then if you hit it too much he will explode in to level 2. He is still a robot. Note to self, DON'T USE SPECIALS when he is in level 2. Hit him with one of the pieces from the broken level 1 robot. Hit him as much as possible. You can't escape his zap so hit him fast. When you hit alot he will fall into level 3. This is a karate chopin freak. When he hits you block for your live. Then when he stops hit him with a combo with Square or Triangle. Keep ding this until his head blows up, then you won!!!

Monster-Eating Plant

If you are fighting the second boss which is a plant, here is good stragety. First there are three heads, the first head who going to attack you is in the far left. To get started grab one of the broken pieces and start running around. Jump while you run that way the boss will have a hard time getting you with his little bombs. The first attacks are two times when the head trys to grab you. Do this two times and then it's three then it's five. The first head takes a long time to grab you, then the second head which is the right will try a little bit faster. The last will go very fast!! Then hit him two times and he will fall down a die from choking with a rock, then you WIN!!

Zorgulon Zap

This might seem hard but it is not. First use Alien Ambush (circle+triangle) then press square five times.

Tidal Wave In Tsunopolis

In the Tsunopolis level, look around for a U.F.O. Okay, get on the closest building to it and toss something off of it right at the U.F.O. If it hits it, the alien spacecraft will shoot green stuff into the water and flood the city with a gigantic tidal wave. This can be used to smash buildings and kill other monsters.



Costume 1: Gray 
Costume 2: Green 
Costume 3: Green, Yellow and Red 
Costume 4: Sweet Tooth Special 


Costume 1: Gorilla 
Costume 2: Gray 
Costume 3: Mecha Congor 
Costume 4: Ice Congor 


Costume 1: Blue 
Costume 2: Green 
Costume 3: Inverted Colors 
Costume 4: Sea monster 


Costume 1: Dark 
Costume 2: Molten 
Costume 3: Construction 
Costume 4: Blazing 


Costume 1: Mantis 
Costume 2: Ant 
Costume 3: Mecha Preytor 
Cosutme 4: Bee 


Costume 1: Red 
Costume 2: Blue 
Costume 3: Green 
Cosutme 4: Skeleton 

Robo 47

Costume 1: Gray 
Costume 2: Blue 
Costume 3: Red 
Costume 4: Armorless and Polished 


Costume 1: Green 
Costume 2: Purple 
Costume 3: Mecha Togera 
Costume 4: Demon Togera 


Costume 1: Red and Blue 
Costume 2: Blue 
Costume 3: Red 
Costume 4: Female Ultra-V 

Earthquake In Baytown

You can cause in earthquake by destroying a certain number of objects in the level. Keep taking down buildings, trees, billboards, etc. until it starts. Note: If playing in two player mode, there are only enough objects to be destroyed for only one monster to trigger the earthquake. It cannot be triggered if both monsters destroy the objects.

Bosses In Atomic Plant

When the countdown for the meltdown starts, grab an explosive truck and hold onto it. When the Boss fight begins, wait until his first attack and throw it into his mouth. It should kill the first head instantly.

Easy Battle Tokens

Save the game after defeating the Terror in the Space stage. Fight Cerebulon (the last Boss), and if you defeat him without continuing this should net over 30,000 Battle Tokens. Save the game after you defeat him. Note: This will only save the settings and Battle Token count. Once you return to the main menu, reload to fight Cerebulon again. Defeat him again and earn more Battle Tokens. Repeat the process to keep getting large numbers of Battle Tokens.

UFO Level

Spend 105,000 Battle Tokens to unlock the UFO level.

Capitol Level

Spend 85,000 Battle Tokens to unlock the Capitol level.

Mini Baytown Level

Spend 65,000 Battle Tokens to unlock the Mini Baytown level.

Volcano Level

Spend 45,000 Battle Tokens to unlock the Volcano level.

Play As Zorgulon

Spend 200,000 Battle Tokens to unlock Zorgulon.

Play As Raptros

Spend 200,000 Battle Tokens to unlock Raptros.

Crush-O-Rama Mini-game

Spend 85,000 Battle Tokens to unlock the Crush-O-Rama mini-game.

Big Shot Mini-game

Spend 65,000 Battle Tokens to unlock the Big Shot mini-game.

Dodgeball Mini-game

Spend 105,000 Battle Tokens to unlock the Dodgeball mini-game.

Final Boss Hints

His first form shoots a laser that hurts alot. Hide behind a pillar, and block, and you will take minimum damage. Then, when the shield is down, attack with long range and special attacks. His body will explode, and out comes his second form. His second form required you to throw the body parts at him. If your real quick, you can get 2 or 3 shots in. He will them zap you. After this from, the slimy booger crawls out of his suit, and all attacks hurt him. Use specials as much as possible, and long range attacks. If you can hit him against the outer barrier, you will inflict more damage. He dies and you get to watch a movie on the birth of your monster.

Second Boss Hints

This time you have to lay some hurt on 4 Kinetoclops. Dont worry about hurting them, just destroy all the reactor towers. Then everything dies, except for you. The boss is a mad plant. Grab some rubble and aim. Wait till the head opens its mouth and holds it open, then throw the rubble, or your long range special. When the plant goes under, his roots come up to get ya. Jump alot. Rinse and repeat. It will take six peices of rubble, 2 per head, to win.

First Boss Hints

First, he just chunks thermal detonators at you. You can catch them if your feeling lucky, just move before the next one hits you. If the bombs land on the ground, they dont explode, but if they hit a rock pillar of your, they DO explode. Throw these back at him until he falls backwards. He then comes down to fight hand-to-hand. Get too close and he grabs you and inflicts some hurt. He also will turn his propellers and charge. Get behind a pillar of jump over him. Use the giant boulder to hurt him alot. It will stop his charge too. Finally, he will spin around like some ballerina of death. DONT LET HIM TOUCH YOU as it will cost your dearly. Throw the boulder at him to stop his spin, then he will shoot rockets. The boulder is your best friend in this level. Use it alot. Eventually he falls over and dies.

Agamo's Special

Agamo's special can be manually detonated. Hit the long range special once for him to rip his head off. Then throw it at the monster. When it gets close, hit long range special again. It should blow up, damaging the monster. This usually works best if you wait until after the head hits the monster, so it causes more damage.


Ultra-V Unforgivable Combo

Press Triangle + Circle, Square(3), Triangle, Square, Triangle, Square, Triangle.

Preytor Parasitism

This seems realy hard but it is not. First use parasite (triangle+circle) then press square(2), triangle, square, triangle, square, triangle(2).

Idiot AI

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Max/inf Tokens

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P1 Inf Stamina

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P1 Inf Health

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P1 Inf Special

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(m) Must Be On

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Infinite Health & Turbo For Twisted Metal Black

The controls must be set to the "Classic" option for this code to work. While playing a game, hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 and quickly press Right, Left, Down, Up. If you entered the code correctly, the words "Invulnerability On" will appear. Enter the code again to disable it.

Mecha Sweet Tooth

Use a memory card with a saved file from Twisted Metal: Black to unlock Agamo's fourth costume (Mecha Sweet Tooth). Note: It is believed you must first complete Twisted Metal Black with Sweet Tooth (and then save to memory card) for this cheat to work. (To accomplish this faster and easier use the infinite health cheat from Twisted Metal Black found below). However, if you have any save of TMB on a memory card, try that first!


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Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for War of the Monsters yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


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