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  • Simulation, Pets
  • Unknown
  • Microsoft
  • Everyone
  • August 8, 2003


More Money And Guests

If you set the prices as low as possible you will make more money if you hold shift and 4 at the same time you will get money and if you set the prices tt $0. 00 you will get more guests.

Witches Fly Over Zoo

In October, witches will fly over your zoo!

Santa Flies Over Zoo

On your second year December 25 santa will fly over your zoo.


Put mermaid statue in a marine tank and watch the statue break into a real mermaid.

Make Money from Water

When you think you will run out of money and you have at least two water tanks rise them as high as you can. When you are all most out of money or you are out of money bring the tanks down. You will get some money.


To get a Mermaid, the first thing ya gotta do is create a tank exhibit. Then click the button to get to scenery. Go to Marine Mania so it'll show only Marine Mania stuff. Then scroll down until you find Mermaid Statue on the list. Then place the Mermaid Statue in the tank. All of a sudden, the statue will start to shake. Then it'll explode and a mermaid will come out of it. (If you don't have the mermaid statue yet, you'll have to go to research and funding to get it).


Ultimate Zookeeper

Rename a male zookeeper "Jonathan Gilmour" and he will be the Ultimate Zookeeper!

Extra Money

While playing the game, press [Shift] + 4 to get more money.

Blue Shirts

Enter Mr. Blue as a code.

The Demand For Hamburgers Goes Up

Name a guest "Bill Clinton" and the demand for hamburgers will go up!

Get All Animal Shelters

Name a guest "Adam Levesque" and you will get all the animal shelters!

Guest Donates A Lot Of Money

Name a guest "Bill Gates" and guest will donate a lot of money!

Animals Breed Faster/more Often

Name a guest "Dr Dolittle" and all your animals will breed faster/more often!

All Scenarios Completed

Name a guest "Akiyama" and all scenarios are completed!

Unlock Dinosaur Foliage Research Program

Name a guest "Ron Propst" and you unlock dinosaur foliage research program!

Unlock All Dinos

Name a guest "Dinoman" ad you unlock all dinos!

Dinosaur Eggs Hatch Faster

Name a guest "Eggman" and your Dinosaur eggs hatch faster.

Make Female Guests Upset

Name a male guest "rpro" and he will make female guests upset!

Make Children Guests Upset

Name a male guest "Boogyman" and he will make children guests upset!

Unlock All Endangered Animals

Name a Guest "Steve Serafino" and you unlock all endangered animals!

All Tour Guide Salaries Are Set To $0

Name a female tour guide "Rosalie" and all tour guide salaries are set to $0!

All Foliage Removed And Get A $300 Tax Rebate

Name a male maintenance worker "George W" and then all foliage removed and get a $300 tax rebate!

All Broken Fences Repaired

Name a male maintenance worker "Bob V" and All the broken fences repaired!

All Dino Poo Turned Too Rocks

Name an exhibit "Copralite Corner" and all the dino poo will turn into rocks!

More Guests Come To See That Exhibit

Name a exhibit "Wonderland" and more guests will come too see that exhibit!

Guests Pay 2x Original Amount For Attractions

Nam an exhibit "Blue Fang" and your guests will 2x original amount for attractions!

Double Exhibit Donations

Nam an exhibit "Microsoft" and will get double donations to that exhibit!


In the exhibit name type "Super Croc" and a Deinosuchuse will appear in the adoption window!

Gain A Small Amount Of Money

Name a guest "Rich Uncle Pennybags" and you will only get a little bit of money!

Unlock All Foliage

Name a guest "Charlie Peterson" and you will unlock all foliage!

Unlock All Animal Toys

Name a guest "Lou Catanzaro" and you will unlock all the animal toys!

Unlock All Animal Houses And Types

Name a guest "Andrew Binder" and then you get all the animal houses!

Second Fence Deteriorate Cheat

Press Shift-5 and fences will start to deteriorate


After the game automatically names an exhibit, enter Cretaceous Corral to get a Triceratops.

Yellow Shirts

Enter Mr. Blonde as a code.

White Shirts

Enter Mr. White as a code.

Brown Shirts

Enter Mr. Brown as a code.

Orange Shirts

Enter Mr. Orange as a code.

Pink Shirts

Enter Mr. Pink as a code.

White Birds Attack

Enter Alfred H as a code.

Fences Deteriorate 100%

Enter Russell C as a code.

Sick Guests

Enter Zeta Psi as a code.

All Animal Shelters Available

Enter John Wheeler as a code.

All Research Complete

Enter Hank Howie as a code.


To get the unicorn make a new exhibit any size. When it asks for the exhibit name type in "Xanadu". The unicorn will appear with the other animals. Make sure this is your first exhibit. It might work on other exhibits but i've never tried it.


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Easter eggs

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