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Killer Whale

Do the same as the baby dolphin trick except the dolphin must be followed for 20 course laps. Then,A Killer Whale will appear to lead the baby dolphins.

Baby Dolphins

Select championship mode,normal and warm up.Then during the game. Follow the dolphin around the course 3 times mirroring each stunt that it performs. If done correctly,the dolphin will jump over the bridge after the Dolphin Park sign.

Less Air Time

Just before hitting a big wave or ramp, press B to reduce the amount of air time.

Extra Points

Pause the game immediately after a stunt and just before the announcer speaks in stunt mode. If done correctly, only the announcer's voice will be heard. Then, a large number of extra points will be awarded for simple stunts. Another way get extra points is to cross the finish time as the clock reaches zero.

Alternate Colors

Highlight a character and hold Up on the Analog-stick when selecting a jet ski to choose between two different color schemes.

Fast Recovery

Repeatedly tap A after falling off the jet ski to climb back quickly.

Reverse Mode

Win the game on expert mode. Then after the ending sequence, return to championship mode and choose the new reverse mode option to go through the course backwards.

Quick Start

Just before the announcer says, "Go!", hold both Gas buttons. If done correctly, your speed should increase immediately to maximum power.


Dolphin Ride

Note: This trick will not work on v1.1 of the game. Select stunt mode and ride in Dolphin Park. Then, go through all the rings and perform the following stunts:

Handstand (off throttle, Down and Up)      
Spin (off throttle, sweep Analog-stick clockwise)      
Stand (off throttle, sweep Analog-stick counterclockwise)
 and Somersault (hold D)
Roll left (off ramp, press Right and hold Left)      
Roll right (off ramp, press Left and hold Right)      
Flip (off ramp, hold Up and press Down)      
Dive (off ramp, hold Down and press Up)


Press R to slide on the water.

Alternate View

Press C-Up and C-Down to adjust the zoom. Press C-Left and C-Right to change the camera angle.


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Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Wave Race 64 yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


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