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  • Breath of Fire V: Dragon Quarter
  • Action, Adventure
  • Unknown
  • Capcom
  • Teen
  • February 20, 2003


Easy Skills

If you have a shop in the Ant Village and proceeded far in the game, restart with all the items you currently have and fight constantly. If you fight enough, the shop will have new skills that will be useful. It is essential to get Nina's Fire Blast and Ice Blast spells along with Ryu's Status Effect attacks. This also works well with weapons for your team.

Easy Battle

Use the following trick for an easy battle when ganged by Rangers after the Ice levels. If you were wise and did not use your Dragon Change during easy battles then you are in luck. Beat down the first wave and do not go into dragon form. In the second battle, you will face a machine. While it is strong, it is easy to take out as long as you use Nina's Fragball spell. In the last battle, you will face the commander. This is a difficult battle. She hits hard and fast. Become the Dragon, kill her partners, then kill her. She will die and drop a very nice sword for Ryu.

Easy Money

This trick requires the Fairy Bank and the Foreign money policy of Mils. Buy Mils when they are very low (for example, 85-110Z). Then, fight a few battles and return. If the Mils are not worth over 180Z, fight more battles until they are. You can start off with 30,000Z and end up with 110,000Z.

Helping The Shopkeeper

During the game you will meet a man who wants to set up his own shop. Depending on how much you give him, the shop will have different wares:

1-100: Basic weapons. 

101-500: Basic skills 

501-1000: Better weapons and some skills. 

1001-2000: Better skills, but more items then 

2001-2500: Mega heal kits and such at low 

2501-3000: Your choice of good weapons, items, 
skills, armor and a mini-game. 

3001-5000: Great weapons for Lin, poor weapons 
for Ryu and Nina, and good spells for Nina. 

5001-10000: Your choice of great weapons, 
skills, spells, stat increasers, armor, items, 
but no mini-game. 
Note: You will not find this man unless you replay the game around 50 through 70 tries. Even then, you will have to come far to get him. However, once you do he will be at almost every town you visit, just like the fairy.

Dead Bodies

If you find a dead body, check it. Some may have a very useful item.

Bosch: Weapon

Bosch cannot equip weapons from shops, but there is a monster that will drop a sword that he can use. It is slightly weaker; give it to him when you are about to leave his party. The weapon is difficult to find, but if you get it you will have a powerful weapon at the start of the game. The weapon has Bosch's Lion and Snake Smash on it as the top skills in the first and second block. However, you look at Bosch's skills at the start, you will see that they are not for him.

Saving / Restart Explained

You can have one hard save, and one soft save. A hard save is made by using a save token at a recorder. This saves your progress in a file and keeps it there no matter what. When you're done playing for the day, you can select quit from the menu and the game will save your current data on a seperate file for you to load the next time you play the game. The deal about the soft save is that once you save, you're returned to the title screen, so you can't have a backup soft save incase you die, thats what hard saves are for. I'll repeat that, hard saves are only incase you die or would like to restart. In the main menu you have an emergency quit option. You can quit and either restart from the beginning of the game or from your last hard save. These are also you're options if you die. If you restart from the beginning you'll lose everything in your inventory. You will retain all your equipped weapons and armor, all of your skill, your money, your party EXP, and everything you had in storage. If you restart from your last save you only get a fraction of your party exp, everything else is the same. What that means is, you can create a hard save in a dungeon with a whole lot of treasure boxes, run into the dungeon, get a bunch of cash, items, and party EXP. Sell what you dont want, store the rest, restart from your hard save, and repeat the process for an insane amount of cash and items, and depending on the area and insane amount of EXP so level building is possible. I played this game yesterday afternoon, restarting a few times from the beginning and the last time I did so I spent all 2200 of my Party EXP on Ryu taking him to level 14 right at the beginning of the game.


This option however does not have a 'more pleasant than thought of side'. After a certain plot point it will start ticking. It goes up 0.01% after a couple of dozen steps. The big increases will come when your transform into a a dragon. In dragon form your attacks will up it 1.00, 1.25, and 1.50 depending on the strength of the attack you want. Transforming into a dragon in Breath of Fire V makes you...well...invincible and you will dish out absolutely insane damage. Just to put it in perspective my level 14 Ryo was doing about 75 hp of damage with his strongest attack and my dragon did 2349 and 2560 in a two hit combo, after charging up. Plus your movement on the battlefield is free. Being a dragon is fun and all, but with proper strategy it isn't needed. Once the D-Counter gets you 100% you're dead and you'll have to restart from either the beginning or your last hard save. So unless you're really Dragon Happy the D-Counter shouldnt give you any trouble.


Bosch: Combos

Twin Wake: Snakebite + Lion Smash

Ryu: Combos

X Slash: Sideslash + Verticalslash

Lin: Combos

Bind: There! + Stay There!
Steal: Greetings + C'mere! 


We have no unlockables for Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no glitches for Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

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