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  • Strategy, 2D Turn-Based Strategy
  • G1M2
  • Apple
  • Not-Rated
  • December 13, 2013


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We have no cheats or codes for Brave Frontier yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no unlockables for Brave Frontier yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

Easter eggs

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Created by: RenamonFOX. Read the full guide...

Created by: KOH13. Read the full guide...


Achievement List

Amateur Achieve Rank of Amateur in Arena. Battle Hardened Training Level any Unit to Lv35. Battle Ready! Complete the tutorial. Behemoth Achieve Rank of Behemoth in Arena. Berserker Achieve Rank of Berserker in Arena. Brawler Achieve Rank of Brawler in Arena. Champion Achieve Rank of Champion in Arena. Cleared Adventurer's Prairie Clear Adventurer's Prairie. Cleared Barren Lands of Asekutt Clear Barren Lands of Asekutt. Cleared Blood Forest Clear Blood Forest. Cleared Breeze Beach Clear Breeze Beach. Cleared Cave of Flames Clear Cave of Flames. Cleared Cave of Malice Clear Cave of Malice. Cleared Destroyed Cathedral Clear Destroyed Cathedral. Cleared Egor Snowfield Clear Egor Snowfield. Cleared Forest of Beasts Clear Forest of Beasts. Cleared Kagan Desert Clear Kagan Desert. Cleared Magutagal Wetlands Clear Magutagal Wetlands. Cleared Mirza Ruins Clear Mirza Ruins. Cleared Monster's Nest Clear Monster's Nest. Cleared Mount Craylia Clear Mount Craylia. Cleared Mount Wistorea Clear Mount Wistorea. Cleared Nocturnal Forest Clear Nocturnal Forest. Cleared Secluded Sanctuary Clear Secluded Sanctuary. Cleared Shrine of Lystia Clear Shrine of Lystia. Cleared St. Lamia Palace Clear St. Lamia Palace. Cleared Tower of Mistral Clear Tower of Mistral. Cleared Tower of Morgan Clear Tower of Morgan. Cleared Volcano Eldent Clear Volcano Eldent. Combat-Ready Training Level any Unit to Lv15. Commander Achieve Rank of Commander in Arena. Contender Achieve Rank of Contender in Arena. Crusader Achieve Rank of Crusader in Arena. Dragoon Achieve Rank of Dragoon in Arena. Dream Team Build a team of all 5 Star Units. Duelist Achieve Rank of Duelist in Arena. Elite Training Level any Unit to Lv50. Epic Promotion Evolve a 3 Star Unit to 4 Star. Epic Training Level any Unit to Lv70. Expert Promotion Evolve a 2 Star Unit to 3 Star. General Achieve Rank of General in Arena. Gladiator Achieve Rank of Gladiator in Arena. Guardian Achieve Rank of Guardian in Arena. Heavyweight Achieve Rank of Heavyweight in Arena. Hero Achieve Rank of Hero in Arena. Juggernaut Achieve Rank of Juggernaut in Arena. Knight Achieve Rank of Knight in Arena. Legend Achieve Rank of Legend in Arena. Legendary Promotion Evolve a 4 Star Unit to 5 Star. Legendary Training Level any Unit to Lv99. Master Achieve Rank of Master in Arena. Novice Achieve Rank of Novice in Arena. Rookie Training Level any Unit to Lv5. Sage Achieve Rank of Sage in Arena. Saint Achieve Rank of Saint in Arena. Tactician Achieve Rank of Tactician in Arena. Titan Achieve Rank of Titan in Arena. Veteran Promotion Evolve a 1 Star Unit to 2 Star. Virtuoso Achieve Rank of Virtuoso in Arena. Warlord Achieve Rank of Warlord in Arena. Warrior Achieve Rank of Warrior in Arena.

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