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  • Action, Adventure
  • Rareware
  • Nintendo
  • Everyone
  • July 1, 1998


Raising The Water In Rusty Bucket Bay

In Rusty Bucket Bay you will see that the water level is too low for you to jump on to the platform. So stop wasting your time trying to jump on it because there is an easier way to get on the platform. Go to the front of the door that leads to Mad Monster Mansion and look to your left (not Banjo's left). You will see a gate door. Run up to it and knock it down by holding the Z button and pressing the B button. Walk down the path and you will see a house. If you walk up to the door you will see a crack in the door on Banjo's right. Now you have to go all the way back to Mad Monster Mansion and with Mumbo's help turn into a pumpkin. Now walk out of Mad Monster Mansion as a pumpkin and walk inside the crack to the door (do not worry about Mumbo's message telling you that his magic is getting weak because it will not come up). Inside you will see a big coffin, a green ghost, and Mumbo snoozen away. Run past the green ghost and get mumbo to turn you back into a bear. Then do a beakbuster on top of the coffin. Inside you will see a button. Do a beakbuster on it and the water will raise. Unfortunately, you have to get Mumbo to turn you back into a pumpkin, go back to Mad Monster Mansion and then force Mumbo (who somehow got there before you) to make you a bear again. This seems like it will take a long time but it only took me about 7 min.

Raise Platform Near Chimpy

To raise a platform near Chimpy so you can learn how to fire eggs (or defeat Conga if you already know how), locate the three plates with an orange on them. Stand on one, wait until Conga throws an orange, and then jump off so the orange hits it. Repeat on all three.

Secret Room In The Graveyard

Go to the moster mansion level and go in the graveyard. Look around the house to see banjo-kazooie in a window. Smash into it. You are in a room with plenty of eggs and feathers.

3 Code Maximum

You can only enter up to 3 cheat codes once you get to the third something REALLY bad will happen.

Save Lots of "TIME" & an Extra Honeycomb Piece

If you are tired of going all the way down to treasure trove cove just to get 20, 100 and 200 gold feathers, red feathers, and blue eggs after losing again and again when you go to the top to fight out a duel with Gruntilda? Well heres something that will surly help you out... When you venture through different levels, try to get the 100 note score in each of them. If you can't, combine all of you note scores to be at least 882. Also as you venture through different levels, try to recieve all ten jiggis and activate the witch switch and get that jiggi, too in each of them. but if its to difficult add up all of your jiggis. Try to get at least 98. After all of this is done 98 jiggi and 882 notes, go to Grunty's Furnace Fun, beat it and watch the video of your triumphent rescue of Tooty. Go up the stairs that Grunty went up. Go through the note door that says 810. then finish the 25 piece jigsaw of Grunty herself and then the door with the huge padalock will open. Then after talking to Grunty's Dingpot, open up all four of the note doors in the room. In three of them you'll see a blue egg, a gold feather, a red feather. In the fourth door you'll see a room, its a jigsaw! Finish the jigsaw to get an extra honey-comb piece. Next Grab the items outside of the room you were just in. You should realize that you get your maximum of feathers and eggs! Get these after you lose Grunty. They always come back!

All the Honeycombs in Spiral Mountain

1. Climb up the tree near the water surrounding the big mountain that leads to Gruntilda's lair. 2. Where Bottles teaches you Beak Barge you will find some rocks, beak barge them to earn a honeycomb piece. 3. Where the big mountain is swim under the water surrounding, you will easily spot this piece in a small alcove. 4. Jump from platform to platform where the waterfall is you will then find a honeycomb piece. 5. Defeat Cobblewobble(what ever his name is)to get this piece. 6. The last one is on a stump, just where Bottles teaches you how to jump.

Mumbo Tokens in Clanckers Cavern

1. Make Clancker get out of the water then go onto one of his fins then jump onto the ledge then climb then jump off onto the other ledge. 2. Ontop of starting point. 3. Shout three eggs into clankers golden tooth then go in. 4. In one of the tunnuls. 5. Make Clancker get out of the water then go on his tail jump onto the pipe then kill the monster.

Fall Without Getting Hurt

If you fall of of a big cliff or something, about 2 seconds beffore you hit the ground press & hold down the A button. You will land without getting hurt!!

Moumbo's Mountain-Conga & Chimpy

1. Climb up Congos tree and go around in a circle until you get an orange. 2. Go feed the orange to Chimpy. 3. Get the egg move from bottles 4. go to the huigh log that if you stand on you can see congas face 5. Throw three eggs at him from Kazooies mouth 6. Get the jiggie 1. Step on congas blocks and run away so he ends up orangeing his block 2. Repeat until all blocks are gone 3. Get the jiggie

Missing Honey Comb (Hint)

The honey comb that is missing from the grave yard is inside the church from the piano you jump to the flight pad and fly to the beams on top the same as to get the witch switch.. it's up there i don't know how you missed it.. :)

Cheato Spell Book Locations

1) The first Cheato book is where the puzzle to Freezeeze Peak. Break the stone that is to the left of the puzzle and there is a gold feather. You may see there is a tunnle in the tree trunk. You have to go into there as an alligator. The alligator is from Bubble Gloop Swamp. 2) The second Cheato book is in the lava area of Gruntilda's Lair. Go to the (lava) room where the Gobi's Vally puzzle is and the room to the entrance of Mad Monster Mansion. Go to Mad Monster Mansion and turn into a pumpkin and come out. Go on the swervy bridge over to Brentilda. There is a hole on the wall behind her and that is where you go into. 3) The third Cheato is in the room of Rusty Bucket Bay. You have to have raised the water 2 times (near the entrance to Mad Monster Mansion and under a box with the Rare symbol under it). Go to the room before Rusty Bucket Bay and swim up against the wall. There is a cavern type thing that you can jump into, it has 3 pipes and you have to break the grating on the center one. Run through the tunnle and hit the switch at the end. You are timed so be fast. Swim into the room of Rusty Bucket Bay and swim up the wall that you come in from. There will be another cavern with some stairs. Go up the stairs to get the last Cheato.

Break the Click Clock Wood boulder

It is possible to break the boulder blocking the Beaver's hole in Click Clock Wood on the Spring level. Stand on the ledge above the rock, then find the correct angle just to the right of the rock. Drop eggs onto the boulder to break it open. Then, swim into the hole on this level to find some glitches, such as the Beaver still asking you to move the now destroyed rock.

Extra lives in Mr. Vile's games

With Mumbo's help, turn into an alligator in the Bubblegloop Swamp. Then, enter the nose of the giant alligator statue. Now beat Mr. Vile at his games to get a puzzle piece, then leave and re-enter for a new challenge. Beat Mr. Vile in his three games to earn extra lives. Note: If you lose any of the games, you will lose a life.

Stay as transformed animal

Note: This trick requires a Game Shark or Pro Action Replay cartridge. Enable the "Moon Jump" code (D0281251 0020 + 8137C4BC 43E0). As an animal, exit the area that was being explored and hold L when the "Mumbo Magic Get Weak" message appears. Do not touch the ground and go through the door. Then, Banjo-Kazooie will still be in the shape of that animal and can explore other areas with that form.


Unlimited Lives

Go to Treasure Trove Cove and enter "LOTSOFGOESWITHMANYBANJOS"

Unlimited Gold Feathers

Go to Treasure Trove Cove and enter "AGOLDENGLOWTOPROTECTBANJO"

Unlimited Swimming Air

Go to Treasure Trove Cove and enter "GIVETHEBEARLOTSOFAIR"

Unlimited Eggs

Go to Treasure Trove Cove and enter "BANJOBEGSFORPLENTYOFEGGS"

Unlimited Red Feathers

Go to Treasure Trove Cove and enter "NOWYOUCANFLYHIGHINTHESKY"

Red Mystery Egg

Enter the code 'CHEATTHISSECRETYOULLBEGRABBININTHECAPTAINSCABIN' on the sand castle floor in Treasure Trove Cove.

Green Mystery Egg

Enter this code on the sandcastle floor in Treaser Trove Cove. CHEATNOWBANJOWILLBEABLETOSEEITONNABNUTSTABLE

Gameshark Codes

Version 1.0

Diddy Kong Racing Keycode Required 
Enable Code (Must Be On) DE000400 0000
8124C9D8 1700
812876A4 1700
812D3DC0 1300 
Infinite Lives 80385F8B 0009 
Infinite Health 80385F83 0008 
Max Health Available 80385F87 0008 
Infinite Air 81385F8E 0E10 
Infinite Mumbo Tokens 80385FC7 0063 
Infinite Jiggy's 80385FCB 0063 
Infinite Notes 80385F63 0063 
Infinite Eggs 80385F67 0063 
Infinite Red Feathers 80385F6F 0063 
Infinite Golden Feathers 80385F73 0063 
Have All Jinjos 80385F7B 0010 
Time is Always 0:00:08 81386004 4100 
Moon Jump [Note] D0281251 0020
8137C4BC 43E0 

Note: Hold L to rise, release L to land.

Version 1.1

Diddy Kong Racing Keycode Required 
Enable Code (Must Be On) DE000400 0000
8124B728 1700
812864E4 1700
812D2E00 1300 
Infinite Lives 803851AB 0009 
Infinite Health 803851A3 0008 
Max Health Available 803851A7 0008 
Infinite Air 813851AE 0E10 
Infinite Mumbo Tokens 803851E7 0063 
Infinite Jiggy's 803851EB 0063 
Infinite Notes 80385183 0063 
Infinite Eggs 80385187 0063 
Infinite Red Feathers 8038518F 0063 
Infinite Golden Feathers 80385193 0063 
Have All Jinjos 8038519B 0010 
Time is Always 0:00:08 8138524C 4100 
Moon Jump [Note] D02804C9 0020
8137B6BC 43E0 

Note: Hold L to rise, release L to land.

Get The Ice Key


Infinite Gold Feathers


Shark Island Raised

Type this as a cheat in treasure trove cove sandcastle floor, "CHEATOUTOFTHESEAITRISESTOREVEALMORESECRETPRIZES"

Desert Door Gate Opened

Type this as a cheat in treasure trove cove sand castle floor, "ADESERTDOOROPENSWIDEANCIENTSECRETSWAITINSIDE"

Blue Egg


Light Blue Mystery Egg

Put the following code in for the mystery Light Blue Egg: CHEATDONTYOUGOANDTELLHERABOUTTHESECRETINHERCELLAR

Egg In Haunted Mansion


Green Mystery Egg


Red Egg

To find the red egg that is hiding in the Captian's Cabin in Rusty Bucket Bay. Enter "THISSECRETYOULLBEGRABBININTHECAPTINSCABIN"

Cheat Mode

Successfully complete the "Treasure Trove Cove" world, and then return to 
Banjo's house. Go up to the picture of Bottles the mole hanging above the 
fireplace and press C-Up to look at it. Make sure you are standing on the carpet. 
Press R to play a bonus mini-game with a moving puzzle. There are seven puzzles 
in all. Complete each puzzle to receive a new code. Then, return to Treasure 
Trove Cove and enter the sand castle that you previously drained the water from 
and spell out one of the following codes on the floor of the sand castle with the 
Beak Buster move. Note: These codes are not saved and must be re-entered with 
each new game session.

 Code 			Result

 BOTTLESBONUSONE		Banjo has big head
 BOTTLESBONUSTWO		Banjo has big hands and feet
 BOTTLESBONUSTHREE	Kazooie has big head
 BOTTLESBONUSFOUR		Banjo is skinny with small head
 BOTTLESBONUSFIVE		Banjo is skinny with small heads, 	
		 	big hands, and big feet
 BIGBOTTLESBONUS		Combination of all previous
 			 "Bottles" codes
 WISHYWASHYBANJO		Banjo is a washing machine
 BLUEEGGS			200 eggs  [Note 1]
 REDFEATHERS		100 red feathers  [Note 2]
 GOLDFEATHERS		20 gold feathers  [Note 3]
 BRELDUFEATHERGGS		200 eggs and 100 feathers  [Note 1, 	2]
 BREGODLFEATHERS		100 red feathers  [Note 1, 2, 3]
 RGBOLEDUEEGFEATHERS	20 gold feathers  [Note 1, 2, 3]
 BGOLDREDUFEATHERS	20 gold and 100 red feathers  [Note 1, 2, 
GORBELUDFEATHERS		20 gold and 100 red feathers  [Note 1, 2, 
GROELDBFLEAUTHEREGS	20 gold and 100 red feathers  [Note 1, 2, 
REGOLDFEATHERS		20 gold and 100 red feathers  [Note 1, 2, 
BRGGOLDEFUREDGFATGHERS	20 gold and 100 red feathers  [Note 1, 2, 
BLUEREDGOLDFEATHERS	Refill all items  [Note 1, 2, 3]
NOBONUS				Disable codes

 Note 1:  Requires Spell Book 1.
 Note 2:  Requires Spell Book 2.
 Note 3:  Requires Spell Book 3.

 Spell Book Locations: 

 Spell Book 1 

This book is located behind the entrance to Bubblegloop Swamp, near the jigsaw 
puzzle for Freezeezy Peak. When you first walk through the pipe that leads to the 
puzzle board for Freezeasy peak and the second pipe to the spell book, a block of 
ice will be covering the second pipe. First, get the wading boots in the pipe near 
the beginning of the Bubblegloop Swamp area. Go through the pipe as Banjo and 
break the block of ice. Then, have Mumbo Jumbo transform you into the alligator 
in Bubblegloop Swamp and enter the pipe that leads to the spell book.

 Spell Book 2 

With Mumbo's help, transform into a pumpkin in the Mad Monster Mansion level. 
Leave the skull and follow the winding path to Brentilda's platform. Enter the 
small hole and follow the path to the spell book. 

 Spell Book 3 

Find the entrance to Rusty Bucket Bay. Locate the cave with three pipes to the 
right of this location. Open the middle pipe and enter. Activate the "321" switch 
that is inside to raise the water level. Jump into the water and quickly move to the 
right. The book is located in the cave to the right. 

Unlimited Mumbo Tokens

Go to the sandcastle in Treasure Trove Cove and you will see a bunch of letters on the tiles. Using the beak-buster spell out: cheatdontbeadumbogoseemumbo You will receive 99 mumbo tokens.

Maximum Energy

Enter Treasure Trove Cove and on the sandcastle floor enter CHEAT followed by ANENERGYBARTOGETYOUFAR. This will give you eight honeycombs on your life bar. Note: if you already have red honeycombs, Then this cheat will make you lose them.

Faster dialogue

Hold B to scroll the text dialogue faster.

Skip dialogue

Press L + R + B to skip the dialogue display.

Jump further

During any jump, press Attack.

Less damaging fall

To take less damage from a fall, press Z just before you land.


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Easter eggs

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