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  • November 9, 2010


Zombies Box Trick

Well I saw those waw glitches where you would shoot the gray piece and ALMOST always get a great gun so I went to the box I shot the latch on the box and all of a sudden I got a ray gun! So I tried again and I got a gali. Then in a different match I did again and got another ray! Then another match I got the thunder! So the trick here is: 1. Stand in middle of box. 2 . Open up 3. (if you look on the edge in middle of box there is a latch) shoot the latch a few times (with weakest weapon) 4. There you go! You should have a really good weapon form the box!

3/4 Player Split-Screen Zombies

From main menu: Go to zombies mode, split-screen, then choose Dead Ops Arcade but don't start yet. Have all but the last player sign in. So that it'll say "Player 3" or "Player 4" Then start the match. While it's loading the game, have the last player sign in (must sign-in during the little clip). When the clip is done, it'll say "Notice sign-in status changed. " Push OK. You will be sent back to the main menu. Now go to Zombies, split-screen (again). (Notice Kino der Toten is your current map, you can change it to Five and still have it work). Only players 1 and 2 are shown on the list, but on the top, it says (if split-screening 3 players) "3 player (s) in party". But if your doing 4 player split-screen, then it'll say "4 player (s) in party". Now all you do is start the match and enjoy playing cooperatively on one console. Please comment if you can't get this to work for you.

15th Prestige In Quick Scope No Scope

Play on nuketown {2 people needed} one person crouch on the floor in the yellow house, the other person stand in the green house. The person in the yellow house quick scopes the person in the green house. Then tomahawk, then ballistic knife and you will get 15th prestige.

Lego Black Ops (Video Fun)

Good Sniper Class

•	Any sniper
•	Ballistic Knife
•	Camera Spike
•	Gas Grenade
•	Semtex Grenade
•	Ghost PRO
•	Scout PRO
•	Ninja PRO

3/4 Player Zombies Split-screen

From the main menu: go to zombies split-screen and choose DOA. Sign in all but one player and start the match. During the little clip before the actual game, sign-in the last player. In the end of the clip a message will pop up and it says "Notice sign-in status changed". Just hit OK to create the glitch. The message will send you back to the main menu. Go back to zombies split-screen. Notice on the bottom-right corner it says 3/2 (if your split-screening 3 players) or 4/2 (if your split-screening 4 players). Only players 1 and 2 can be seen on the screen though. You can change the map between Kino der Toten or Five, but if you change it back to DOA, the console will fix the glitch. Once you do that just start the match and enjoy.

Mystery Box Guns

Here are the mystery box guns for kino der toten:
Ray Gun=shoots ray like bullets at the enemy and does extreme damage.
Thundergun=Shoots a huge blast at the enemy does ultimate damage.
galil=assult rifle does good damage and fire rate is good.
HK21=LMG that does good damage, has great fire rate but is really heavy.
RPK=LMG that has good damage, fire rate but heavy.
Ballistic knife=Shoots knives, ok damage and very light.
crossbow=shoots bows that explode on contact and is medium in weight.
C275=Pistol that is better than M9 and is good in damage (if in dual weild)
Python=pistol that is better than the C275 in dual weild and is light in weight.
FN FAL=assult rifle that is semi automatic and has good damage.
If I missed any guns please leave a comment!

The Computer

While in the very first menu screen, tap LT and RT repeatedly to break out of your chair. Then you must walk around behind your chair and find the box resembling computer, it will say "press X to use computer. " It starts out already logged in as "amason" and says unauthorized use of the CIA's computer is against the law. You then can type in "help" using the keyboard in the top right-hand corner of your screen. This displays what you can do on the computer, including checking and reading your mail and seeing who else has an account on the computer. You have to type in other commands in order for it to do things, don't worry though, it tells you what the commands are. Do whatever you want from here.

Way To Get Good Guns On Zombies

Here's a way to get good great gun on black ops zombies. First you have to save some pistol ammo. Second you have to shoot jump 360. You have to shoot in the same spot for this glitch to work. Then You do it again. You should either get an rpk, hk21, ray gun, thunder gun. Have fun with this glitch.

Mystery Box In First Room Every Time

Select "kino der toten". Play around killing zombies until you get 750 point. If you are playing two player have one person open the top door and the other person open the bottom. If the mystery box is not in one of those to rooms then die and press pause. Select restart level and then keep doing it until the mystery box is in one of the first rooms. When it is then whenever you die don't press restart let it continue and it will be in the first room every time. The only time it would change is if you use the mystery box and you get the teddy bear. If so then repeat the process.

Easy Way To Get The Ray Gun On Zombies

To get the ray gun is simple. First, have the pistol you get at the first round (m19111 or somtin like that). Then find the random box and open it up. Shoot the pistol 4 times, then get on prone (which is your stomach)and then get back to standing position and shoot the last 4 rounds you have. (make sure your reloaded with 8 shots and you have to do this before the wheel stops spining). Hope this helps.

Gun Shelf

On "payback" when you kill everbody then take a left then you will find a hole then go in it and then you will find alot of guns. You will need to duck down.

Thunder Gun In Campaign (Numbers)

After you interogate the guy, throw 2 grenades then look for a little cpu room, find a cosete player, then hold the action button. Continue through the level until you get to the room behind the fridge. Look to your left and you will see another cosete player. Hold action button again. Weird noises will apear then wait and the thunder gun will appearjump on the crates and hold action button

action buttons     
xbox 360 X
playstation3 SQUARE
wii B

Combat Training Prestige (2 People Needed)

Have your friend be the host for a private game and go into your player card, go down to leaderboards, go over to prestige leaderboard, hover over "just show me it" (dont press A- Xbox 360, or X- PS3) have your friend change the lobby to combat training and press A, X, back out of the leaderboards and there you go you can enter prestige in combat training. (without this you can only reach lvl. 50).

A Very Good Class

I call this my awesome class. This class is very good I gaurentee it!

1. Assault rifle:G11
2. Pistol:M1911
3. Tactical:frag
4. Concussion grenade
perk 1:hardline pro (incase online, scavengure)
perk 2:hardend pro
perk 3:second chance pro
I always beat my friends with this class. Its always killing them. Perk 2 is useful becuz when there hiding behind a wall, ulll hit them. Hardline is only good off line. Second chance cuz who knows when ur guna get down. I always win with this class because ma friends get owned with the G11. Scavengure is good becuz ull pick up ammo of those defeated. Concussion for stunning and own them with the G11. Good luck!

Jumping Out Of The Map On Nuketown

When you get a care package you throw near the edge of the map near the green or yellow house near the playground (yellow house) or the garden (green house). On the fence it should make a angle so you can walk up and land near the fence. This can help you in team death match or hard core.


(THREE PLAYERS OR MORE )first at the spawn teleporter turn around to the board window IN THE CORNER then face the wall crouch then 2nd player go a couple feet directly behind him , sprint and dive you should hear a creepy teddy bear laugh and should have a 50% more chance of good guns in mysery box, and a better chance of power ups comment if TEDDY LAUGHED.

Good Way To Survive Kino Der Toten

Step 1: Stay in the first room until round 3 or 4 (DO NOT buy any weapons off the wall). Step 2: Open the upstairs door then run all the way through to the room with the stakeout. Buy the stakeout. Stay there til you have a few thusand points. Step 3: Go to the stage, turn on the power, link the portals, go bak to the stage. If you havn't found the random box yet buy the M16 ( you will need a machine gun). Step 4: Go to the bak corner infront of the next door. Stand there until you are about to be over run, then run a lap around the big screens in the middle of the stage ( make sure the zombies are following you). Go bak to the same corner ( you should be far enough ahead of them to be able to turn around and shoot the big group (this is also a way go get alot of points really quick)). Keep doing this until the end of the round ( leave 1 slow zombie so you don't start the next round) once you have just the 1 zombie left you can go to the ranbom box and get sum weapons you want. Whenever your ready go bak to your corner and kill the zombie. Keep doing laps around the stage until you have enough points to get the perks and to fix up your weapons. Always wait til the end of a round before you leave the stage. If you do this you could easily make it to round 20+.

Good Tips + Auto Mulitiplayer Menu

If you really like to play online here are a few tips
1. If you want to rank up as fast as possible play headquarters.
2. A good set of killsteaks for an O. K . Player is R. C . Car, Care package, Attack hellicopter. (3, 5, 7)
3. A really good gun is the AK-74u. Use it with Granade launcher Perk 1:Scavenger Perk 2: Slight of Hand Perk 3: Hacker.
4. The easiest wager match is gun game.
5. If you want Five and Dead ops Arcade for Zombies Press Lt Rt at the title screen you should get up find the computer and type in 3arc arcade.
6. If you want to automatticly go to the multiplayer screen go to multiplayer, options and something like auto multiplayer press and it should go to multiplayer every time.

Tier 3 Perks

  • Hacker: Ability to detect enemy equipment and explosives
  • Hacker Pro: Booby trap enemy Care Packages and turn enemy killstreaks and equipment friendly
  • Marathon: Longer sprint
  • Marathon Pro: Unlimited duration
  • Ninja: Silent movement
  • Ninja Pro: Make no noise, and hear all enemies louder
  • Second Chance: Ability to use your pistol before dying
  • Second Chance Pro: Survive longer, and get revived by teammates
  • Tactical Mask: Protects against Nova Gas
  • Tactical Mask Pro: Reduces the effects of flash and concussion grenades

  • Mission 1 Intel Locations

    1: On the creat in the building after going up a hill and passing the weapons depot, then straight ahead with Woods and Bowman in front of you.
    2: On the dresser in a bedroom that has a TV and a bed - just after killing the fake Castro.
    3: On top of the ladder inside of the first hanger just after you repel down from the mountain to the airfield.

    Song For Kino Der Toten

    There are 3 rocks that you will need to find. The first one is in the very first room that you spawn into it is in the back corner behind the chairs walk up to it and aim at it then hold X you will hear a noise, the second one is in the MP5K room behind that wall it is also called the dressing room, the 3rd and final rock to get to it there is 2 ways the cheaper of the 2 is go to the stage buy the door on the stage go upstairs go back to the back wall and there will be a shelf it it a red glowing rock aim at it and hold X you will hear the noise again and in about 2 seconds you will hear a song start to play. The other way is in the first room go to the back and but the door it costs 75 then go through that room and buy that door it should cost 1250 now go through the alley and walk up to the fence and buy it then just go to the wall and collect your rock. (Don't do this if you don't like scream-o).

    Quick Revive

    In the game in the room where you first start on the right side the is a quick revive machine and when you turn on the power you can quick revive your teammates its only $500, or when you play solo, you revive your self from when your hurt.

    Kino Der Toten (Round 6)

    When your playing Zombies on Kino Der Toten, on round 6 there is a special place to go to and its impossible to go down. First you have to buy the Olympia, then just kill zombies until you get to round six (make sure you stay downstairs). There is a place in the very back by the door that opens up when you turn the power on, go next to that window that is by the door then crouch in the corner. Every time I have done this I have gotten only 2 dogs come after me and I haven't gone down once. I hope this helps you and if not comment below. (I will also help anyone who doesn't understand).

    Thunder Gun On Numbers?!?!?

    Here's a way you all will understand of getting the thunder gun on the mission (NUMBERS). Please comment on if/how this cheat helped u, I will do my best to help explain more.
    Step 1. Throw 2 grenaids, at the men shooting you.
    Step 2. Turn around go into thet little space to the left.
    Step 3. Look on the table and there is a tape recorder.
    Step 4. Hold (X) on it till you hear little voices.
    Step 5. Then keep going till you get to the part when clark moves the refrigerator.
    Step 6. Then turn left and on a box there is anouther tape recorder.
    Step 7. Hold (X) on it then voice you will hear the screen will shake then the gun slowly comes out of the wall.
    Step 8. Wait 1min before taking.

    Fun Game Type: Cops And Robbers

    Here's a fun game type that you can play with your friends, Cops and Robbers. HOW TO SET UP THE GAME:
    First rule: Black Ops, Op 40, etc. Are the cops and NVA, Troopas, Spetz, etc. Are the robbers. The cops are only allowed to use shotguns, pistols, and flash bangs. The robbers are only allowed to use ballistic knives and tomahawks. Perks don't matter (except for ghost or ghost pro), no killstreaks, and no equipment. It needs to be on search and destroy with eight rounds, and your not allowed to plant the bombs. Mics are required if playing online. HOW THE GAME IS PLAYED: You want an even number to both teams, if there's an odd number of people then robbers get more on their team. When the game starts, the robbers go out and hide or run around and the cops have to find them. When a cops does find a robber you say "get down" then the robber has to go to prone and don't face towards the cop. If the robber doesn't go to prone or is facing towards the cop and looks like hes about to kill you then you can shoot him. If he does obey the cop then the robber will have to go to "the jail" (which would be like the sniper tower on firing range or the moving van on nuketown) and the cops can't kill the robbers that are inside the jail unless they are about to escape. If the robbers do escape jail, the cops can kill them on sight. Robbers can also kill the cops but once again if they do then the cops can kill them on sight.

    Nuketown Hiding Spot!

    Go to the yellow house's garage there should be 3 trash cans. Jump on top of them and they shouldn't see you until they get to the big door of the garage. If you have to lay prone but you can only shoot one way so I prefer crouch.

    Cracked Hint

    Go to Cracked and pull up the map. You will see that it says like A1 and stuff. Look at C1 then go over to 03 and that building by C1 03. Go up to the top and you will see a green military truck if you did it right. Then look left and jump on the piece of concrete that's barley on the building. This is the perfect sniping spot or camping.

    Secret Ladder On Nuketown

    On Nuketown there are three houses, on the front door if you look up there is a "balcony" in front of a window. When you are standing in front of the door look to the left or right you should see either a wood "wall" or a white wood "wall" depending which house you standing in front of. When you go behind the "wall" there should be a flower bed. Jump on top of it and walk in the direction of the door. It should be a ladder to the window.

    How To Get Out Of The Chair

    At the main menu press RT and LT repeatedly and you can walk around the room.

    Easy Zombag Killing

    When playing "nino der toter" online with 3 oter people buy claymors-1000$-turn on power go by the trap MG stand on the plat form put A claymore at the bottom of the steps and one at the top-things to have-thunder gun, claymors, granades, monkeys, raygun or m16 upgraded.

    Fun Killing

    A fun way to practice getting kills is go to combat training (you need Xbox LIVE). You can practice as much as you want. But be careful, the CPUs rank up! I think its fun.

    Custom Class Idea

    Primary-Any LMG
    Perk1-Flak Jacket
    Frag or Semtex
    I named this class"SUPER Soilder".

    Unlockables In Multiplayer

  • Level 4: Create A Class
  • Level 5: Contracts
  • Level 6: Clan Tag
  • Level 8: Game Mode Challenges
  • Level 10: Killstreaks, Killstreak Challenges, Playercard Emblems
  • Level 13: Combat Record
  • Level 15: Medal Challenges
  • Level 16: Gun Emblems
  • Level 19: Gun Tag
  • Level 20: Elite Challenges
  • Level 22: Camo
  • Level 25: Custom Reticules
  • Level 28: Custom Lenses
  • Level 30: Final Challenges
  • Level 31: Facepaint
  • Level 50: Prestige Mode
  • Prestige 1: Prestige Leaderboard, Custom Class 6
  • Prestige 3: Custom Class 7
  • Prestige 5: Custom Class 8
  • Prestige 7: Custom Class 9
  • Prestige 9: Custom Class 10
  • Prestige 11: Face Tattoos
  • Prestige 13: Clan Tag Colors
  • Prestige 14: Golden Camo
  • Prestige 15: Prestige Playlists

  • Tier 2 Perks

  • Hardened: Bullets penetrate better
  • Hardened Pro: Increased bullet damage to killstreaks and less aiming recoil when shot
  • Scout: Hold breath longer
  • Scout Pro: Switch weapons faster
  • Sleight Of Hand: Faster reloads
  • Sleight Of Hand Pro: ADS with all weapons, except sniper rifles
  • Steady Aim: Increased hip-fire accuracy
  • Steady Aim Pro: Faster ADS after sprinting
  • Warlord: Equip two attachments to your primary weapon
  • Warlord Pro: Start with one extra lethal and tactical grenade (except Willy Pete)

  • Mission 6 Intel Locations

    1; On the table in the security room after you breach the room where Reznov is at. There is also a projector in the room.
    2: In the building down the street from when you first used the radio to call in air support - it's on a table that also has a TV on it. 3: In the building on a table in the corner. The building is at the end of the mission where you have to defend the LZ. You have to get it before the enemy shows up.

    Mission 13 Intel Locations

    1: Lying on the ground next to the crate to your left as you exit the shipping container that you were hiding in. Kill the enemy in front of you then grab the Intel then move fast so you do not get spotted from the helicopter.
    2: On the cage with a monkey in it inside of the containment unit in the center of the room. Do not shoot the enemy inside; instead knife him. If you shoot him, the containment unit will close, making it impossible to grab the Intel located inside of it. However, if you make this mistake, simply die, and start from the last checkpoint to try again.
    3: It is shortly after you have put on the gas mask when the area gets gassed with Nova 6. You will first pass through one house, and then continue up the road to reach the next checkpoint. Before you go into the next house with the checkpoint, there is a house in front of it to the right that contains the Intel. It is sitting on the cabinet with a bunch of pots.


    In Kino Der Toten zombies there are meteors scattered around the map. There are 3 in total. One is in the starting room. Another is in the dressing room. The last is in the gallery.

    Dogs Can't Hit You

    First, you must have the room with teleporter unlocked. Go in front of the teleporter and you will see two little stair cases. Go to the right you will see a little board. From there, stand in the middle and no dogs will ever be able to hit - but the zombies can!

    Free Wepoens On Payback

    After you break free from russian dudes go down the passage and you will find split tunnel take either way and there are some great weapons in the tunnls. For example, one of them has the galil!

    4 Guns U Should Have On Kino

    If you want to survive the early rounds on kino the 4 guns, you must buy (2 you must get out of box and by luck). The first one is the stakeout [$1500] in the second room upstairs. Reason: for dogs and low round zombies. Next is the mp40 [$1000] in same room as stakeout. Reason: zombies rounds 7-15. Third is the raygun [$950] in the box witch could be anywhere. Reason: for all rounds. Final is the thunder gun [950] in box witch is anywhere reason: for all rounds.

    Unlimited Ammo For Comando

    In call of duty black ops in defector, make sure that you have 2 commandos and full ammo on both of them. Then look at the ammo counter and make sure it says 1023 rounds and you have unlimited ammo; but if you have a grenade launcher it won't work.

    Secret Sniping Spot in Summit

    Go to the map SUMMIT. I decided to do a team death match on of course SUMMIT and 9 freindly cpu's and I decided I was going to try to destroy every thing in that main part and I did (UZI &M60 IT WAS FUN) so then I remembered the GOING TO SUMMIT cheat thats on here and 2 try's later I got it so now that I know how to do it so then I went to that main part were I destroyed every thing and I came through the back and I was looking up towoard were the window is and I run in to that panel thing that is there and A pops up I press A about 3 times and i'm at the top of it and I notice one of treyarc's hints while i'm looking around and I see a bent rail (that was treyarc's hint) so I ran to it and what do you know A pops up AGAIN and so i'm up there looking around and I see a broken window well curiousity killed the cat and so I went over there and I saw that dangling thing that actully looked liked a flag so I ran and jumped toward and agin A poped up and I thought that was so cool and is simple to get down because there is a ladder (unless you decide to suicide your choice) and so there is your secret sniping spot for SUMMIT.

    A Good Class In Online Or Combat Training

    Primary Weapon: Famas with surpresser and reflex scope and Sahara camo

    Secondary Weapon: CZ75 
    Lethal Gernade: Semtex
    Tactical Gernade: Nova gas
    Equipment: Tactical Insertion
    Perk 1: Hardline Pro
    Perk 2: Warlord Pro
    Perk 3: Marathon or Marathon Pro

    MULE KICK!?!

    Believe it or not this is actully a perk for zombies and if you're somebody who only haves Kino der toten and "FIVE" and you wanna spice things up, well then follow my step by step guide. STEP 1: Make sure you are hooked up to the internet for the xbox LIVE update for cod bo. STEP 2: Select you map, Say your picking kino, go through the door up stairs, past the bathroom at the end of the hall look to your left and there it is (you still need to turn the power on) play "FIVE" and take the elevator down (the first elevator) over by jugger nog you can't miss it once you turn the power on but don't think it's cheap because it cost 4000 but the effect is instead of 2 guns you get three and trust me it helps.

    WHM Driving

    Go to the map WHM and look on the mini map on the pause menu and look for D2. There will be stairs and then you will see a pipe attached to a wall toward the stairs. You will see a corner pipe blowing steam out of it - you can't miss it if your at the right place.

    Solo Zombies Strategy

    When your in the first room wait until you get 1000 points then buy the olimpia and quick revive, then stay in that room untl you have around 4000 or 5000 points then go to the theater ( the gun box should be in there or on the way there, if not FIND IT ) but the theater is your main room. Then just run in sircles around the to big things in the middle of the theater and let the Zombies follow you but don't go to fast. Then once you get the ray gun or at least a good gun get pack a punch. If you don't no where it is you just take the telaporter in the theater and it will be behind you, but it cost 5000 points. And you don't no how much easier it will be if you get quick revive and jugernaut. And if you get all the doors in the map open you can just run through the whole map shooting behind you.

    Cheating The Power Ups

    This is VERY simple, Instead of getting the power ups right when they appear I know that people probly caught on to this trick BUT for those of you who did'nt notice the power ups intend to start to blink there are four phrases solid, slow blink, fast blink and then the fastest after that you got like 3 seconds to get it. Anyway say you got 3, 2, 4 zombies left and a power up pops up kill all zombies in time and wait for any power up to start blinking like I explained earlier. Example: say you got 4 zombies left and INSTA KILL pops up you wanna kill all the zombies as fast as you can and when you do wait for it to blink really fast (INSTA KILL, DOUBLE POINTS etc.)

    Drove Through,done That

    As far as I know, Nuke town, grid and hanoi have RC-XD's holes. Let's start out with nuke town in the back yards in the fence, Through it you will have to use the boost (LB) at the right time becuase there is a big ramp time it wrong and you lose your RC-XD can't get it back so BECAREFUL, 2ND grid when you start, the two buildings closest to the big metal gate I always start as the americans so but you get the picture and there is one where you start with americans to the other side of the truck in a ditch and last but not least hanoi go to where the search light is you can't miss it there is a hole at the bottom you can't miss it. Think it leads to the hanging there is another one somewhere in that level. Note:mp mode only. If you find any more don't be shy just comment it.

    Some What More Points

    Nothing special - you use this in kino der toten THE 1ST ROUND ONLY IS THIS ONLY ACCURRATE 100%, 6 shots only (not legs not head, just chest) then knife'em. If your accurracy is at it's best you should finish round 1 your currency 1630 I had troble at first because I got the Olimpia and always shot every zombie with it and ended with 350.

    Best Claymore Location (jungle)

    If you are playing on the map jungle, there will be a little bunker next to b. If you are playing search and destroy. There is a red bowl on the steps to the bunker. Place the claymore where the back is barley sticking out of the bowl. The enimeis will not see this because the red lines on the claymore is the same color as the bowl.

    How To Get Regenerating Ammo On Numbers And Victor Charlie

    To get regenerating ammo on numbers, when you start, you will have a CZ75 Dual Wield. Make sure you keep this, because when you jump off the roof onto another building, fire only the CZ75 on the left, using LT, and when you hit the mats on the other building, the ammo will regenerate, you will not have wasted any ammo, but it won't regenerate after that. To get unlimited/regenerating ammo on Victor Charlie, after you destroy the ZPU, replace the Grim Reaper with a Commando Extended Mag. There are several Commandos by, so replace you other weapon with a Commando Dual Mag, collect ammo from all around, and you should have a little more than 1,000 ammo! When I did this I got 1,023 ammo! It will appear that you use ammo, but it will go back to your previous ammo after you reload. If it doesn't work, you will still have a huge amount of ammo!

    Stay Alive In Combat Training In Nuketown!

    Select combat traing. Then select easy, nuketown, 1 vs. 9, start. If you start at yellow house run to the right the corner of the blue house. If you start at the blue house go to the right corner. Then stay crouch down and stay right there and if you see somebody kill them and they wont kill you.

    How To Survive Longer On Zombie Mode {KINO DER TOTEN}

    First survive 3 rounds then open the top door. Then survive another 2 rounds then when the dogs come go 2 where the power is. Then just keep taking them around.

    How To ALWAYS Get A Good/strong Gun

    If you want to get a really good gun from the mystery box (1 make sure the question marks are gold and get ur weak pistol from the beginning (2 open the mystery box and shoot the latch in the middle all 8 times but do it fast or you will run out of time (3 after that make sure ur look sensitivity is at 10 or insane and spin until you see text at the bottom of the screen saying Trade Weapons (4 look at the weapon in the box and see what you got. you will get a great gun if not message me and comment.

    How To Get Out Of The Map On Kino Der Toten

    1 . Buy a quick revive. 2 . Get to the room after the alley. 3 . Let the zombie tear down the barrier. 4 . Rebuild it halfway and jump on the board. 5 . Let the zombie tear down the board. 6 . You MIGHT get down. Which is why you buy the quick revive. If you don't get out of the map, you might be at the wrong barrier.

    Untouchable From Dogs

    During dog levels, get to the power room and go to the corner between the teleporter and the wall. Make shore you are close to the curtain, and you are untouchable from the dogs. (Only works for Xbox 360).

    Nuketown Secret Song

    On Nuketown, if you shoot the heads off of all the mannequins in a short amount of time, the song "sympathy for the devil" by the Rolling Stones will play instead of the usual background music.

    RC-XD Secret Routes

    Do you notice sometimes you see holes in the wall, well when you have a RC-XD car drive it through them and they take you to different places on the map. Its a good way to hurry and find someone because you have a limited amount of time to use it.

    How To Kill The Pentagon Thief Easy

    Turn on the power and then go to teleprter and when he appears put two players on the glitch in the table in the middle and two players on the floor he will follow only the players in table and then one knive him and the other players shoot him.

    Getting To Others Zombies Rounds Easy In Kino Der Toten

    First you need to have 4 players. Then have each player on each windows on the first and second round use only knives. When you get to round 3, two players get the olympian and the others players get the M14 and shoot them in the head. When you get to round five open the door from the left of the threater and buy a AK74u. Then after you kill all the demons dogs open the cage and turn on the power and go to teleporter.

    Kino Der Toten Gang In Call Of The Dead

    Go towards to the lighthouse, then go all the way downstairs, turn right and look to the left, there should be a silver door. Knife it or hold X and Niccolie will say "AHHH, I'm blind. " then the conversation will go on, then go up stairs where the PHD Flopper is at, check the desks or at a corner should be a silver tube, equip it by holding X go back where the gang are at, to your right, hold X and the power will turn on in side. After that find about 2 or 3 Generators that looks like the one behind you. NOTE: you will need 2 players or more to do this, that way you wont go down, let the players guard you or kill every zombie but make 1 crawler (a slow one) but watch out for George Romero.

    No More Dogs

    Alright after turning on the power (it don't matter if you turn the power on or not) when the dogs come go to the teleoporter, and go to the wall behind it. Go as far as you can after that wait for the dogs to come and they will stop in front of you you can knife them or shoot them it don't matter.

    Going to Summit

    Go to Summit. When you are there, their will be a ski box thing dangling over the cliff. A lot of people know this spot but they use speed hack. My way you don't. It took be about 15 tries so its gonna take some time. There will be a piece of railing material on the side of the cliff hanging off. You will run and jump at the very end of it. You have to watch for the A symbol at the bottom of your screen when you see it hit A and you should be in.

    Get Up To A High Level In Five

    [Mostly works on 4 players] In the beginning do not break the windows and let the zombies break it. 2 people watch the windows and 2 people watch the walls in the room with the Olimpia. When you reach up to level 5 then you open the doors to the machine gun hallway. Two people go in the elevator and stay in the elevator downstairs while 2 people stays upstairs. [People with machine guns and Olimpia stay upstairs and who has a machine gun and M14 go down stairs]When you reach to level 8 then the 2 upstairs come down. Get 2 machine guns or 2 shot guns and stay near the next elevator until you reach level10. Go in at level 10 and stay in the elevator til level 13. Go down and stay in the elevator til level 16 and stay in 1 room in a group for until level19 and go back to the big map room and the wall near the map will open with a red icon. Go in as a team and be at least 5 squares and jump in and repeat 8 times until you and your team are together and stay in the closes room. If you did this right then when you die you should be at level 36-90. If you get anything wrong then start wilding out and shoot like crazy and hope that works. Have fun and don't die!

    Invisible Knife

    On kino or five, (must be 2 or more people)when you start if your guy shows a gun and it disappears do this.
    1:go to a barrier
    2:Throw a grenade WHILE plessing the knife button
    3:knife 1 more time
    4:you now have an ivisible knife.
    If you press Y your gun will come out but if you don't press Y your knifes are invisible, you can't shoot, and you have to get close to knife not 2 feet away. It will also go away if you buy a gun. Happy knifing!

    Hiding Spots For NukeTown!!!!

    On either the left or right side of the yellow house there is a bush, and I ether crouch behind it or lay in front of it (they will see you if they walk up on you when your laying in front of it). The next one is by the teal car. Go behind it and stand by the door of the building. Make sure you wedge yourself in between the flower things on the window or get underneath one. The next one is one of my fav's and I know a lot of the people out there don't camp or hate campers but when I use this I don't stay there after I get the kill. At the teal house go to the garden in the back. Lay down so your looking out the garden and when you see some one shoot at them and miss, then hide in between the flower row on the other side and when he comes in blast him.

    King Der Toten Survival

    My favorite way of surviving here is easy and hard. There's 2 ways ether keep opening doors and proceed to the power or theirs my way. Right when you start you have 500 credits don't buy anything just kill the zombies but leave the last one from the first wave. You should have enough to buy the M14 and the Olimpia. Buy the M14 and switch to your pistol then go buy the Olimpia. There is a revive thing that is open when you play solo but with more people it isn't. Go over there and have one person kinda watch the stairs to the RIGHT so if any zombies come down they blast them. The other person watches out front and to the LEFT were the hole is that the zombies come through. If there are any bonus go get them but have the other person cover you. The other spot is underneath where the other door is. There is a bar. Both of you will stand behind it but don't open the door! . Have one person watch the hole the zombies come through and the other watch the main way. Save around 750 credits just in case you start to get overrun and are forced to open a door. Have fun! Enjoy and if you have any suggestions comment please!

    King Der Toten

    At this map you will experience zombie dogs around round 8 and up. Your best bet for survival is to stick in a group and stay in corners then every dog will be seen by everyone in the group. Instead of you taking on all the dogs by yourself. Now I hope this helped you.

    Two Different Things For Zombies

    The two main zombie maps are kino der toten and five. If you don't have five you can by entering the code 3 ARC UNLOCK. Then you will have five and dead ops. In kino der toten you can find zombie dogs. In five you find a scientist wiredo who takes one of your guns. The best way to avoid being killed is to never stop running around the house and set traps.

    Zombies Kino Der Toten Dogs

    Okay I started off on round 1, Then on round 5, 6, or7 you may find zombie dogs! They are easy at first and will be for the game and at the end you get max ammo!

    Beginning Credits Skip

    If you want to badly and you don't want to watch all of the beginning credits. Then when trey-arch is showing, after a flash picture of a tank is showing press a button (A). There you go. Note: it may just do it by a bit but its sure faster.


    The more you move, the less accuracy but the more smaller the target circle is and the less you move, the more accuracy.

    Slash And Dice

    When you are shooting at your enemy when he throws a grenade. Attack him with your knife and you well kill him in a in stint. Just run off before the grenade explodes or you will die. Or just grab it and throw it at your enemy's before it explodes.

    Mailboxes Of War

    In the nuketown map, in front of the two houses you CAN go into, there are mailboxes. The names on them say " MASON" and the other says "WOODS".

    Perfect Hiding Spot On Nuketown

    In Nuketown one of the houses has a bunk bed. Jump on top of the Bed and jump onto the door in front of you ( it may take a few trys, it took me five times to do it) and stand on it. Now you can shoot everyone who walks in to the room with out them seeing you.

    JFK Cutscene

    Beat the last level and watch the ending. It will show a old video of JFK. Then it will stop. It is Alex Mason.

    Tier 1 Perks

  • Flak Jacket: Reduces explosive damage
  • Flak Jacket Pro: Deflect fire damage, and safely toss back grenades
  • Ghost: Undetectable by the Spy Plane and Blackbird
  • Ghost Pro: Undetectable by aircraft, IR scopes, Sentry Guns, and no red cross hair on your name when targeted
  • Hardline: Killstreaks require one less kill
  • Harline Pro: Change the contents of a Care Package
  • Lightweight: Move faster
  • Lightweight Pro: No fall damage
  • Scavenger: Get ammo from fallen enemies
  • Scavenger Pro: Start with extra magazines, and get grenades from fallen enemies

  • Mission 9 Intel Locations

    1: It is lying against the wall near the west corner of the hut, right before you knife the guy in the back and just after knifing someone else in their sleep after climbing through a window with Woods.
    2: On the ground inside the hut at the end of the village - straight ahead from where you enter the village. The Intel is located in the east corner of the hut. The village is just after the river area you swim through and plant explosives.
    3: In the left tunnel after Reznov helps you move a barrier blocking the path to the next tunnel. After you lead the way, instead of going straight, go to the left and it is lying on the ground against a rock on the right-hand side of the tunnel.

    Mission 8 Intel Locations

    1: On a table with a lantern and files in the 2 story building you come across about halfway through the mission. There are two snowplows outside the entrance.
    2: On a table next to a cabinet in the hangar with a rocket in it. In a room in the back right corner that to get to you need to pass through this hangar to continue the mission.
    3. On a pallet that is almost completely covered in snow at the end of the ship. Right before the stairs to the right. You must grab this Intel before you use the rope to get off the ship and before time runs out.

    Mission 7 Intel Locations

    1: At the beginning of the level after you have interrogate Clarke. On a desk in the back right corner behind you. You must grab this Intel quickly before the gas kills you.
    2: Lying on the ground in front of a shack with garbage all around. Just after you slide down the metal roofing, and the game goes into slow-motion so you can kill the enemies that appear.
    3: On the metal roofing with garbage as you descend after Clarke gets shot in the head - just before the end of the level where you slide down plywood.

    Mission 5 Intel Locations

    1: On the ammo crates in the back area where you are defending from being rushed by the enemy. You have to get it before following Woods.
    2: In the bunker at the bottom left corner of the hill, sitting on the right side window.
    3: After you save Woods, it on a shelf in the large bunker. After you pass the collapsed support beams and you have to get it before following Woods.

    Mission 4 Intel Locations

    1: On the 3rd floor of the Comm building on the right table that is underneath 4 televisions and the gold emblem.
    2: In the far left corder of the control room for the rocket - after you blow a hole in the wall.
    3: Inside a control room (a different one) underground on top of the radar computer below the window.

    Mission 2 Intel Locations

    1: On top of the cabinet on the 2nd floor of the 1st building you go in with Reznov after the prisoners take out the tower after moving along the train yard behind cover
    2: In the armory on the table with some radios. The armory is the one just after Sergei is killed holding the security door open for you and the other prisoners.
    3:In the building you start in after the cutscene from being gassed - on the bottom shelf of a rack near the back of the building.

    Mission 15 Intel Locations

    1: Just behind the first shipping container you come across, lying on the ground under the door. It is right before you need to use the Valkyrie Rockets to take out the two helicopters above you.
    2: In the second room you enter when you are inside the ship under the table in front of you with a bunch of crates as you enter on the other side of it. This room is after the locker room.
    3: In the office room at the end of the mission before you fight Dragovich, under the left desk with the phone. This office room is right next to the control room which is flooded on the lower level -- the room you enter just after going up the stairs.

    Mission 14 Intel Locations

    1: On top of a vending machine in the first hallway to your left after you have broken out of the chair and stumble through the doors.
    2: Inside the trash can to the right on the left side of the wall after you exit a room that triggers a long flashback cutscene. This is right after the first one for this mission.
    3: On the desk to the left inside of the first office room you come across after you have a flashback with JFK as you head down the long hallway with the rocket taking off in the background.

    Mission 12 Intel Locations

    1: On a shelf inside the large ammunition room you enter after going through the left or right tunnel when you escape. The intel iis on the right side of the room. You must grab this Intel before continuing and exiting the underground area with Woods.
    2: On the table with a radio to the right of the tent when you exit the underground area. You must grab this Intel before getting in the helicopter with Woods.
    3: Right after you have freed the POWs. It is on a crate in the area to the far left just before you reach the building where Kravchenko is inside on the second floor.

    Mission 11 Intel Locations

    1: The intel is where you breach the barracks with your squad the second time that you leave Blackbird. Down the steps to the left on the desk as you enter the barracks.
    2: On a bench inside of the utility room located in the communications tower, on the second level, which is the level you enter the door from at the far left corner and right before you head down the stairs.
    3: On a table with explosives in front of the office that is inside of the large warehouse with explosives everywhere else. You can grab this Intel before or after entering the office. However, it is easier to get it before entering since there is not any resistance.

    Mission 10 Intel Locations

    1: On a crate next to the barrels at the beginning of the mission, just before you get on the boat and after the helicopter.
    2: Right after you get off the boat, it is lying on the right side of the dirt path in front of you next to a rock as you follow your squad towards your next objective.
    3: On a rock just below the crashed plane. When you start to get down from the wing, it is right below you before you enter the plane.


    At the main screen where see the zombie play option keep pressing both triggers alternatively or at same time don't remember which but you will get up a get a achievement and if you walk around counter clockwise from equipment in front of you you find a computer you can play on And if you enter the password DOA you will get to play a cool minigame.

    Ace Of Spade On A Helicopter

    Mission 5: S. O . G/ after you leave the bunker you will go strait and a vietnamise guy will jump down and try to kill you after you get through him you will see a ton of japenese coming in front of you. After you kill all of them take a right and then a left and look up and you should see a watch tower. Walk toward it and take that left and you should see a helicopter hovering in the air and you will see the ace of spades on the bottom of it.


    Unlock Dead Ops Arcade Minigame

    Enter the cheat: DOA

    Unlock All Levels, Zombie Level, And Dead Ops

    Enter the cheat: 3ARC Unlock

    New Zombie Maps

    To get these maps write these codes in the terminal:


    Zombie Mode Pentago Map

    If you beat the game (on any level) you unlock Zombie Mode - But you can also unlock it by going to the cheat terminal and entering: 3ARC UNLOCK

    Play Zork

    The cheat code to play Zork is to enter: ZORK

    Unlock Zombie Mode

    To unlock zombie mode, you must beat the opponent in the game (or enter the code).

    Terminal Names For Login

    To do a login, you need to type in LOGIN and the user's name and password. The list of users, login name, and passwords are below:

    Alex Mason / AMASON - PASSWORD
    Dr. Adrienne Smith / ASMITH - ROXY
    Bruce Harris / BHARRIS - GOSKINS
    D. King / DKING - MFK
    Frank Woods / FWOODS - PHILLY
    Grigori Weaver / GWEAVER - GEDEON
    John F. Kennedy / JFKENNEDY - LANCER
    Joseph Bowman / JBOWMAN - UWD
    Jason Hudson / JHUDSON - BRYANT1950
    John McCone / JMCCONE - BERKLEY22
    Lyndon Johnson / LBJOHNSON - LADYBIRD
    Ryan Jackson / RJACKSON - . SAINTBRIDGET
    Richard Helms / RHELMS - LEROSEY
    Richard Kain / RKAIN - SUNWU
    Richard Nixon / RNIXON - CHECKERS
    Terrance Brooks / TBROOKS - LAUREN
    T. Walker / TWALKER - RADI0
    William Raborn / WRABORN - BROMLOW
    When you're signed in as them, you can read their email and view their files (with CAT and DIR commands).

    The Terminal

    To get to the terminal, at the main menu, hit "right" and "left" trigger at least 5 times continuously to escape from the chair. Then go behind the chair and examine the black wall - you'll find a small black and white terminal. You can you the on-screen keyboard to enter cheats. You can enter "HELP" for more commands.

    Mj12 Dreamland Access

    To access the cheat terminal with Majestic 12 access level (MJ12), you need to enter: RLOGIN DREAMLAND. Once that's entered, you can access MJ12 Users accounts with the following information:

    R. Oppen / ROPPEN - TRINITY
    V. Bush / VBUSH - MAJESTIC1

    Unlock Login Names

    You can use the Unix command "WHO" to display a list of login names that you can then use with the RLOGIN command.

    Unlock All Intels

    Enter the cheat code: 3ARC INTEL Note, that using any of the cheats (or cheat codes) will turn off trophies/achievements for Black Ops.

    Easter Eggs, Cheats, And Simple Achievement Video

    Virtual Therapist - Alicia

    To get to the virtual therapist named Alicia, when you're at the terminal, enter ALICIA. This is based on the old computer program called Eliza.


    Weapon Upgrades / Pack-a-Punch

  • Pistol - Mustang & sally / Twin grenade launcher pistols
  • M14 - Minitia / Slightly more damage and 2 round burst
  • Olympia - Hades / Slightly more spread and damage
  • Ak74 - AK74FU2 / More damage and grenade launcher
  • MP4 - Afterburner / More damage
  • Stakeout - Raid / More damage, larger clip and more spread
  • MPL - MPL-LF / More damage
  • Mp5K - MP115Kolider / Slightly more damage
  • PM63 - Tokyo & Rose / Twin SMGs with more damage
  • M16 - Skullcrusher / Fully automatic and grenade launcher
  • HK21 - H115 oscilator / Better damage and clip best automatic
  • RPK - R115 resonator / Better damage and clip
  • M72 LAW / Rocket - M72 Anarchy / semi - automatic and larger clip
  • China lake - China beach / Larger clip, more damage
  • CS75 - Calamity / Semi-automatic, better damage
  • CS75 / Dual wield - Calamity and Jane / semi-automatic, better damage
  • Python - Cobra / Larger clip, better damage
  • AUG - AUG-50M3 / Larger clip, better damage and built-in shotgun
  • Fn FAL - Epic Win / 3 round burst, better damage, big scope
  • Famas - G16-GL35 / Better damage, funny smiley scope
  • Commando - Predator / Better damage, larger clip
  • G11 - G115 generator / Better damage
  • Galil - Lemantation / Better damage, scope, larger clip
  • Spas 12 - Spaz-24 / Better damage, larger clip, bigger spread
  • Hs10 - Typhoid & Mary / Better damage, twin shotguns, bigger spread
  • Dragunov - D115 disassembler / Better damage, zoom scope
  • L96A1 - L115 isolator / Better damage, zoom scope
  • Ray gun - Porters X2 ray gun / Better damage, larger clip
  • Ballistic Knife - The Kraus Refribillator / Larger clip, bigger knifes
  • Crossbow explosive tip - Awful Lawton / Larger clip, More damage
  • Thundergun - Zeuscannon / More damage, larger clip

  • Custom Class Slots

  • 6th Slot - Reach 1st Prestige
  • 7th Slot - Reach 3rd Prestige
  • 8th Slot - Reach 5th Prestige
  • 9th Slot - Reach 7th Prestige
  • 10th Slot - Reach 9th Prestige

  • Easter eggs

    We have no easter eggs for Call of Duty: Black Ops yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


    Zombie Map Five Table Glitch

    When you respawn shoot the two bottom pieces of glass on the window with the closed door and the table by it. Rebuild the two pieces. Jump on them until you hit the top. Jump on the table (jump and while in air move foward). Then sprint and jump on the big table and you are untouchable! Dont go too close to the edge or they will get you! Let them get close to the edge. If theres a bonus don't get it unless they are close. (you are still most of the invinible if you stay in the the corner).

    Mystery Box Good Gun Glitch

    I found this trick myself one day I was playing zombies and out of nowhere I decided to start tbagging the mystery box it as worth it because after I got done tbagging the mystery box I opened it and I got the ray gun and ever since I have tbagged the mstery box and got a good gun now why don't you go try it and have fun with the weapons you get.

    Zombies Ultimate Weapons And Perks Glitch

    First, start out by going up stairs at round 4 and in the room with the stakeout shotgun in it get the stakeout and get $7000. Go to the mystory box and open it 3 times. Shoot the lock with a pistol, open it and you should get a ray gun. Go though the teleporter and upgrade your ray gun. Then after you kill all the zombies but leave one zombie alive and throw a grenade and he should get his legs blown off and turn in to a crawler. Then one person should use the glitch in the corner of the room with the link pad in it after you hear the laughing girl and you should go try to get a thunder gun. When somebody gets it you will have a tunder gun, upgraded ray gun and extra perks. If it doesnt work you will have to try again and that how you get the glitch.

    Dog Round Stair Glitch

    Whenever you're playing zombies on kino der toten, wait for the dog rounds because this glitch only works on dogs not on normal zombies. Go to the theater and go up the right set of stairs to the stage but stop halfway on the stairs. Try to inch your way to the edge where you can fall off. Stay in the middle of the stairs between the ground and the top of the stairs. If you can get close enough to the edge without falling then the glitch should work. Now the dogs can't hit you! If you did it right the dogs will run close to you but they won't get any closer than knifing distance so that way you can shoot them without getting hit. If you did it wrong the dogs will run up to you and still hit you. Practice makes perfect so keep trying until you get the hang of it.

    ZOMBIES-More Powerups Glitch

    In the starting lobby go to the corner on the bottom of the stairs by the black window and have a partner lay down feet pointing out away from the wall a little and you sprint (LS) towards them and hold b before you touch them you should land on top of them and hear a little girls giggle like the one you hear when you get the teddy bear from the box. Result is when you kill zombies after they come through the windows you get powerups more often. (max ammo, nuke, instakill, etc. ) This can also be done on the opposite far corner in the bar area.

    Hellhound Glitch On Kino Der Toten

    Survive up to the hellhound round and go to the dressing room (last door going on the upstairs way) crouch by the door that goes to the power box room. DON'T OPEN IT OR THE GLITCH WON'T WORK! Get against a corner by the door and crouch. The hellhounds will run after you but won't be able to reach you. This works for any number of players. Note: If the hellhounds hit you, they will still be pushed away from you. This isn't patched.


    Achievement List

    Death to Dictators (15 points) Take down Castro with a headshot.
    Sacrifice (10 points) Ensure your squad escapes safely from Cuba.
    Vehicular Slaughter (25 points) Destroy all enemies on vehicles during the prison break.
    Slingshot Kid (15 points) Destroy all slingshot targets in 3 attempts.
    Give me liberty (10 points) Escape Vorkuta.
    VIP (10 points) Receive orders from Lancer.
    A safer place (10 points) Sabotage the Soviet space program.
    Tough Economy (15 points) Use no more than 6 TOW guided missiles to destroy the tanks in the defense of Khe Sanh.
    Looks don't count (10 points) Break the siege in the battle of Khe Sanh.
    Raining Pain (15 points) Rack up a body count of 20 NVA using air support in Hue City.
    The Dragon Within (15 points) Kill 10 NVA with Dragon's Breath rounds.
    SOG Rules (10 points) Retrieve the dossier and the defector from Hue City.
    Heavy Hand (15 points) Use the Grim Reaper to destroy the MG emplacement.
    Up close and personal (15 points) Silently take out 3 VC.
    Double Trouble (10 points) Use only dual wield weapons to escape Kowloon.
    Broken English (10 points) Escape Kowloon.
    Lord Nelson (25 points) Destroy all targets and structures while making your way up the river.
    Never get off the boat (10 points) Find the Soviet connection in Laos.
    Pathfinder (50 points) Guide the squad through the Soviet outpost without them getting killed.
    Mr. Black OP (50 points) Enter the Soviet relay station undetected.
    With extreme prejudice (25 points) Get to the POW compound in the Hind using only rockets.
    Russian bar-b-q (15 points) Incinerate 10 enemies with the flamethrower attachment in the POW compound.
    Light Foot (30 points) Escape the ship with 2 15 left on the timer in Veteran.
    Some wounds never heal (10 points) Escape the Past.
    I hate monkeys (15 points) Kill 7 monkeys in under 10 seconds in the Rebirth labs.
    No Leaks (50 points) Make it through the NOVA 6 gas without dying on Rebirth Island.
    Clarity (10 points) Crack the code.
    Double Whammy (15 points) Destroy both helicopters with one Valkyrie rocket from the deck of the ship.
    Stand Down (35 points) Complete the campaign on any difficulty.
    BLACK OP MASTER (100 points) Complete the campaign on Hardened or Veteran difficulty.
    Frag Master (15 points) Kill 5 enemies with a single frag grenade in the campaign.
    Sally Likes Blood (15 points) Demonstrate killer economic sensibilities by taking down 3 enemies with a single bullet.
    Unconventional Warfare (15 points) Use the explosive bolts to kill 30 enemies in the campaign.
    Cold Warrior (25 points) Complete "Operation 40," "Vorkuta," and "Executive Order" on Veteran difficulty.
    Down and Dirty (25 points) Complete "SOG" and "The Defector" on Veteran difficulty.
    It's your funeral (25 points) Complete "Numbers," "Project Nova," and "Victor Charlie" on Veteran difficulty.
    Not Today (25 points) Complete "Crash Site," "WMD," and "Payback" on Veteran difficulty.
    Burn Notice (25 points) Complete "Rebirth" and "Redemption" on Veteran difficulty.
    Closer Analysis (15 points) Find all the hidden intel.
    Date Night (15 points) Watch a film or clip with a friend.
    In The Money (20 points) Finish 5 Wager Matches "in the money."
    Ready For Deployment (15 points) Reach rank 10 in Combat Training.
    The Collector (20 points) Buy every weapon off the walls in a single Zombies game.
    Hands Off the Merchandise (20 points) Kill the Pentagon thief before it can steal your load-out.
    Sacrificial Lamb (15 points) Shoot at or be shot by an ally with a Pack-a-Punch crossbow and kill six zombies with the explosion.
    See Me, Stab Me, Heal Me (15 points) Fire a Pack-a-Punched Ballistic Knife at a downed ally to revive them from a distance.
    Just ask me nicely (15 points) Break free from the torture chair.
    Eaten by a Grue (15 points) Play Zork on the terminal.
    "Insert Coin" (5 points) Access the terminal and battle the forces of the Cosmic Silverback in Dead Ops Arcade.
    Easy Rhino (10 points) In Dead Ops Arcade, use a Speed Boost to blast through 20 or more enemies at one time.

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