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  • Simulation, World Building Sim
  • Zynga
  • Facebook
  • Not-Rated
  • January 1, 2009

Hard Money

You can scam but it's kinda rude but if you need the money they'll get over it.

Easy Money

To make easy money keep doing the jobs every day.


First of all, once you have decided what wallpaper and flooring you want and put them in your room, you don't really need them anymore. If you have spent lot's of coins on a nice hardwood floor, and a nice matching wallpaper, you can sell both items back to the store after you have put them to use in your room. The flooring and wallpaper will not be removed even if you sell the items. This way, you car recoup at least some of the expenses you had purchasing the items. Even better though, if you have crew members or friends that want the same floor or wallpaper as you, one of you can buy the items, put them in any rooms they like, then trade away the item to the next person for free. The person receiving the items can put them in their rooms, then trade the items right back, and voila! Half priced flooring and wallpapers, of course, after the items are traded back, the buyer can sell the items to get an even better deal on the items. Of course, the items can be traded between as many people as you'd like, potentially giving all 50 people in your craw wood flooring in their entire apartment for a one time payment. There's one drawback though, if you want to change wall color or flooring later, you'll lose any wall colors or flooring that you don't have available in your inventory. For example, if you have a wood floor that you have traded away, if you go to change the wallpaper, the wood floor will be replaced by the default carpet. Unfortunately, this trick only works for flooring and wallpaper, any other items will disappear from your apartment as soon as you trade them away.

The big cheat

As far as I know, there is just one cheat in YoVille, but that cheat is a major one. I am sure you are wondering how people can afford all the very expensive items in theor appartments, if you look at the pictures of my apartment, you will see that I have plants and furniture that are worth many 1000's of coins. The reason I could get all of those plants and flowers, rugs and furniture is cloning of items. You might have read that cloning of items in YoVille is not possible, there are a few websites that claim it can't be done, but that is not true. There is a glitch in the interface that will allow you to clone any item. The process for cloning is hard to describe in words as the process requires a specific technique, but I will explain how it works and refer you to a video that shows the process very clearly.
Cloning items takes advantage of the game interface and the potential for slow down in the game. Start out by editing the room where you want a cloned item, make sure your item tray is empty and grab the item you want to clone and place it in the tray as the only item. Now, start clicking the item very quickly, while moving the mouse left and right as if you want to move the item along the tray. The fade out effect in YoVille will allow you to grab the item twice and dropping one copy in another cell in the tray. You will now be able to grab one of the two items and place anywhere in your room, and you can repeat and clone the item over and over. This is how I was able to get so many plants in my apartment, and also get enough sand carpets to make a beach. All for the price of just the original item.

Making Profits

I made this so its pretty good. First you use the new auction bar, buy something from it, then you could go to a real auction and earn more coins then you payed for it that's how I got 123,745 coins its pretty easy ill make more cheats again.

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