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How To Get Ray Gun In Naught Der Untoten

Wondering how you get the ray gun in the mystery box? Wait until the question mark turns gold. Anything close to gold may give you a very accurate gun.

Death Card Locations

Mission: Semper Fi (Eight of Hearts) : Location: At the very beginning after leaving the shack, you will see another shack to the right. The card is inside.
Mission: Little Resistance (Four of Clubs) : Location: At the end of the mission before going into the last building, look to the right. The card is in a corner of bushes.
Mission: Hard Landing (King of Hearts) : Location: About halfway through the mission you will see a big building with a mini-trench outside. Enter the building, and go into the lower level. The card is to the right when you go into the room with the stairs.
Mission: Vendetta (Five of Diamonds) : Location: After the sniper section at the first part of the mission, Reznov will lead you through a building. Follow the bar around to the end to find the card.
Mission: Their Land, Their Blood (Joker) : Location: Destroy the tanks, and go through the barn. Search the stalls to your right to find the card.
Mission: Burn 'em Out (Queen of Hearts) : Location: Just before the second mortar position is a bunker to the left. The card is inside.
Mission: Relentless (Nine of Diamonds) : Location: At the end of the mission, take either the left or right path. Eventually the paths will reconnect. The card is about halfway down the path.
Mission: Ring of Steel (Jack of Spades) : Location: Enter the asylum, the immediately go to the left. The card is in the far bottom left corner.
Mission: Eviction (Ace of Spades) : Location: During the first half of the mission, just after the kitchen area, you will eventually see a room to your right that has a large hole in it. Drop down to find the card.
Mission: Blowtorch & Corkscrew (Ten of Clubs) : Location: Go to the left as you move toward the second bunker. A Japanese soldier hanging upside down is near the card.
Mission: Breaking Point (Three of Diamonds) : Location: Clear all four mortar pits, then go to the small shack in the south of this area. The card is inside.
Mission: Heart of the Reich (Six of Clubs) : Location: The card is in the closed-off subway entrance across the street from the start of the mission.
Mission: Downfall (Two of Spades) : Location: Before you get to the theater, some of your allies will break through a door to your right. The card is past that door.

Secret Weapon

In the level "Little Resistance, " there is a secret weapon called the ray gun. To get this weapon, cross the river right after sending in the rocket strike, and there will be a puddle on the very right, a puddle in the middle, a crater in the middle, and a puddle on the left. First jump into the puddle on the right, jump out. Next, jump into the puddle in the middle, jump out. Then jump into the crater next to it, jump out. Finally, jump into the puddle on the left until the screen starts shaking violently and voices start to talk. Four lions pop up up from the sand, each with a ray gun in their mouth.

How To Be Invincible In Nacht Der Untoten.

First this code works on Nacht Der Untoten and the third one of nazi zombies and also I think the other ones. First when you start (note: you have to be on 2 player or higher. ) when you start you have to have someone lay down in a corner anywhere as long as it isn't high off the ground. Then the other person has too jump onto the other player on the ground and then the person on the ground has to stand up and then you will be invincible bu you can't move from the corner or you will be not invincible.

Ray Gun On Level 2

When You get to the shore (beach) you'll see these puddles, then step in them from smallest to biggest and in each puddle stay and wait for a couple of seconds. At the last puddle wait and then you'll hear some strange voices and these lion things will come out of the ground with the ray guns in their mouths.

Deployable Infinate Ammo

If you have a deployable for one of the LMGs you can get infinite ammo. The only way this works is if you are laying down. While laying down deploy your gun then push up on the left stick and you will have infinite ammo.

Invisible Zombie Wall

When you first spawn if you look behind you there is a filing cabnet with sandbags on top right beside that is a piller, then about 5 feet to the right of that there is another piller with a missing slab of rock run jump and crouch in mid air right into the jole where the missing slab of rock was then the zombies shouldn't be able to get you. To do this perfectly you must jump right before the 2 pillers in front of it.

More Than Two Guns?!

Alright, so, once you have enough points and have unlocked the upstairs, (the one closest to the Juggernog)buy a Bouncing Betty. Now, I was taught to leave one Betty on the stairs and do the following for the second Betty- Go to a machine that has an item you have not bought yet. Place the Betty down and IMMEDIATELY buy the drink/item etc. Note: DO NOT SWITCH TO YOUR WEAPON JUST YET. At this point, you should be holding nothing (after you drank whatever you bought). You can either buy a weapon off the wall or one from the random box. Take whatever pops up, whether you like it or not. This is your third weapon. You can change it whenever you please. I believe you can continue this process as long as you have stuff you didn't buy or enough Bouncing Bettys. One you die, you most likely will have to repeat the whole process.

Ray Gun in the 'Little Resistance' Mission

After the boat crashes, call in an air strike on the specific location. Run to the beach and move to the right. You will find a small puddle at the right side of the beach. Stand in it briefly and then move towards the middle of the beach to find a smaller puddle. Stand in that puddle briefly. Move towards the far left side of the beach. Stand briefly in the puddle in the barb wire. After several seconds, the screen will shake, and you will hear strange voices. Four giant lion statues will rise out of the ground with alien Ray Guns in their mouths.

Crawler Relief

On Nazi Zombies, if you are just permanently camping in a corner, but want to repair the barriers but there's many zombies coming. What do you do? The barricades aren't gonna repair themselves. So what you need to do is when there's a few zombies at the end of the round, throw a grenade at their feet. Once it creates a few crawlers, kill all but one. Leave the crawler to try to get you. As he tries to get you, repair all the barricades. As long as there's only the crawler, there will be no other zombies around. That way there's more time than the short round beginnings. Make sure theres are 2 people because the crawler will be fast or slow. I'd recommend Nacht Der Untoten because of the grenade corner and close to Mystery Box. Doing this method will prevent a massive zombie attack. And remember: Every board counts.

Flamethrower Tip

When using a flamethrower, only tap an enemy with a flame and they will burn to death. However, in Nazi Zombies, they will burn slow, so be careful.

Brain Music

On nazi zombies der riese there are 3 brains in jars on the board. If you push x on all of them a radio will appear and hold x on that and boom you got music. The first 2 are in the trench gun room on shelves by the window. The other is in the room with grenades once you push x on the last one in the same exact room as the grenade one the radio will appear on the shelf.

How To Get 3 Guns On New Zombie Level

First things first you need to turn on the power then you need two get bouncing betties right next to the double tap machine put the bettie right on the piece of wood then set the other bettie right next to it then buy the drink run to the mysterie box buy a gun and injoy the 3 guns.

Tip For 2 Players - Nazi Zombies

First, you must of have beaten the game. On nazi zombies (2 players) when you first start, last at least 5 rounds in the first room, that should be enough time for 3000 dollars each. Then go to the door with help on it open it then each player takes turns guarding each other so one of you can get the mystery gun then you guard the other person. If one of you gets a flamethrower and the other gets a machine gun (best if it is a chopper) then spend about 7 more rounds in that room. The guy with the flamethrower guards the outside and the guy with the machine gun guards the actual room. When those 7 rounds are up the go up stairs from that room. Go straight to the gernade corner and then. TRY TO STAY ALIVE Note: It would really help if you had a back up machine gun to help. And. If you want to go back to the mystery box throw a bomb then all the zombies will fall and start to crawl. Leave one crawling zombie alive (make sure it is the last zombie) Then since the zombie is crawling it will be slow so go rebuild the windows, refill ammo, and whatever else you need to do. Kill the crawling zombie when you are all done.

More Help on Zombie Level

When you first start zombies the (help) door is very useful you go through it and there is random weapon and go upstairs and go through the door where the stairs on the far side and camp. It's useful if you have a shotgun and an automatic - someone watch the window and someone watch the door. You might die a couple of times but its worth it.

The Flamethrower

The flamethrower is a powerful weapon. It doesnt run out of ammo and you unlock it a rank 65, but in zombies, use it during Insta-kill for great effect.

Force Field On Nazi Zombie

When you start there be stairs behind you under is bricks and wood that been destroy during the war. Well jump on it and when you try to get up it would say "can't stand here". And the zombies would try to get you. In couple of secs. The zombies would kill each other. The other one is up stairs where the trench shotgun is at. First get a M2 flamethrower because once your past round 10 you don't wanna go down and get ammo every time. Well there be a wooden board run and jump and prone in the air and turn around. If you done I correctly the zombies wold try to get you but they can't. NOTE: the zombies may get to close and mite hit you just for your to known.

Floating Satchel

At Breaking Point once when you get out of like the bunker, once when you see the dude with the satchel just shoot him and TADA, you got a floating satchel (the tunnel will not blow up).

Everyone Will Go Home

On Breaking Point when Roebuck and Polonsky die, make sure to have a mortar round from earlier and when Roebuck and Polonsky get attacked, throw the mortar at the barrels in the middle of them. Make sure you have at least 1 other who knows about it and you should get incapped and the other player has to revive you. If done correctly, Polonsky should be just standing there but Roebuck will think hes dead. At the end when ROEBUCK should give you the dog tags it will be POLONSKY even though hes supposed to be dead and Polonsky will get the dog tags from his OWN dead body.

How To Swim In The Second Mission

You start off in a boat. Once your get your gun out, turn to the ocean. Start walking into the water. Soon you will be swimming. You might want to go to split screen or play with a friend.

Fast Crawl

In the 2 mission when youget the rocket lancher you got to 2 dystroed tanks and you crawl right next to it and you crawl fast you need a rocket lancher to do it the tanks are near a man hole.

Shi No Numa Strategy

First off, use your pistol ammo. Then when that runs out buy the Gerwehr. Then when you get to round four, go the fence way to the box, not the stair way. Once you do that, go to the box, get your gun and camp out where you would go down the stairs but don't buy the stairs. No zombie can come from behind you because there is no window. If you get the teddy bear later on in the game, always go to where the box goes. If the box transports to the upstairs place where you started out, buy the box as many time as you can to move the box to a new place. The upstairs is the worst place for the box to be because a zombie can come from anywhere. Well thats it.

Upgrading The Monkey Bombs

To upgrade the monkey bombs, you have to go to the room with the furnace. Then you throw the monkey bomb in. If done correctly, the monkey will scream, and after it explodes, you should hear, "Why are you so cruel to Mister Monkey? Mister Monkey just wanted to PLAY! " So now the monkey bombs last longer, and have a bigger explosion.

Nazi Zombies Nacht Der Untoten Strategy

When you first start it, use just the pistol until you are out of ammo (don't get the kar98). If you kill at least two zombies with the pistol, you will have enough for the carbine. Keep that until someone opens the mystery box room, then get a good gun. In the first room DO NOT open the stairs. In the mystery box room there is a set of stairs go up them once the place is overrun with zombies. Note: Only go in if you have a good gun. Once in there you will rack up a lot of points. Keep buying grenades to kill them with. Last as long as you can! NOTE:STAIRS ARE USUALLY NEEDED AT ABOUT THE 10TH LEVEL.

Good Plan For Nazi Zombies

Me and my friend found out that when you first start out grab the kar98k on the wall next to the last window on the right (the gun is on the left of the window)only aim for the heads of the zombies to get more points or money. Unlock the help room at the end of wave 3 and open the mystery box grab the gun then kill all of the zombies (it's easier on two player) when you do it on two player one guard the door and the other guards the windows behind the door guarder. At the end of level 4 unlock the stairs in the help room (if you have enough points or money)because the zombies will break down the wall so it's better just not to take that much chances anyways don't barricade the windows in the room that you started at because when your upstairs run to the room with the grenades in it and look next to you and you'll see the stairs that are from the un-barricaded room (if you didn't barricade them) aka: the room you started in. Since the windows that are unbarricaded will have a bunch of zombies coming through them wait a while then throw a grenade downstairs and you might see your points go up. You and your partner could go get the guns on the wall upstairs on the wall (there is a BAR and a trench gun upstairs or at the end of each wave you could go back into the help room and open the mystery box your choice not mine and have fun. :).

Zombie Kill Perk Boost Ded Riese

This will boost the number of nukes, 2x points, hammers, max ammos, and insta-kills that you get on this level. First, you will have had to turn on the power, link all the teleporters, , and then upgrade one of your guns in the pack a punch machine. It is highly advisable that you have only one zombie remaining, preferably a slow moving crawler, seeing as you should be at around lvl 15+ before you can do this. If you have multiple people, you should have one stay with the crawler to distract him, because this will take about 5 minutes or so the first time and you don't want to be worried about the little S. O . B . To sneak up behind you. First, you go through the door that, when facing the pack a punch machine, is on the right. It is helpful if you have a gun with a scope on it, but its not necessary. Stand in front of the window that is on the left side after going through the doorway and look way down for a switch on the wall that looks like the one you use to turn on the power. Shoot that with your upgraded gun, and several perks will come out of it and spin around in a circle by the box then fly off toward the back of the map. Then a voice should say something along the lines of "lets play hide and seek", then proceed halfway down the hallway that should be behind you at this point and make a left where you would if you were going to buy the trench gun, but then go to the right and you should see several cages against the wall. Look in the bottom right one and there should be a teddy bear with a perk drink. Shoot it with the upgraded gun, and again, it should say something, but I forget what. Then go down to the room with the furnace and look for a teddy bear in the back of the furnace. If you can't see him, just shoot towards the back with the upgraded gun, preferably with the upgraded ray gun, because the splash damage should hit him. Again, he will say something. Then go back to the mainframe and, when facing the pack a punch, look to the right and then up towards the top of the building and in one of the windows you should see another teddy bear holding a ray gun. Shoot him and he should say "game over" if done correctly. Now you should get 3 to 4 times the amount of kill perks you were getting earlier.

Easy Online Challenge Complete

To get this challenge done, simply wait until you play any game mode on Seelow. Go to the back of the map with the destroyed house and tank on the out side, somewhere near the back wall is an underground tunnel. Plant a bouncing betty on each entrance and wait for about 5 minutes, but other players may know about this spot so don't leave the controller.

Extra Guns

This can be used on all maps (the host can not do it) First you need two people to do it (the guy that's buying the guy and the one downing themselves). First have the guy down themselves either the right side or left side of the box mostly near the bracket of the box. Then he downs himself there. You open the box and count to three. Heal the guy, midway until you see that you can grab the weapon and push x and hold x afterward. Finish healing him and you have three guns.

Faster Relaod

When you reload after you place the magazine, when you start to cock it back knife. It will save you more time than cocking your gun.

Map Pack 3 Help

First you start out by the pack a punch machine then you go through open the one on the right of the pack a punch then go through and open the doors and you will go to the power switch and turn it on then you open more doors to the teleporters and then you need to get to where you started then go on this platform and press x after it is activated then you need go to the pack a punch machine and upgrade your weapon but you need 5, 000 points to upgrade a weapon.

On the first level of campaign, in the very beginning, you'll hear the sergeant yell "someone help Ryan! ", and you'll see a burning man attack another American. If you shoot the burning guy before he kills the American, you'll get the award "Saved Private Ryan". Also, on the multi player map "Outskirts", there is a church tower that is often used for sniping. A lot of times, the sniper gets shot by a tank, which is also a scene from "Saving Private Ryan".

Survive Final Part In Breaking Point On Higher Difficulty Settings

After you save Sergeant Roebuck from the "suicide bombers", head back to where you just came from and hide under the broken stairs, and only come out to call in an air strike.

Predicting What Room You Will Start Out In In Zombie Veruckt

When starting Zombies in mission Zombie Veruckt (online), on the bottom right corner you see the Gamertags. THe top two will probably be in the biggest room, the other bottom two will probably end up in the smaller room. (This doesn't always come out right, it's just predicting. ).

Zombie Veruckt Quicker Reloading

When playing Zomie Veruckt, if you start out in the smaller room, when you buy the M1 Carbine, never reload. Once you're out of bullets in the belt, your player quickly replaces it, saving more time than reloading when your low. (Takes about 5 seconds, my way about 1).

Map Packs

All map packs have 4 maps.
Mack pack 1, containing a new zombie map, is availible through Xbox Live for 800 Microsoft Points, or $10.
Map Pack 2 will come out sometime in June, and will have one more zombie map too. Price is unknown, but will probably be the same as Map Pack 2.
Map Pack 3 is yet to be announced, but it probably will come out around September, it will most likely have a new zombie map, and will be priced same as others.

Nazi Zombie Best Tactic

OK. If you're having trouble with nazi zombies passing the first ten levels then pay attention.
TACTIC #1 Open all doors on the left side to the power room. Then open up the next two doors and open up no more. You will end up in the quick reload perk room. The window in that small room will never get attacked.
TACTIC #2 Open all doors on the right side until you get to the power room. Then on the left side only open the couch. Dont open up any more doors further. One guy needs to guard the window on the balcony. Make sure you have all of the perks so you will do better. But there is a glitch! Beside the double tap perk, stand on the side of the double tap perk that is facing the stairs. Stay along the wall and walk forward until you hit the wall ahead of you. Once you hit the wall move back slowly but not extremely slow move towards the double tap machine then once you hit it crouch. Then the zombies will get stuck on that far wall you hit if you did it perfectly. The worse you did it the closer they will get stuck to you.

Quicker Reloading

When your clip gets near empty don't fire until their isn't any more bullets in the clip, reload when your down to 5 or 10 bullets in the clip. This will eliminate the need to cock back the gun.

Unlock RayGun In The Second Mission

To do this you have to do it in the beginning of the second mission when you are on the beach. First, call in the air strike on the beach and then wait for all of the soldiers to go. When they are all gone head to the very right side of the beach and you will notice a fairly large crater filled with water. Now this is when it begins. There are 4 craters total on the beach. Start out by jumping in the crater farthest right on the beach. Then hump out and about 5 or 6 feet to the left should be another crater filled with water ( this one is a very small crater ) jump in it. Now jump out and again about 3 to 4 feet to the left should be a dry crater jump in it. Now last head to the big crater at the very far left side of the beach and it is filled with water jump in it and wait about Ten seconds and the screen will start shaking and you will hear voices. You then should see 4 statues holding RayGuns! Note: Its not as hard as it sounds. Just go from each crater to crater working your way to the left side of the beach. ( THIS ALSO WORKS ON CO-OP ).

Rough Ecomony

If you unlocked zombie mode, get at least 3000 points and go upstairs and open the grandfather clock and use 1500 for a sniper and w8 until the Nazi zombies get into a single file line and crouch, then aim in the mid-section and fire. Keep trying if you mess up the first time.

Sniping Spot

Go on Makin, then go to back of map where the rocks are. There will be two close together. Take out a bazooka and shoot it to the ground, and jump at the same time. Then you will be on top of the rock.

Help With Zombies

First things first, you either must have beaten the story mode or have someone invite you to play. This strategy is not 100% effective, but if done correctly, you should still make it to round 30. Start a game with three of your friends. For the first couple of rounds let the zombies inside and knife them to get 150 points instead of the ussual 10 point bullet shot or 100 point headshot, you will need to get as many points as possible for later. For rounds 3 to 4 or 5, let them tear down the barriers, as they do so, rebuild it and shoot them. For the next rounds camp the "Help" room (the door with help on it). Each taking their turn on buying from the box, keep in mind that three of you should get a Raygun and either a MG42 or a Browning, the other should get the Flamethrower instead of the LMG. When everyone has the guns listed above move upstairs from the "Help" room. Now camp the area directly above the stairs in the first room. The LMG's should camp directly in front of the doorway, Whomever has the Flamethrower camps the window. In order for this to work, The Flamethrower needs to keep one zombie alive by rebuilding what he destroys, multiple ones need to be burned but YOU MUST KEEP ONE ZOMBIE ALIVE at all times. When the last zombie is still trying to get in, the three LMG's go out and rebuild everything from every other room, then go back to the box if you need to get more ammo buy getting the same gun again. Then, someone takes over the window rebuilding it and lets the other person do the same. When everyone is okay, burn him, and repeat. If you do not keep at least one alive you won't be able to rebild everything again. Tips for each gunner: If you place yourselves right, your bodies will actually create a way stopping any zombie from entering the room; switch out as needed to reload. Tips for Flamethrower: Basically hold down the X button and don't open the stairs; to help slow them down, throw some grenades done stairs to "soften" them up. If you get swamped, everyone falls back to the Grenade corner, two LMG's crouching in front, two Rayguns in back standing up chucking grenades as needed.

Better Way To Use Pistol

When you pull out your pistol, shoot your enemy in the head. If you hit them just right, it should only take 1 or 2 hits to kill them. It conserves your ammunition, too.


If you run out of bullets on your primary gun's clip, and you don't have enough time to reload, it is always helpful to switch to your pistol.


Make Your Gamertag Red

Enter "red" as your gamertag.

Make You Gamer Tag Blue.

Enter "blue" as your gamer tag.

Green Clan Tag

Enter grn as the as the tag.

Cyan Clan Tag

Enter cyan as the clan tag.

Clan Tag Yellow

Enter yelw as the clan tag.

Get Clan Tag Rainbow!

Enter rnbw as a code.


Unlock Prestige Mode

Prestige mode is unlocked at level 65

Unlock the Magnum

Get to level 49 to unlock the magnum.


Assassinated General Amsel with a sidearm

Gunslinger Achievement

Assassinate General Amsel in Vendetta with a side-arm.

Zombie Mode

Once you beat the game on any difficulty, you unlock zombie mode. To play zombie mode go to mission select and it is the bottom mission.

Bearing The Burden

Complete "Downfall" on Veteran Difficulty {Solo Only}.

Kamikaze Achievement

Complete a mission without firing a single shot.

The Professional Achievement

Kill all of General Amsel's henchman and the dog at the beginning of Vendetta without reloading your rifle.

Bandolier Perk

To unlock the Bandolier perk get to level 40.


To unlock the STG get to level 37.

M2 Flamethrower

To unlock the flamethrower get to level 65.

Rough Economy

Kill 3 enemies with one bullet.

Close Shave

Encountered a banzai attack and live to tell the the tale.

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Call of Duty: World at War yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


Nacth Der Untoten First Room Glitch

Once you start go to were the sandbags are on the left side you will see a flat part of wall with a chip run by the side of the sandbags jump and prone on the chip now shoot the sandbags and the zombies can't kill you.

Shi No Numa Glitch

In Shi No Numa, open the debris and go down the stairs and turn left at the end of the "hallway" and there will be a door. (sorry, can't remember which one) open it, turn right and there will be a tree and a giant root sticking out. Sprint, jump and crouch off the dock into the root.

Nazi Zombies Strategy Ang Glitches At Same Time

When you start Nazi Zombies stay in the first room as long as possible. Then go in the help room and open the couch in the help room. (the glitch) Go where you buy the grenades and stay 4 to 5 squares away from the wall. Then run and jump into the grenades, crouch down and at the top of the screen it will say can't stand here or something close to that. Ignore it and wait for the zombies to pile up. Kill all of them except for one. Make sure it is one that walks. Then go down to the mystery box and but a gun. (glitch) Buy a gun and keep the crosshairs (how you aim) in the gray piece on the wooden flap that is in the middle. You should get good guns and sometimes if you do this enough you should get every gun in the box. (This might not always work).

Zombie Glitch

This glitch is best used for co-op only but occasionally it works on single-player. By the mystery box there is 2 filing cabinets then a space between them then another filing cabinet one person will prone in between those cabinets and the other will jump on top of you then the person on the bottom will stand up and go back to proning again then both of you will be in between the cabinets. Sometimes one person will get down but the other one can just heal him back up. And thats one zombie glitch.

Zombie Mode Glitches

There is a couple glitches in zombie mode. When you start there is a chipped support beam to the right of the sandbags if you run from far away and jump crouch you will be stuck in the chipped part and wont be killed. Upstairs there is the grenade bag. Run from the support beam and crouch once you almost touch the wall wont die either. There is a corner near the sniper rifle box with a panel over it. Run towards it and jump crouch when your feet touch the pile of dirt make sure you have a good gun and never run away. If you want a ray gun just press X when the boxes question marks are almost completely gold Only the ray gun and the panel glitch work now the rest you need to be playing offline.


Secret Achievements

The 2 Secret Achievements involve prestiging. To unlock the first achievement you must prestige for the first time. You have now unlocked the first secret achievement. The second secret achievement you have to prestige for the tenth time. You have now unlocked the second and final secret achievement.

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