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  • Action, Adventure
  • Take2
  • Take2 Interactive Software
  • Teen
  • March 3, 2008


Skip Missions

If you skip missions, you can still do them in Endless Summer.

English Class 2

The letters "THFSGI", and you need 22 words to get a 100%, or 14 words to just pass and here they are: Fig, Fit, His, Hit, Ifs, Its, Sit, Figs, Fish, Fist, Fits, Gift, Gist, Hits, Sift, Sigh, This, Fight, Gifts, Shift, Sight, Fights.

Scooter Fun

It's really easy to win races with the moped AKA scooter. All you have to do is ride the scooter close to a bike race, quickly get off it, and sign up for the race fast. then, guess what? BAM! You got a scooter ready for racing!

Pirate Hat

Go to the ocean in the preppy part of town. Start to swim. Keep swimming around the ocean until you see a small tiny island near a sunken pirate ship. Go on the island and find a pirate. Beat him up, and you get a pirate hat. (If the pirate is not there try again at a later time)

English Class 4

The letters "RAOCYN", and you need 29 words to get a 100%, or 19 to just pass and they are: Any, Arc, Can, Car, Cay, Con, Coy, Cry, Nay, Nor, Oar, Ran, Ray, Roc, Yon, Corn, Cory, Cyan, Narc, Racy, Roan, Yarn, Acorn, Corny, Crony, Rayon, Crayon.

English Class 5

The letters "DGRAGE", and you need 27 words to get 100%, or 22 words to just pass and here are the words: Age, Are, Dag, Ear, Egg, Era, Erg, Gad, Gag, Rag, Red, Aged, Dare, Dear, Drag, Dreg, Egad, Gage, Gear, Grad, Rage, Read, Agger, Grade, Raged, Dagger, Ragged.

''Beating Up The Little Tattle Tales''- ''Beating Up Cheaters''

First, it has to be inside the school and if you have any type issues with the little kids or the girls, you can beat them up any time you want without getting caught. Second, you need to either pick up stairs or down stairs and after you do, make sure all the lockers are unlocked or else the trick won't work. Wait until a prefect target goes next to a locker and grab him quick and put him in there and run to a trash can and hide. Another prefect should come to the trash also either you say something bad to him and run to the locker and hide a little bit and put him in there or just put him in the trash. After two prefects you should be good and when you see someone you hate like the little kids BEAT THEM UP! Or the girl you made out with and cheated on you then BEAT HER UP ALSO. Hope that helps.

Win Go-Kart Races Easier

To win the Go-Kart Races easier you have to turn on the outside of the turn. If you don't then you will crash with the other racers. I hope you win :-).

Fun Mission

This a very cool mission if you like to be a bad boy.
1. Use Chemistry set.
2. Go to girl's dorm.
3. Beat up any teachers [if possible]
4. Pull fire alarm.
5. Throw stink bombs, firecrackers, and itching powder at everyone EXCEPT your girlfriend.
6. RUN!

Easy Escape Tactics

To escape anyone chasing you, throw marbles then turn around and throw itching powder. If you don't have marbles just out run them and hide.

Double Carnival Prize Tickets

After beating "Art 5" you get double prize tickets at the carnival, on any game.

Free Tractor

When you play the mission "Revenge On Mr. Burton" you use a tractor to push the port- a-potty down the hill. At the end, the tractor is still there for you to use.

Go-kart Fun

To unlock the go-kart, win every go-kart race at the carnival, and all 3 go-cart street races. Once you do that, you got a go-kart! Here's where the fun begins,hop on you go-kart, and find some helpless bike or scooter rider. Go directly behind them and hit them at full speed. You wont even get in trouble!(As long as you never slow down or stop)This works with adults too!

Beat Up The Comic Store Guy

First, go to the nerd hideout if you unlocked it. Go next to the Shop owner jump at him. He'll get mad and start pushing you. Then, jump at him again and he'll start hitting you and trying to tackle you. Run to the basement where the nerds are. Let Mr. Fat Comic man hit you, and the nerd will defend you. If you get lucky, the nerds will knock him out, and you didn't even throw a punch. If you jump at him and run away, but he just glitches up and stands still, go up to the cash register and press Z, but DON'T BUY ANYTHING! Get out of the cash register window and do it again, it should work.*Remember: NEVER HIT THE STORE OWNER! Let the nerds do that.*


In order to get Russel to fight with you, you've first got to unlock Chapter 2, Rich Boy Blues. Then, after all classes are done, go to the School Parking lot. Russel should be standing there. If you pay him, he'll fight with you.

English Class 1

The letters "ELMOLW", and you need 13 words to get a 100%, or 7 words to just pass and here they are: Elm, Low, Mew, Mow, Owe, Owl, Woe, Meow, Mewl, Mole, Moll, Well, Mellow.

English Class 3

The letters "ELISSM", and you need 27 words to get a 100%, or 15 to just pass and here they are: Elm, Lei, Lie, Mil, Elms, Isle, Leis, Less, Lies, Lime, Mess, Mile, Misc, Miss, Semi, Slim, Isles, Limes, Miles, Seism, Semis, Slime, Slims, Smile, Missle, Slimes, Smiles.


We have no cheats or codes for Bully: Scholarship Edition yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


Free Soda

Go to Yum Yum market and buy $100 worth of soda and something should pop up saying "secret unlocked Free soda"

How To Get The Yearbook

Beat Photography 2.

Unlock Running Shorts

Run for about 41 kilometers to unlock Running Shorts.

Robber's Mask

Break Into 15 Lockers Without Getting Caught.

Firer Fighter Hat

Pull the fire alarm 20 times to unlock the firer fighter hat.

Unlock Helmets

BMX Helmet - Complete all Bike
Crash Helmet - Win the first group of Go-Kart races
Pumpkin Head - Smash all the pumpkins in basement or on Halloween
Fireman's Hat - Pull the fire alarm 15 times
Pirate Hat - Beat up the pirate on the island by the pirate ship

Unlock Clothes

Spandex Bike Shorts - Go at least 100km on the bike.
Ninja Suit - Take a picture of all Bullworth students

Get Free Clothes

Got to music class and complete class, then when you are outside the class room you will be told that you have unlocked some clothes.

Gold Suit

Buy all clothes in game and something should pop and say "secret unlocked Gold Suit".

Soda Hat

To get a soda hat, you should have free soda. Then you should go back to Yum Yum market and buy 100 cans of soda. After you do that it should say out of stock. Go outside and go back in, you can do this 4 times.

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Bully: Scholarship Edition yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no glitches for Bully: Scholarship Edition yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

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