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  • Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance 2 and Dark Alliance II: Baldur's Gate
  • Role-Playing, Third-Person 3D RPG
  • Unknown
  • Vivendi Universal Interactive
  • Teen
  • January 21, 2004


Buying/Selling Items

Buying/Selling Items: In a two player game, both players share the gold. To get the most for your gold have the player that gets the best prices on items do the buying and selling. Since everything is shared in a two player game, be nice and share. Usually the women get better deals in the beginning, but the dwarf breaks & makes weapons and stuff at a better price. Always compare when going to a shop with two players.

Entering The Elemental Planes

When entering the Elemental Planes think of where your going and prepare yourself as follows. Buy at least 200 health potions. These areas are not easy and you will die very fast if you do not have enough of them:

Elemental Air: Use your normal equipped weapons and armor for this area. Also save all the way through it.

Elemental Earth: For this area, you will need to buy leather armor and wooden clubs with a damage of 5-8. This is due to the many of Rust Monsters on this plane. After you get to the entrance of the Earth Foundation, put your regular armor and weapons back on and tear the Boss apart. Go after the bowmen first or you will not survive.

Elemental Water: Use regular equipment. Nothing special is required for this plane. Make sure you save the game before you go into the foundation.

Elemental Fire: For this plane, if you feel bold and want to have some fun, upgrade weapons with the Aquamarine stone for the freezing ability.

Mace Upgrades

When you reach the point where you have to fight Trolls at Skull Gorge, upgrade your weapons. The best way to do so is to have two maces that can be upgraded. When you upgrade, use these stones for the weapons. With these weapons in hand as you enter Skull Gorge, you should have no problem defeating the Trolls that are waiting there.

Fine Lite Mace: 1 Rune Stone 1 Jancinth and 1 Jade. Combine all these on this one mace and you will have a Mace that will have the Fire and Acid ability and also have a +1 rating as well (Acid damage +1-4 and Fire damage is +1-8).

Fine Morning Star: 1 Rune Stone 1 Ruby. Combine these to create a +1 weapon that will bleed 1 round per level of the character using it.

Defeating Luvia's Beasts

When fighting in Luvia's Laboratory and you get to the end where she sends two beasts to attack you, only go forward slightly. One of the beasts will chase you. Stay in the bottom portion of the room and use the crossbow on it. This is easier with two players. Eventually it will die and then you can defeat the second one in any way desired.

Defeating The Harnak

To defeating the Wayfare Inn Boss, make sure you have a ranged weapon. First, take out the underlings. Do not hit the Boss; he will not attack you until you attack him. Once all the Goblin underlings are dead, you can attack Harnak. When he starts to chase you, run towards the tables on the right. Jump to get over them. Once on the top side of the tables, line up on the corner closest to the fireplace. This should get Harnak stuck by the bottom table, leaving you free to hit him with your ranged weapon.

Defeating Green Slimes

When battling the Green Slimes in the Sewers, use weapons that have large damage attacks, such as swords and maces. When attacking the slimes, hang around the edge of a corner and let them come to you. Then, ambush them when they are close enough to your character. This is the best way to battle in the Sewers, and it saves your health potions.

Increase Rank

Each character has their own person to talk to (except Dorn). Most of the time, these contacts ask for money. When you get a chance, pay them the amount of money they ask for. In Act 3, the character's contact will ask them to do one final mission. Do so and your character will earn a new rank that makes them even more powerful. Dorn also gets this, but not until Act 3.

Easy Gold And Experience

In some situations, your character may be awarded a prize of 1,000 gold and 1,000 experience points. However, before you claim a prize, save the game and get your award. Load a previously saved game before you get your gold and experience points. Then, load the character that already has the gold and experience points. Keep repeating this processes to get a lot of gold and experience points.

Play Extreme Mode!

Successfully complete the game under any difficulty setting.

Copy Items 2

You don't need two players for this. Just be in a mission close to a save point. Save once there and then drop whatever you want doubled. After that, go to the pause menu and select change player. Re-upload from your saved file and then pick up what you dropped. :) A very good way to make and save money in extreme mode.

Copy Items

Two players are needed to do this. Save your game next to a shop. Then one person gives the other all the Items that want to be copied. Press start and select the "change player" option. Import the player from the saved game who gave the items then you will both have those items.


Cheat Mode

Hold L1 + R1 + Triangle + Square + Circle + X and press Start during game play. This will unlock options for "Invulnerability" and "Level Warp"

Level 10: 45 Attribute Points and 500,000 Gold

Press L1 (and hold) Press R1 (and hold) press and hold Triangle,square,circle,x then press L2


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Easter eggs

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