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Easier Batting

Before you start playing an Exhibition Quick start, Ect. change the difficulty level to rookie. Then you turn up the handicap on batting up to 100. I know this makes you sound like a wuss, but this is how you do it. After doing so when you're batting just before the pitch gets there, then you tap down on the JOYSTICK and release R.

Unlock Dream Stadium

To unlock a dream stadium hit three homeruns into McCovey Cove at Pacific Bell Park in San Francisco

Faster Reverse

If you hit a pop up or a fly ball, and press B to make your runners return, hit the L and R buttons at the same time. This will make the baserunners turn around quicker.. Very good for when its a short pop up to the infield.

Create Player With Full Stat Bars In Every Category

Once you have beaten a full season long or short it does not matter,the players you create from now on will have enough remaining points to fill every category.

For Sure Base Hit (90% OF THE TIME)

Put the batting handicap up to 100, when you are at bat wait for the fastball which will come at least 1 time per batter. move the target slightly toward the ball (only at fastball, you can tell because it will come straight w/o turns or anything) the target will lock directly onto the ball and if you hit it it will be a homer or along base hit.

Add More POINTS To Your Customized Players

This is not a code, but a tip I have stumbled upon. I was upset with the Create a Player option in WSB2K1 after I had finished creating some players, because I am a junkie for the 99 or 100 Points in every category for each player.. I know, that's cheating and not realistic. Well, Luckily for you all that are fans of BOTH realism and not quite 100 points but close enough then I have the solution. It's simple. Just go ahead and create a player. Once you have created and saved that player with the original points that were given the first time around then simply go back into the EDIT mode and EDIT that same player you just created. The next time you walk through with the player there will be some nice little added POWER POINTS that you can Add on to your already created players point totals. The majority of the time you can use ALL possible points for ALL the categories except for a few. But, your player will have a lot more ability than he had before and it will most likely make him the player that you were looking for the first time you tried creating him.

Extra Player Creation Points

Note: This trick requires a VMU. Create a player and use all available ability points. Save your player to a VMU, then turn off the game. Start the game again, go to player edit, and choose your player. Add the extra ability points.

Automatic Batting Aim

Select the rookie difficulty setting. Hold the Analog-stick slightly in any direction while batting and the batting cursor will automatically follow the ball.

Harder Throws

While playing defense, press A and the direction of the base you want to throw to immediately before the CPU catches the ball.

Better Defense

Place the game on a harder difficulty setting for a better defense. However, the opposing team will be more difficult to defeat.


Hit a homerun with the home team in their stadium during a night game.


Get Babe Ruth

Go to codes type in THE LEGEND he will be on Free Agents


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Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for World Series Baseball 2K1 yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


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