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  • SmackDown: Just Bring It!: WWF
  • Sports, Wrestling
  • Yukes
  • THQ
  • Teen
  • November 19, 2001


Enter Vehicles

In the parking lot, to enter the Jeep or the forklift, press R1 near the door.

How To Unlock Tajiri

1. Don't Choose Tag Team
2. Choose "Trash talk on the mic" 
3. say " I Was messing with him"
4. say no".
Tajiri will be unlocked after this

Easy Wins In Slobber Knocker Mode

Use the Big Show and run up to your opponent and press X. The opponent will flip and you will get the 3 count.

To Cancel The Pin

When you are pinning someone press R1 and you will always cancel the pin.

Evasive Roll

While running or coming back from being whipped to the ropes, press L1 to do rolling dodge maneuver. This move is good for ducking clotheslines and high-flying attacks.

Young McMahons

To get Shane and Stephanie McMahon, you have to get all the other stuff (wrestlers, parts, moves, and music) until the only two cards left are numbers 51 and 52. Play through Story mode and finish it. Shane and Stephanie will be unlocked.

Special Intermission Sequences

To get special intermission sequences in story mode, just choose one of the following wrestlers and follow the path to the WWF Title:

The Undertaker: Michael Cole will interview him after Vince announces at WrestleMania that he is the special referee. The Undertaker will simply say that somebody is going to be injured tonight.

The Rock: Michael Cole will interview him after Vince announces at WrestleMania that he is the special referee. The Rock will talk about winning the match, then finish it off with "If you smelllll... what the Rock... is cookin'."

Kurt Angle: After defeating whomever Vince put you in a match against at RAW, another individual will call you out, talking about how people are talking about you being closest to the WWF title. Instead of being given the choice of coming out or staying backstage, Kurt Angle will ride down to the ring in a milk truck. He will stop just short of the ring, fling two cartons of milk at the person in the ring, then proceed to climb atop his milk truck and drink milk.

Steve Austin: After Vince announces at WrestleMania that he will be the special guest 
referee, Stone Cold is shown backstage talking to Vince. Kurt Angle is nearby, wearing the small cowboy hat he once wore on WWF TV. Austin will talk about how Vince and he will always be friends and proceeds to hug Vince.

Hardy Boyz: Play as the Hardy Boyz (Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy). Just before your tag team title match, it will show Team Extreme (Hardy Boyz and Lita) talking about how excited they are for the match and put their fists together, as they have done on television.

Edge and Christian: Choose either Edge or Christian to start a career. Accept to form a tag team, then find the other member (if you are Edge, find Christian and vice versa) and form a tag team. Once Edge and Christian make it to the PPV to fight the tag champions, a special sequence will play before the match. Edge and Christian will find the current tag team champions in the backstage area and proceed to tease them, calling them "reek-a-zoids", etc. Then the two will deliver a Con-Chair-To to the unfortunate champions and leave them laying.

Unlock Shane O 'Mac

Unlock Shane O'Mac by unlocking 51 out of the 52 secret hidden cards in story mode. Then he will be used as a playable character.

Create Scorpian King

Go to create a wrestler mode and select example 1. Then simpley name him Scorpian King and give him The Rock's moves.

Get Jerry Lynn

First enter carrer with any carecter then turn down every single title shot in the end you'll be put in a battle royal win this and Jerry Lynn will be unlocked.

See What The Moves Look Like In Create Mode

This is for create mode only. Press square on the move you want to see and watch it.

Jerry Lynn

This is how to unlock Jerry Lynn.

1)Don't choose tag team match.
2)Run down and attack and win.
3)Go to Earl Hebner and say "How are you?"
4)Say your not really interested.
5)Win the 4-Man Battle Royal
6)Jerry Lynn should be available.

Unlock InsurreXtion Arena:

Choose anyone who does not hold a title. Say that you do not want to form a tag team to Vince. Run up and attack. Go talk to the ref, Earl Hebner and ask "Hi Earl how are you?". He will say that Regal wants you, and that he will take you there. Tell Regal that you want to go for the European title. Win the European title, and the match that follows. The InsurreXtion Arena (SmackDown! Card #11) will now be unlocked.

How To Get Spike Dudley

To get Spike Dudley, start a story with someone who dosen't have a title. Tell Vince that you want to go for the Tag Team Titles. Find a partner and win the first match (it's a Tag Team TLC). Then, when you're finding a partner for the 6 Man Tag match, go to the door across from the vending machines. You'll find Spike and Molly talking. Choose to help them from the Dudleyz. Win the Table match and the Tag Title match. Spike is unlocked.

SmackDown! Cards

1. Fred Durst 
2. Mick Foley 
3. Tajiri 
4. Rhyno 
5. Jerry Lynn 
6. Spike Dudley 
7. Last Man Standing Match 
8. Street Fight 
9. Submission match 
10. Wrestlemania X-7 Arena 
11. InsurreXtion Arena 
12. 55 Extra Ability points for CAW. 
13 to 32 are new Movesets. (Moveset 4 is RVD and Moveset 2 is Booker T, etc.) 
33. Theater Mode Movies 
34. Original Entrance music for CAW 
35. Original Entrance music for CAW 
36. New SmackDown Arena 
37. 10 Paint parts 
38. 8 Mask parts 
39. 8 Item parts 
40. 8 Sleeve parts 
41. 9 T-Shirt parts 
42. 5 Wrist band parts 
43. 6 Elbow pad parts 
44. 4 Glove parts 
45. 10 Pattern parts 
46. 8 Shoe parts 
47. 8 Tights parts 
48. 10 Belt parts 
49. 5 Mini skirt parts 
50. 9 Long skirt parts 
51. Shane McMahon 
52. Stephanie McMahon Helmsley 

Theater Mode Movies

When you win the WWF title at WrestleMania, you will unlock five additional movies in theater mode. The complete set of movies are:

1. SmackDown! Commercial 
2. Making Of SmackDown! Commercial 
3. SmackDown! 2: Know Your Role Commercial 
4. Making Of SmackDown! 2: Know Your Role Commercial 
5. Credits 
6. Dark Summit Trailer (already available) 
7. Recent Greatest SmackDown Moments 

Last Man Standing, Street Fight, And Ultimate Submission Modes

Go the route to WrestleMania. During that route you will have a choice between three matches. Do this three times choosing a different match each time. Win the match to unlock Last Man Standing, Street Fight, and Ultimate Submission modes once you finish the story.

WrestleMania X-7 Arena

Choose anyone who does not hold a title. Say you do not want to form a tag team to Vince. Talk trash on mic, then say you want to kick his ass. Go to the parking lot to find Vince. Win the match. Show up on stage. Win the match. Then, win the WWF title at WrestleMania and the WrestleMania X-7 arena will be unlocked.

New SmackDown! Arena

Eliminate 17 Superstars in the Slobber Knocker mode with The Rock.

Wrestle As Stephanie McMahon

Unlock all the secret cards and win the title match in story mode.

How To Unlock Mick Foley

1. Turn Down Tag Team Match on RAW
2. Trash talk on Smackdown
3. Beat them in a special match
4. Go To wrestlemania and lose foley will come 
out and say it was unfair and will give you a 
rematch in a hell in a cell.
5. Win The Match
Foley Will be unlocked

How To Unlock Rhyno

1. Dont Choose Tag Team 
2. choose run down to the ring and attack
3. go to earl hebner, and ask him to referee the 
Hardcore Run In
4. Attack Rhyno Beat Him and become the Hardcore 
Rhyno will be unlocked after this


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Wrestle As Fred Durst From Limp Bizkit

Defeat fifteen wrestlers in slobberknocker with The Undertaker to unlock Fred Durst from Limp Bizkit.

Easter eggs

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