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  • Action, Adventure
  • Unknown
  • Konami
  • Everyone
  • February 20, 2003


Ywin Headded Thunder Dragon

Fusion of Thunder Dragon and Kaiser Dragon

Dark Magician Girl

To get Dark Magician Girl you must battle Yugi and kill his Dark Magician. After defeating Yugi, you must get three Dark Magician Slots in a row to be get Dark Magician Girl.

Map Edit

Successfully complete the Red Rose and White Rose stories to unlock the "Map Edit" option in the cutom duel. This feature allows you to create your own duel field for custom duels.

How To Win More

When you can't beat someone just go back and face all the people that you already beet and keep beeting them over and over again until you have a lot of good cards from them. After you do that your deck should be a lot better.

Blue Ice White Dragon

In the graveyard slot machine, get 3 Mammoth Graveyard and you get 1 Blue Ice White Dragon.

Get Swords Of Revealing Light

Battle someone with dark piercing light. Get three of them in a row in the slots and you get swords of revealing light.

Help Beat Pegusus!!

First you use any field cards you have and if you have, the crush card then you use Earthshaker(to get faster use codes) to switch all the spaces around and turn all Labyrinth spaces into normal spaces and then start winning!

Ultimate Dragon

Defeat Pegasus in battle to earn a Dragon Ritual card at the slots. Battle him again with lots of magic cards at least 1 gift of the fairy(1500 lp) 1 red potion and three monster reborns and a mimic cat. You will need lots of lp to stay around long enough for him to summon all three of his B. Eyes White Dragons and defeat them. After defeating them summon them back (all 3) with either monster reborn or mimic cat then flip over the ultimate dragon ritual card to form ultimate dragon he is bad. Don't know how to get him in my deck yet.

Powerful Fusion Monsters

Here are 2 very powerful fusion monsters:

Meteor B. Dragon = Red Eyes B. Dragon + Meteor Dragon
B. Skull Dragon = Red Eyes B. Dragon + Summoned Skull 

Get Toon Summond Skull

Get three magic drains in a row and get Toon Summond Skull.

Deck Leader Abilities

To view the abilities of each deck leader played by your opponent, place the cursor over the leader and push "triangle". It will list the different abilities for the leader, most of which are only good in the leader's sphere of influence (the area you can summon cards in). The following are a few abilities of cards not selected as deck leaders by computer opponents...

Kwagar Hercules (Insect):
  LTC-  Increase strength for same type friendlies
(+500 attack and defense to insects)

Ancient One of the Deep Forest (Beast):
  CPT-  Movement boost for same type friendlies. 
(Must be face up next to leader and then can move 2 spaces.)
  LTC-  Increase strength for same type frienldies.

Two-Headed King Rex (Dinosaur):
  1LT-  Movement boost for same type friendlies.

Firewing Pegasus (Beast):
  CPT-  Movement boost for same type friendlies.

Launcher Spider:
  CPT-  Increase movement for same type friendlies.

Reincarnate Card

If you surrender five times, you will be able to reincarnate a card in your chest which will allow you to build your deck.

Starter Decks

Depending on the name used at the start of the game, you will get a different type of starter deck. Try names such as Konami, Rod, or Puzzle.

Reincarnation Barrel Dragon

If you reincarnate Barrel Dragon, you will get three tough creatures or nice magics (for example, Sagna Of Thunder, Kazejin, Suijin, KaiserDragon, Harpies Pet Dragon, Skull Knight, Ryu-Ran, Coldwave, Solomans Lawbook, and Tremendous Fire).

Red-Eyes Black Metal Dragon

Have Joey summon it by combining his Metalmorph and his Red-Eyes Black Dragon. Defeat it, but you need to get the Red-Eyes Black Dragon and the Metalmorph in the slots.

Red-Eyes Black Dragon

To get the Red-Eyes Black Dragon, have Joey summon it. Defeat the Red-Eyes Black Dragon and get it in the Graveyard Slots.

Mirror Wall

Mirror Wall (80dc) is a powerful card. Use it against a Blue Eyes. If any card (in this case Blue Eyes) attacks any of your cards, its attack is cut in half, making a Blue Eyes ATK 1500. If the card attacks again, it will be halved again, (Blue Eyes ATK 750). Blue Eyes can now be killed by the weakest monsters in the game.

Building The Perfect Deck

If you are not familiar what cards will fuse with other cards, before you begin the campaign spend some time dueling Master K. Since he duels with your exact deck then you can learn about combos and what cards are best to use in certain situations. And after everytime you win against Master K, you can try for more cards that you already have but more of them. In my case I have a Celtic Guardian but also have three of the same power up cards giving him an attack power of 2900. That's just one example of how to benefit from playing Master K. My best card is fusing a dragon with a thunder monster to make the twin-headed dragon with an attack of 2800. But add three bright castles and now we are talking about 4300 attack points. I have never been beaten yet.


Even though the game has been out like a week almost, people have asked how can you beat Pegasus? He's too hard, so you can't get all the White Roses. Well, no worries, if you ever beat him you'll find out that he has no White Roses to give you, but I don't think you can progress through the game without beating him.

Terrain Change

The best way to stay ontop of the Yu-Gi-Oh battles is to have terrain changing cards of course. The best deck to do this with though is a water based deck, so far they have the most terrain changing cards. The best one is the Aqua Dragon, which gets feild bonus everytime it goes into battle and changes the terrain to water.

Deck Selection

The deck you get depends on the name of your charictor. Try names like "konami".


Card Passwords

To enter a password for a card, press R3 at the "Build Deck" screen, and enter an eight character password:

Card 			Password 

Ancient Tree Of Enlightenment 	EKJHQ109 
Aqua Dragon 		JXCB6FU7 
Barrel Dragon 		GTJXSBJ7 
Beast King Of The Swamp 	QXNTQPAX 
Birdface 			N54T4TY5 
Blast Sphere 		CZN5GD2X 
Change Of Heart 		SBYDQM8B 
Crush Card 			SRA7L5YR 
Dark Hole 			UMJ10MQB 
Dragonseeker 		81EZCH8B 
Earthshaker 		Y34PN1SV 
Elf's Light 			E5G3NRAD 
Exodia's Head 		37689434 
Fairy King Trusdale 		YF07QVEZ 
Fairy's Gift 			NVE7A3EZ 
Goblin Fan 			92886423 
Gravity Bind 		0HNFG9WX 
Greenkappa 			YBJMCD6Z 
Harpy's Feather Sweep 		8HJHQPNP 
Horn Of The Unicorn 		S14FGKQ1 
Left Arm Of Exodia 		A5CF6HSH 
Magician Of Faith 		GME1S3UM 
Meteor Dragon 		86985631 
Mimicat 			69YDQM85 
Mirror Wall 			53297534 
Mystical Capture Chains 		N1NDJMQ3 
Robotic Knight 		S5S7NKNH 
Royal Decree 		8TETQHE1 
Seiyaryu 			2H4D85J7 
Serpentine Princess  		UMQ3WZUZ 
Slate Warrior 		73153736 
Swordsman From A Foreign Land 	CZ81UVGR 
Swordstalker 		AH0PSHEB 
Tactical warrior 		054TC727 


7 Completed = Summoned Skull
Amazon of the sea = BEWD
Battle Steer = Gemini Elf
Charubin the fire knight = Skull Knight 
Curtain of the Dark Ones = Anti-Magic Fragrance
Dancing Elf = Enchanted Javelin
Dark Energy = Dark Hole
Dark Magician = Dark Magician Girl
Fake Trap = Fake Trap
Forest = Labrynth Tank 
Hercules Beetles = BEWD
Hourglass of Courage = Flame Swordsman
Injection Fairy Lily = Dissolverock
Insect Armour With Laser Cannon = REBD
Invigoration = Cannon Soldier
Karbonala Warrior = Toon Summoned Skull 
Legendary Sword =Toon Summon Skull
Mesmeric Control = Sword of Dragon's Soul 
Metalmorph = Skull knight 
Negate Attack = Dissolverock
Petit Dragon = BEWD 
Pumpking the King of Ghosts = Right Leg of Exodia!!
REBD = Temple of Skulls 
Root Water = Anti-Magic Fragrance
Silver Bow & Arrow = REBD
Sogen = Enchanted Javelin
Sanga of the Thunder = Barrel Rock
Two headed King of Rex = Flame Swordsman


Fairy King Truesdale
Infection Fairy Lily
Twin Headed Behemoth
Luminous Soldier
The Illusionary Gentleman
Tiger King dude
Patrician of Darkness
Serpentile Princess

Beat Pegasus

First, you'll need to reincarnate some cards. This will make it easy to get 3 remendous Fires. Then type in SBYDQM8B and 69YDQM85. When you get these cards put them in your deck and your ready to duel. (If you dont have these cards then you'll need them.)

Barrel Dragon!!!

Go to build your deck and push R3, then put in the following code: GTJXSBJ7.

Exodia's Head

Go to build your deck and push R3 witch is a anolog stick an type the following code 37689434 and there you go.

Mystical Capture Chain


Harpie's Feather Duster


Exodia'a Left Arm


Card Codes

NVE7A3EZ Fairy's gift
Y34PN1SV earthshaker
2H4D85J7 Seiyaryu
GME1S3UM Magician of Faith
YBJMCD6Z Greenkappa
054TC727 Tactical warrior
CZ81UVGR Swordsman from a foreign land
N54T4TY5 Birdface
81EZCH8B Dragonseeker
UMQ3WZUZ serpentine Princess 
JXCB6FU7 Aqua Dragon
CZN5GD2X Blast Sphere
S5S7NKNH Robotic Knight
QXNTQPAX Beastking of the swamps
EKJHQ109 Ancient Tree of Enlightenment
YF07QVEZ Fairy King Truesdale
69YDQM85 Mimicat
UMJ10MQB Black hole
SBYDQM8B Change of heart
E5G3NRAD Elf's Light
S14FGKQ1 Horn of the Unicorn
SRA7L5YR Crush Card
0HNFG9WX Gravity Bind
8TETQHE1 Royal Decree


We have no unlockables for Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelists of the Roses yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelists of the Roses yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no glitches for Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelists of the Roses yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

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