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  • Role-Playing, First-Person Action RPG
  • Unknown
  • Sony Computer Entertainment America
  • Teen
  • October 16, 2002


More, More, Money

In the Abyss area where there are these creatures who steals your money and get away with it. You can then double it and get more for those monsters with the gella cards.

One Hit Kills

As soon as you can, equip the Bunker Cannon II on the Sandcraft. When in battle, always use the force ability "Fire all ammo at once". You should be able to kill all monsters in one hit.

Easy Money

When you get to Serpent's Coil, the enemy there will always be Jells and always appear in numbers of three or more. They are immune to physical attacks. When you are at level 10 or greater, use only elemental Arcanas. After the battle, notice that you will get Arcana Gems exactly according to the Arcana used to kill the Jells. Every battle can result in three or more Arcana Gems. Each gem can be sold it for 100 Gellas. Every enemy you kill using an Arcana is bound to give away Arcana gems. When fighting in the Abyss, you can find an enemy called Gella Eater. You have two rounds to kill him or it will run with your money. The more money you have, the more he takes from you. Let them get the money in the first round, cast Gella Card and you will get your money back doubled. However, make sure you can kill them. They have about 3000 HP.

Defeating The Roped Woman

When you are fighting the roped woman you will notice she kills Clive first. If you keep reviving him, she will only go after him. This makes it easier to fight her.

Avoiding Battles

When a white exclamation mark appears over your head, press Circle to avoid the battle. If you are near an object that you can use (switch, lever, wheel, etc.) use it, or walk through a door and you will avoid the battle without using any MTC points.

Simple Battles

When you get the Sandcraft, you will fight some very difficult enemies in the Inner Sea. To make these easier, gather 50 Dragon Fossils by fighting in Fortune Gear. Then, upgrade your Sandcraft weapon to the Ark Smasher. Always use the "Fire All Ammo At Once" Force ability to easily take them down.

Alternate Opening Sequences

As you progress through the game the FMV sequences that plays when you load a game changes somewhat, reflecting where you are in the game. For example, Malik Leehalt and Melody do not appear the first time you see it; after encountering them they eventually show up. You will also hear the opening song in Japanese at one point. Also look for Siegfried to make a very brief appearance, as well as the prophets in demon form.


In the Fallen Sanctuary, defeat Pilbugs with Arcana to get Earth, Wind, Fire, and Ice gems which can be used in battle, or sold for 100 Gellas.

Make Animal Jump In Town

Using any character's tool, get directly next to an animal (horse, dog, cat, chicken, etc.) in town. Each of them will do something different.

Converting Animals To Items

Use the tool Radar (Jet) to detect a suspicious animal in town (dog, chicken, etc.). Then, use the tool Change Crest (Virginia) to change that animal to an item.

Heal Berries

If you are running low on Heal Berries, go to the Fallen Sanctuary and use elemental spells of opposing elements (Ice and Fire, Thunder and Water, Wind and Earth). Along with getting multiple Gems (which can be sold for 100 gold each), you will also get Heal Berries or Gimel Coins.


All you have to do is defeat a regular monster using an elemental spell. After the battle you shall receive a elemenatal gem. Every gem can be sold for 100 gella a piece. Use that money for your pleasure.

View Character Portraits

During any non-cinematic dialog, press Select to view a portrait of the character who is talking. Note: The portrait will appear somewhat discolored, as it is meant to have the brown window shading over it. For example, Clive's hair will appear black, and Virginia's hair will look a very deep red).


Japanese Introduction Song

Press L2 + R2 + L1 + R1 + Triangle + Circle + Square + X while the game is loading. The song that plays during this time will now be in Japanese.


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