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  • Simulation, Business Sim
  • Bluefang Games
  • Microsoft
  • Everyone
  • October 10, 2001


Microsoft Plane

If you wait a while a plane will fly with a zoo keeper in it and the flag will have a logo saying Microsoft and the plane will have logos saying blue fang.

Okapi Breeding

Okapis are very, very shy. To help their breeding along, research staff education until you get Zookeeper Training 1 (makes animals happier when a zookeeper enters). When you have that place the zookeeper in the exhibit over and over until the have offspring.

Rare Exibit

Put a Bengal Tiger and a White Bengal Tiger in one exibit and get it "well suited". You'll get a gold plaque, if it's good enough like mine.

More Guests....

Sounds silly, but you get more guests and lots more money. Click on the entrance gate to your zoo. You know where it says like, $20? Well, lower it to about $14. It sounds really stupid, but guests'll come in and it'll pop up at the top: 'Guests say your entrance fee is a really good value'. As long as you keep your guests happy and the zoo in good shape, you get lots of business. I had 700 customers in my zoo once!

Make Mermaids

With the Marine Mania expansion pack, put a mermaid statue into an exhibit tank, wait 5 seconds and a *real* mermaid will appear.

Dancing Penguins

If you get your penguins to a happiness level of 9x, they will start dancing around.

Happy Halloween

Set the computer date to October 31st, and Jack-o-lanturns can be purchased.

Tips On How To Win

On the Endangered Species Scenario, at first you have to improve the moose and black bear exibit. After the exibit is "well suited", name a guest Steve Serafino to get all of the endangered animals you need to complete the scenario. Use the okapi first because the black leopard and the white bengal tiger will reproduce well. But the okapi is the hardest to reproduce, so if you make an okapi exibit first, you have a higher chance of them reproducing. To have them reproduce they have to have 100% happiness. When you are making the exibit, when the okapis want rocks, instead get the rainforest ruins on the rock tab. depending on the size of the exibit depends on how many they want. Using the special terrain rocks on the different terrain animals will make them happier then the regular rock. Once the okapis are 100% happy, make more exibits for the other endangered animals. Now you have five exibits. The moose, bear,okapi,white bengal tiger, and the black leopard.


Name a guest Zeta Psi and all the male guests will vomit and their shirts will turn yellow.

Yellow Brick Path

All you have to do is creat an exhibit and put a lion, tiger, and bear in the exhibit cage. It should be an African Lion, Grizzly bear, and a Bengal Tiger. The Yellow Brick Path should appear in a couple of seconds. This will not work when the game is paused.

A Hellish Zoo

Put a gate at the exit and get rid of all staffs. Delete some gates at all animal exhibits and watch everyone scream and run!!!!

Yellow Brick Road Footpath

Place a lion, tiger, and a bear in an exhibit.


Unlock Everything

At the main menu, press up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right to unlock EVERY object and if you do it correctly you should hear a elephant noise.

Various Cheats For Zoo Tycoon.

Enter one of your guests Lou Catanzaro to get all animal enrichment programs.
Enter one of the guests Steve Serafino to get all endangered animals.
Enter one of your guests Andrew Binder to get all animal houses.
Enter one of your guests Charlie Peterson to get all exibit foliage.

Name an exibit by clicking on the gate after you built it, and enter: 
Blue Fang - Guests will be double charged for using buildings without them noticing!
Microsoft - Get double the normal donations at exibits.
Xanadu - get a unicorn
Wonderland - get a bonus towards the chance of guests entering the zoo.

***All codes are case sensitive***

Name one of your female tour guides - Rosalie, and all of your tour guides will work for free!

All Research Complete

Name one guest "Hank Howie".

Gold Hand

When playing your Zoo Tycoon file,press Ctrl+shift+C at the same time and your hand will turn gold! Do the same to change back.

Sick Guests

Name a guest Zeta Psi and some guests shirts will turn yellow and they will have a green skin colour. Some of them will even puke!

Get A Dinosaur!

First, create an exhibit. Don't name it anything at first and click OK. Then click on the gate where the zookeepers go in. Then you have to type in Cretaceous Corral. If that doesn't work then type Cretacous Corral.

Alfred H

Name one of your guest Alfred H and birds will appear and scare the guests.

Get All Animal Care Programs

Name a guest Adam Levesque. Bingo, all animal care programs!!

All Scenarios

Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy of the file before proceeding. Use a text editor to edit the "zoo.ini" file. Add the following entries under the [scenario] section:


Unlimited Money

Press Shift+$ again and again. That will make your money you can press it man times as you want to.

Extra Money

Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy of the file before proceeding. Use a text editor to to edit the "zoo.ini" file. Change the MSMaxCash value to a new amount for your starting money.


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Easter eggs

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