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Be Sonic Crew!

Now this hint is for poeple with imagnation. All you realy have to do is name your team sonic crew and then name your soilders sonic characters.

Tips For Deathmatch

When you start a new Deathmatch, your opponents have all the skill level 1. If you leave the game or change the team and continue it later with the first team, the opponents may get higher skills (that depends on your rank, e.g if you are "Highliy competent" you play against 4 teams, 3 of them with skill level 3 and one with skill level 4). But you can cheat the game by playing the Deathmatch COMPLETE FROM THE BEGINNING WITH ONE TEAM WITHOUT LEAVING THE MATCH. So you can fight against computer opponents with skill level 1 the whole time!

Super Sheep Racing

If you have collected a crate at the very left of the level, and the next crate appears at the very right, deliberately crash or detonate your current sheep and set off a new one. This will save time.

Cool as Ice

The ice mission near the start is easier than it looks. Collect as many crates as possible without using any utilities, then use the jet pack to get up to the next section near the guard. Collect all the crates there and stand on the polar bear's head. Point the flame thrower at a spot just to the left of the guard, and fire. You should get through the barrier protecting him, and the flames should send him into the water.

Home Runs

Find an enemy worm standing fairly close to the edge of the level. Use the baseball bat to hit him into the water to get a "home run" complete with baseball bat cracking sound, baseball message (like "It's Outta Here", or "Bases Loaded"), and organ music.

Full Wormage Game Options

Gold medal and Elite rank in all.

Super Banana Bomb Power-up

Complete mission 33.

Indestructible Landscape

Complete mission 25.

Low Gravity

Complete mission 20.

Invisibility in Net Games

Complete mission 16.

Fast Walk

Complete mission 13.


Complete mission 8.

Laser Sight

Complete mission 4.


Earn an Elite rank in Deathmatch mode.

All Weapon Crates have Sheep

Earn gold medal in Crazy Crates training mode.

Grenade Power-up

Earn gold medal in Artillery Range training mode.

Shotgun Power-up

Earn gold medal in Rifle Range training mode.

Longbow Power-up

Earn gold medal in Euthanasia training mode.

Aqua Sheep

Earn gold medal in Super Sheep Racing training mode.

Worms Bleed when Shot

Earn gold medal in Basic Training mode.


We have no cheats or codes for Worms Armageddon yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no unlockables for Worms Armageddon yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Worms Armageddon yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


Mad Cow Glitch

When Releasing the Mad Cows Jump into the air and hit space. By doing This it will double the amount of cows you can send out. It works best if you hit space as the last cow comes out. This can also be done by the jet pack and rope. To double the amount on cows on the jet pack you must land, but stay on the jet pack. Let the cows out on the ground, then fly up and hit enter before the last cow comes out(don’t flay to high as you will fall). Doing it on the rope is about the same as the jet pack, be on the rope but resting on the ground. Let the cows out and pull up, hit enter before the last cow comes out once again.


Created by: AstroBlue. Read the full guide...

Created by: N.A.P.A.L.M.. Read the full guide...


We have no achievements or trophies for Worms Armageddon yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

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