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  • Role-Playing, First-Person RPG
  • Konami
  • Konami
  • Everyone
  • November 6, 2003



On Joey's campaign during the "Quick Attack" mission. Explore the mountians to the right of Beyzon and you should be challenged by Sengenjin and Flame Cerebrus. They are the only two monsters in this team. Defeat them and he will join your team along with Flame Cerebrus.

Enchanting Mermaid

Play as Yugi. In turbulent Waters(Mission 5) go to the fort east of Tsught and go farther east and you should battle a level 30 Enchanting Mermaid.

Reuse Monsters

When you are done the first story mode you can reuse them on the next one, so you can easily get monsters up to level 99.

Get Valkerion

On the game go to new game challenge mode and either pick yugi or kaiba. When selecting you monsters go to the very bottom and pick the three magnet warriors. Give each of them polymerization and monster reborn. Press start and whoevers turn it is push (x) then polymerization and they will fuse to make Valkerion.

Unlock Silver Fang

After you beat Yugi's story (or maybe its after you beat the whole game) play Yugi's story again. On mission 1 send Yugi straight towards the enemy's main base and once you reach the forest you will find Silver Fang all by himself.

Easy Wins In Crowded Fort

To receive an easy win in a crowded fort is to keep two of your marshals in your home fort and send all of your other marshals over to the ruler of the level in waves. It takes awhile but it will garantee you a win(most of the time).

Unlock Dark Magician (Yugi)

Defeat Panik (Boss of Beasty Badlands, Mission 6) on Yugi side

Unlock Dark Magician (Arkana)

Defeat Arkana (Boss of Lost Cause, Mission 16) on Yugi side

Unlock Dark Elf

Beat brainwashed Tea in Spellcaster (Boss of Mission 11)

Unlock Baby Dragon

SouthWest of Beyzon in Refugees (Mission 8) with Joey

Unlock Aqua Dragon

Walk through the bay in Scorched (Mission 14) on Yugi Side. Defeat him as well as Fortress Whale and Suijin

Unlock Challenge Mode

Play through all three stories

Unlock Blue Eyes White Dragon

Beat the Lord of D. in the Burrow on level 14

Dark Magician And Summend Skull

To get Summend Skull play as Yugi. When you get to Beasty Badlands the first fort you try to take control of will have a Summend Skull in it. Beat him and he will join your team. (NOTE: He can hurt 500 but when you get him he hurts 250.) To get Dark Magician beat the boss of Beasty Badlands when you are Yugi.

God Monsters

To summon the Egyptain god monsters you must get their items. To get Obelisk The Tormentor, Defeat Yugi's story mode. After you beat Darknite You will get soul of Obelisk. To win slifer deafeat Kaiba's story mode And you will win Slifers Orb. Defeat Marik in Joeys story mode to get Eye of Ra.

Joey's Campain

To get Joey's campain you will need to defeat Yugi and Kiaba's campains.

Attack & Defend

First you have to decide which marshals are going to be going out to attack and who is going to stay and defend the castle/village/town thats your base. Then whoever is going to attack,give them the monsters with the most attack power and the ones who are going to defend give them the ones with the most defense power and life points.

Magician Of Black Chaos And Black Luster Soldier

This hint requires you are playing as Yugi or you have a Gaia the Fierce Knight or Dark Magician. Once you beat a certain level, (or I think you can buy it) you will get the Black Luster Ritual. If you have a Dark Magician, it will become Magician of Black Chaos, if you have Gaia, it will be Black Luster Soldier I think.

Higher Levels

To get higher leveals dont go stright to the target take your time and your oppnets will be reborn with half LP and AP.

Two Personalities

At the begging of the game, you will be asked if you want to choose Yugi or Kaiba. If you choose Yugi you'll be fighting for the resistence. If you choose Kaiba you'll be fighting for the empire, the Emperor's name is Haysheen. If you start with Yugi your starting monsters will be Ferral Emp,Celtic Gurdian,and Kuriboh. I don't know what Kaiba's monsters are, so if you want to know those you'll have to start a game as Kaiba.


Free Money

Enter the code during game play, on a blank piece of land, without pausing. Only use the D-Pad and the A and B buttons. Up(2), Down(2), Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A.


Unlock Silver Fang

Pick Yugi's story and on the first level travel through the grass from the home fort to the enemy's main fort.

Unlock Bakura

Beat Kepulia (boss of mission 4).

Unlock Obelisk The Tormentor (soul Of Obelisk)

In Yugi's Story Mode, Get to DARK SPIRIT (last mission) and beat Scott Irvine. DarkNite will appear, and beat him. You will get Obelisk's with ONE win on the first try. On second time, Beat NiteMare for Soul of Obelisk.

Unlock Mako Tsunami

In Yugi's story, when you get to mission 5, you unlock Mako Tsunami. Beat Secmayton (boss of Turbulent Waters), and Mako will join your Marshals.

Unlock Harpie Lady (Keraino)

In Yugi's Story, when you get to BANISHMENT, liberate KAEPE-TOWN. When you do, Harpie Lady (Keraino) will join your army.

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