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  • Action, Adventure
  • Unknown
  • Nintendo
  • Everyone
  • September 23, 2002


Extra Level

There is an extra tube (near that giant flower you make) go inside of it & you'll find layers & at the bottom there's evil guys. Make sure you get them all!

Beating The 2-8 Boss

If you havn't noticed the shy guys on the right og the gennies vase, look. There will be two shy guys trying to push Yoshi and baby Mario of the side on the left. While the gennie spits out the three blue fire balls push the vase towards the right openning. When he finishes blowing the fire balls, go back toward the left opening to avoid his heaving push. Once the shy guys have been pushed off it should be easy!

How To Get Special Bonus Games In Each World

In each world you must get over 700% and you will get a special bonus game.

Touch Fuzzy Get Dizzy: Unlimited Lives

Grab a Melon Bug (the creature that rolls up into a ball) and go to the pipe with Shy Guys jumping out of it. Spit the Melon Bug close to the pipe on the left-hand side. When Shy Guys jump out, after a while you will get a "1-Up" for each time a Shy Guy hits the Melon Bug when it is in its melon form.

World 1-7: Easy Lives

Pick up a Rollie-Pollie Guy with your tounge. Do not turn him into an egg or spit him out for anyone until you get to the pipe that spits out Shy-Guys. Once there, spit the Rollie-Pollie Guy out into a 1 (square) hole on the right of the pipe. Once placed, jump onto the platform above and to the right of it. Let the Shy-Guys jump out of the pipe and onto the Rollie-Pollie Guy. Points will accumulate and will eventually give you 1-Ups continually. After a few hours, you will have 999 lives.

World 1-7: Hidden Area

Immediately before completing the level, there is a bridge that bends. Get the two Red Coins, then go to the other bridge. After that go on the piece of land with a log sticking out of the ground. Stand on the edge of the log, then shoot an egg straight up. A spring ball should fall. Jump on it and you will go to a hidden stage through a pipe.

World 1-9: Easy Lives

Grab a Melon Bug (the bug that curls when you approach) and take him to the Shy-Guy Pipe (where the Shy Guys appear from). Look up and shoot the bug. If done correctly, the bug should fall in the tiny space on the right side of the pipe, between it and landscape. Stand on the elevated surface and make sure you have no eggs. The Shy Guys will pop out towards you, but hit the bug. You will keep getting extra lives until you have 100. Then, get a perfect completion on World 5 and you will get the roulette game. If you get the X3; you will get 300 lives.

World 3-1: Hidden Area

There is a location in the water in World 3-1 where you can go beneath a land mass to access a hidden area, by jumping off of a giant spring arrow. If you curve to the side and go above the normal hidden entrance, you should enter an area where you will be falling towards nothing. Keep going right (stay in the air as long as possible) until you reach the edge. You will be teleported to World 1-1 (and gain credit toward World 3-1) where you can gain more red coins and hearts than the maximum. It will only go to the top, but it will be 10 times easier to perfect the level.

World 4-1: Easy Lives

Go up the first steep hill until you get to three pipes and a Koopa walking around. Two will have Piranha plants and one will be a Shy-Guy generator. Throw away an egg so Shy-Guys will start jumping out. Kill the two Piranha plants, eat the Koopa and stand on the pipe. Spit the Koopa shell towards the Shy-Guys. The shell will bounce between the two pipes, knocking out the Shy-Guys. As soon as ten Shy-Guys are knocked out, you will start getting a 1-Up for each consecutive Shy-Guy. The shell will keep bouncing around, killing the Shy-Guys that pop out. You can get up to 999 lives this way.

World 5-4: Free Mini-games

Go to a door on your left. Use a POW block or "?" and go to the door and get the secret code. This code will give you free mini-games when you go to the level selection screen.

Hard Mode

Get 1,000 points in a world (100 points on all ten levels including Extra and Secret levels). A star will appear on the game selection screen. Get five stars on that screen to unlock hard mode.

Alternate Ending Sequence

Successfully complete the game in hard mode.

Lucky 777

Get your total points for a world to equal to exactly 777, to get 7 extra lives.

Get The 6 New Secret Levels

Beat the game to get a whole new set of 6 levels not found in the original Yoshi Island.

Mini Battles At Select Screen

At the screen where you select a level, hold select and press: L,L,B,A,R and you can play mini battles. But after you play you must type in the cheat again.

Beating The Boss On Level 2-4

To beat the Boo Boss on level 2-4 you are probably just throwing eggs at it. Well, you're wrong!! You need to face the wall oppisite of where Boo is. Throw an egg at the wall, and it will bounce off the wall. Hopefully you hit Boo. Keep repeating this step until you are finished. Note: Each time you hit Boo, it will get slightly bigger. Just try to stay close to a wall and you should be O.K.

Levels After Beating The Game

After you beat Bowser, You will get Secret Levels. If you beat the Secret Levels (1 on any level. Example: Beating Secret Level 1) you will get an Extra Level in that world. (Example: Beating Level 1-5)

Collecting Flowers

In each level you need to collect 5 flowers. These flowers count toward your final score at the end of the level. Each flower you collect counts as 10 points. Also, the more flowers you collect, the better of a chance you have at getting a bonus game from the spinning wheel at the end of the level.

Changing The Color Of Your Yoshi

To change the color of Yoshi, beat the level that you are on. (Example: At the end of level 1, in any world, the green Yoshi passes Baby Mario to the pink Yoshi) There are 8 different color Yoshis, but the controls of each Yoshi stays the same.


Practice Mini-Games

To practice the mini-games, highlight a stage, hold down select, and press L, L, B, A, R. You will be able to play Balloon Toss, Balloon Squish, Watermelon Seed Spit, and Coin Collect.

Morphing Yoshi

To morph Yoshi into a vehicle, touch a morph bubble. Yoshi can turn into 5 different vehicles:

Helicopter- Use the control pad to fly

Submarine- Use the control pad to move, press the A or B buttons to shoot torpedos

Mole Tank- Use the control pad to drive it

Car- move with control pad, press the A or B buttons to tiptoe

Train- Move with control pad, press the A or B button to dash
Before transforming back into Yoshi, hit the Yoshi block to call baby Mario to you.

Sleep Mode

To activate sleep mode, Press Select, L, and R buttons. This will make your GameBoy shut-off, just when you re-activate your game, (by pressing L,Select, and R)you will start in the exact same place as you were in.


We have no unlockables for Yoshi's Island: Super Mario Advance 3 yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

Easter eggs

Egg Saving

When you have certain eggs that you want to keep, but are at the front of your line, simply press R, and make sure it's on realxed egg throw. Then, press the B button while the aiming curser is still moving around. This will make the egg go to the back of your line, making it much easier to use special eggs whenever you like.

Special Yoshi Eggs

To get special Yoshi eggs with out having to find special boxes, fire a Yoshi egg in an area that will cause the egg to bounce off the walls and back to you. When the egg returns to you, quickly use Yoshis tongue at the egg. If successful, you should have a special Yoshi egg.

Shoot Eggs Upward

Press any direction on the D-pad and the target will stay up.

Defeat Naval Piranha Plant With One Egg

When you arrive in the Boss room where that small plant is located, step on the first block on the platform, then shoot a egg at him. However, do not go further than the first block on the platform or Kamek will appear and turn that small plant to a huge monster.


Glitch: Level 1-7: Fall Through Ground:

When you get the end with the red bridges, ground pound on a bridge. Right before you hit the ground, pause the game. Yoshi and the bridge pieces should fall through ground and sky over and over again.


We have no guides or FAQs for Yoshi's Island: Super Mario Advance 3 yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

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