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  • Wolverine's Revenge: X2
  • Action, Adventure
  • Activision
  • Activision
  • Teen
  • April 17, 2003


Vibrating Boxes

In most levels, there are boxes that hold usefull items like rage energy or health. If you want to stay quiet and save time while staying alive, all you have to do is go into stealth mode by holding the "L" button. While in stealth mode, when you go near a box with an item in it, sometimes it will shake violently. This will save you the trouble of going through other boxes and possibly exposing yourself to the enemy.

Ghostly Wolverine

This may take a while to notice. You must be in an area where you have to sneak up on guards. Activate "Sneak" mode (use his mutant abilities a.k.a. Spidey Sense) by holding the L button. Go up to an unspecting guard, but not very close. You will see a ghostly figure of Wolverine walking/jumping at a guard and then disappearing. Note: You must be using the Mutant Abilities to see Ghostly Wolverine. You can use this to see if you can Stealth Strike a guard. If you can, the ghostly Wolverine will appear, giving you a precise place to stand when starting your strike. It may not work always. I suggest trying it in Act II Part II (The Lurking Horror.)

Star Wars Reference

Wolverine's voice is done by Mark Hamill, who played Luke Skywalker in Star Wars episodes 3,4, and 5 (A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi). For the Juggernaut battle, he fights a man with ultra psychic powers wearing a helmet. Juggernaut uses the word "Force" every other line.

Defeating Juggernaut

When the battle begins, you are in a force field arena. Try not to hit the force field, or you will get hurt. Enemies from outside the force field will be throwing green gas grenades at you. If you get dizzy from the green gas, rotate the Left Analog-stick to regain control of Wolverine. Juggernaut has a special move where he creates shockwaves by slamming his hands together. Try to get as far away from him when he does this to avoid getting hurt. Juggernaut is invincible while running; make him run into the the force field "corners". The best way to do this is to stand at one of the "corners" opposite from where Juggernaut is standing. When you make Juggernaut hit one of the "corners", he will get shocked, get thrown into the middle of the arena, and will become dizzy. Run up to him and hit him a few times. When you see the "Strike" message, strike him to make him lose health. Do this at least three or four times. After you strike Juggernaut several times, you will see Colloso jump over the force field fence. Run up to him and press Strike to make him throw Wolverine at Juggernaut to defeat him. In the first part, lure him into the actual poles of the fence. When he flies away and lands dazed, attack him from side and watch for the "Strike" message to appear. Later when he starts jumping, jump to avoid the shockwave and try to get him to jump into the electric beams. He is weak after he jumps. He will stand and send a series of shockwaves. Also jump over these. If he is on one side of the "ring", run to the other side to avoid them. Watch out for the gas. When his health is gone, you must to finish him with a strike. Note: Beware of gas and watch your bar for your sickness level.

Beat Wendigo

Dodge the falling ice. Wendigo will run at you. Keep running away from him till he stops and immediately run behind him and hit him once or twice till you get the strike effect available.Hit Circle (on PS2, B on Xbox) and Logan will throw him (make sure to spin the left analog to build momentum).Keep repeating until he finally dies.

100% Health Act II Level I

Locate the health icon in the building as explained above and you will receive approx. 50% health. Instead of starting the generator, go to the bridge (across from the generator) and jump across the gap. You will see an enemy slip near the back of the truck. Go around the side of the truck, while using your senses (but be quick). As you approach the enemy in Senses mode, you will activate a Strike mode. Press the appropriate Strike mode button for the console you are playing on and Wolverine will throw the guard through the box in the truck and earn him a Strike bonus as well as another 50% health icon. Now the level will be much easier to complete.

Act II Level I

Immediately turn around and head in the opposite direction, run up the slight incline and jump over the edge (the fall won't hurt you). At the bottom, turn left around the corner and run almost straight towards a tall building with windows at the top. At the front of that building, you will find a ladder. Press the appropriate button to climb to the top, and use your claws to bust through the windows. You will find an health icon inside. Go back outside (on the same side as the ladder) and look to the right (if you are facing the ladder). You will see a chain link fence. Go through it and then go through the next chain link fence. You will be at the power generator. Stand in front of the generator with a tear in it, and press the appropriate button to activate things (B on Xbox). Wolverine will take damage, but with the health pick up, he will not die. This will activate the generator. The large gate will be unlocked, but you won't be able to approach it from the front. Sneak around to the left of the now open gate and enter from the left. Once inside make your way around to the room that has a cracked wall and a container in front of it. Attack the container and the wall will blow apart. Inside this next room will be the Comic Book Icon for the Classic Yellow and Blue costume.

Beating Sabretooth

Fight Sabretooth for awhile, wait until the tanker appears and then try and flip over Sabretooth and when Strike appears throw him headfirst into the tanker. Do this three times and you will defeat him. Once he is defeated, walk over to him, Strike will appear, throw him into the glass booth (automatically) and you will end the boss fight and earn an all Level Security Pass.


Level Select And All Challenges

Press B, X, B, Y, B, X, L, R, Z at the main menu.

All Costumes

Press B, X, B, Y(3), L(2), Z at the main menu.

All Cerebro Files And FMV Sequences

Press B, X, B, Y(3), R(2), Z at the main menu.

Cheats Option

Press B(2), X(2), Y(2), X(2), L(2), R(2), Z at the main menu. Pause game play to access the "Cheats" option.

Unlock Everything

Enter the following button presses at the Main Menu. At this time we do not have confirmation on what each code does, but it will unlock Level Select, all movies, dog tag challenges, costumes, production art and enable the Cheat Menu at the pause screen where you can toggle Invulnerability.



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