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Open Doors Without Using Any Points

To open doors without using any of your points you have to do this. First you must be with another player or you'll just die. Start a new game with someone else either bluetooth or anything else (as long as it's not single player). Once you do, go to any door (on any map) and see how much points you need to open it. Then get that many points or higher. Then go to the same door. Then pull out a grenade and keep holding it while counting from five seconds to one second, then wait half a second more and press the open door button. If done right, you should throw the grenade and open the door at the same time. You will also get downed. Then your ally should be coming to revive you (most of the time). If they revive you, you will see the opened door and your points will be the same.

Get The Ray Gun And Wunderwaffe In Round 3 (Shi No Numa)

First you have to get 2000 points to get started. So I suggest knifing the zombies until round 3. Now, go to the Mystery Box (where it starts off) and buy a gun. When the Mystery Box opens and you see the guns flipping and changing. Quickly run to the door way on the left side of the box and hide on the side of the door frame until you can't see the changing guns. And when it stops. Go see what is your final gun. It will either be a Wunderwaffe DG2 (a gun that shoots electric bolts) or a Ray Gun. Note that you only have a 50% chance of this working, so in the first or second level, open the gate so when you are trying to do this glitch, zombies can't attack you from behind because of the stairs that you might have opened.

Behind Box

This is for nacht der untoten. You need to go to the mystery box and to the left. (in the corner between the cabinet and mystery box) look down and try to plow your way through the gap. This is very fidgitty, and I found it helps to play music and also quit the app while walking in the corner and resuming the game. Neither of those are required but they get you through faster. (if you don't have IOS 4 you can play music by starting a song and then the app, then right as the opening video is starting double tap the home button and the player bar should come up, then just hit pause and play, if done correctly the video will be skipped.

Flamethrower In Nacht

Get 1000 clear debris on stairs then go up and you will see a cabinet when you walk up to it it will say open cabinet 2000 open it and there will be a flamethrower.

Mystery Box Hint

This is a hint for the mystery box. The version for this hint of the game is 1. 2 . . I will tell how you can know what gun you will get when you open the mystery box. You have to look at the very first gun that will pop up. You have to open the box and then when you see the first weapon pop up let it go through all the other weapons and then the final weapon that pops up should be the one that I told you would pop up. Here is a list of the guns I know you can get when you open the mystery box.

FIRST GUN THAT POPS UP                   YOU GET
Thompson                                 Carbine
PPSH-41                                  Sawed-off Shotgun
Carbine                                  Grewehr 43
Ray Gun                                  Springfield
. 357 Mag Revolver                        PPSH-41
Cocktail                                 Thomspon
MP40                                     PTRS-41
STG-44                                   Browning M1919A6
M1 Grand                                 MP40
Flamethrower                             M1 Grand
FG-42                                    Kar98k
Bar                                      M1897 Trench Gun
Sawed-off Shotgun                        Cocktail
M1897 Trench Gun                         Flamethrower
Browning M1919A6                         FG-42
PTRS-41                                Double Barrel Shotgun
Kar98k                                   MG-42
Double Barrel Shotgun                    Bar
Grewehr 43. 357 Mag Revolver
Springfield                              STG-44
This is all the guns that I know you can get when you open the mystery box. Remember when you open up the mystery box look for the first gun you see in the box and then wait for it to get the weapon I told you would pop up. The guns go in a certain order.

How To Get Behind Mystery Box (iphone-only!)

To do this you will have to start a single player game of zombies on the map nacht der untoten on your iphone or ipod touch. Then get enough points 2000-3000 shud be enough. Open the door downstairs that says "help" on it Use the mystery box until you get a good enough weapon. Then when you get the weapon you desire, go to the corner of the mystery box Where the file cabnits are at go inbetween the mystery box and the cabnits and start walking While you are walking click the home button on your iphone/ipod touch. When it exits the app click the app again, You will be at the pause menu of your game you were just playing While your at the pause menu click "resume carnage". Right after you click resume carnage and I mean right after it start walking forward and then you should be behind the mystery box and indestructable *note: the zombies will not come after you unless your in the same corner you came in at. Hope you like it worked for me it should work for you!

Der Reise: Getting Somewhere Playing Solo

In Nach Der Reise a general way for me to get far in the levels:
1. Go through levels one and two just stabbing and repairing barriers
2. Stab zombies until overwhelmed (have about 3, 200 points by now), make a break for the door with a double barrel shotgun on the other side
3. Go through the next door
4. Up the stairs and remove the obstacle
5. Leap off ledge, go to mystery box for a weapon (usually I get better weapons like the ray gun by getting to it early, but if you get the exploding bottles restart and try again)
6. Camp until you get a ray gun, or a bowie, if you get to level seven without it, restart (personal preference for those two guns, but DO NOT switch out your pistol for ANYTHING) 3000-4000 points, turn on the electricity when you feel like it, but at the latest at the end of this step 7. Wait for the last zombie (make sure the electricity is on), run to the room up the stairs, activate teleporter, run to main frame (when you activated the teleporter a boost will appear near the fence which zombies can climb over that's across from the main frame, don't grab it of it is a nuke though! ) 8. Climb stairs, head left, cross bridge, unblock stairway, run down, head to the door with the teleporter (through a door way, back right corner), get on teleporter, turn around (guaranteed you will want any extra second for this dash), start countdown, run like a madman back up the stairs, jump off before the bridge, take a right to the inner crescent, run to main frame, activate, then go back to your camping spot and kill the lonesome little guy 9. Get at least 6, 200 points, or wait till 11, 200 points (I always do the first) 10. Wait for the last dude and run through the door behind you, start countdown, run and activate it, and feed the Pack a Punch your pistol (it is not a waste! It fires grenades that will kill zombies at lower levels or take off the legs at higher levels! Perfect for getting your other gun Pack a Punch'ed! ) if you already have the points for another Pack a Punch skip step 11. Go back to the last teleporter room, go up the stairs, take a left and go all the way to the (a. ) mystery box or (b. ) empty boxes with a Teddy bear (it is better to have it without, due to a glitch, though I have yet to try it with a mystery box there. ) then camp from there 12. Get any amount you wish over 5000, add 1500 accounting for if you use the teleporter and head for the Pack a Punch, upgrade, get some bottles of (ranking in priority) 1. Speed Cola 2. Jugger Nog 3. Double Tap (does anyone know what it does? ) 4. Quick Revive (for the heck of it if you are soloing) go back to your camping spot to get more points 13. Rack up points, spend them on a better gun from the mystery box when you have a chance, especially the Wunder Waffel, the Bowie knife, and the drinks in order (see the order in step 12) 14. Try to get the upgraded Ray Gun, upgraded Wunder Waffel, and the exploding monkey, and if you want to make sure you don't get overrun by zombie definitely get the Speed Cola 15. You can run around if you manage it unlocking all the doors or riding in the teleporters (I think five times in one game? ) for achievements, but do make sure that there is only one or two left before you let your guard down to play tag, I have been killed so many times by not noticing a bunch of zombies below when I leap off the second level or been overrun with zombies when I try "mutilating" zombies 16. One last thing that I found out on chance: if there is a bunch of boxes where you are camping with a Teddy bear on top then you can go into a cool glitch. What you do is you face the direction the zombies come from with your back to the boxes, move to the left and back, you will go back between the wall and the boxes to the wall behind you, then go to the right, it will seem like a sudden jump occured, and the game will start to lag, but it is totally worth it if you have a Bowie knife or Wunder Waffel. Zombies will run right up in front of you, but will not see you and will go around in circles. It's free range from there! WARNING: you are not invisible to dogs, they can run right up to you and attack you, and if the amount of zombies in front of you becomes too large then zombies will eventually be pushed right in front of and attack you. In situations like this a Wunder Waffel is most ideal, upgraded if at high levels (having upgraded weapons at that level is the ONLY way to get far) Good Huntin! Spither.

More Co-op DER REISE Strategy

For the first TWO rounds, shoot the zombies twice in the chest and knife them. After round two, open the two doors to get to the Thompson (DON'T BUY IT), and clear the debris at the top of the stairs. Keep moving and drop down into the random box/ power room. Go outside after you turn on the power where the Speed Cola is and buy the FG-42. Go back into the room with the power and if the dogs come on round 8, use the FG-42 to take care of them. If they don't come on 8, hold out until round 9 and open the gate. Either use the glitch where one guy stands on top of that hole where the Quick Revive is, and get as close as possible to the hole and touch the side wall. The other person do the same thing but fall down the hole instead. Hug the far wall and stay there. If done correctly, the zombies will swarm in front of that window in the lower hallway. Throw grenades to thin the crowd. (Will get you A LOT of points) Or instead go up the catwalk and one person snipe down toward where he power gets turned on, and the other one cover the stairs and the left window up on the catwalk. Good Luck!

How To Get Up Stairs Only Unlocking The Help Door.

After you get outside on NACHT DER UNTOTEN go around to the stairs the zombies use to get up stairs, climb the stairs go to one of the upstairs windows plug in your charger and when you get inside pause the game return to the main menu then continue the game. When it loads you will be locked up stairs. The zombies will stay down stairs and as long as you don't remove the debris.

Invisible To A Zombie

Unlock the "help" room. Once there, unplug your charger and plug it back in. To exit, do the same thing as you did to get in. Note: You are invisible to the zombies the entire time. If you are having trouble killing them, shoot up and you will get a zombie or two.

Good Mystery Box Gun

If you use the mystery box on round 2 you normally get much better guns. DO NOT use it on round 3 it sucks at least wait till round 4. The above is true but I only think that even numbered rounds are better for the mystery box than odd numbered ones.

Survive Nacht Der Untoten

After you get enough money, remove the debris to go up the stairs to the balcony. Look for the box that sells grenades and stay there during waves because you have your back protected and you can see the whole area.

Shi No Numa: Deathtrap, Peter's Grave, And Mysterious Rock

The Deathtrap: once you open the "Doctor's Quarters" and activate the zipline, there is a minor bug on the board of the zipline when you walk on it, if you step on it, you either die. Or get stuck on it for the rest of your game, so I suggest walking on the actual ground if you want to live, you might be slow but it's worth saving your good progress.
Peter's Grave: Once you open all areas past round 20, (you must open all areas rounds 20+) you will be given a sign saying "You have opened all areas, now find the grave! " in the middle of your screen, after that your knife will be replaced by a small shovel and you will have to dig up Peter's grave, his grave will either be in Doctor's Quarters near the hut, or in Comm Romm near that hut. His grave has a wooden cross with his name on it and you will see a large amount of dirt in front of it. Dig up the grave and you receive a Wunderwaffe DG2.
The Mysterious Rock: I learned this not too long ago, but the Mysterious Rock is in the "Storage" area, it's a giant rock, and it has electricity going around it. Shoot it, and your character says a comment like: "I wonder if that rock brought those zombies"

Getting Out of "Behind The Mystery Box" in Nacht Der Untonten

What you have to do is open the help room. Then go all the way to your left and there will be a corner and then go normally into the glitch to get behind the mystery box. When you get into the glitch don't unpause your game but click your lock screen slide to unlock it (personally I have a lock code but I think thats why it probably worked but whatever you want to do). You just walk to the right when you are behind it and you are out of being behind the mystery box.

Easy Kill with Automatic

Get a machine gun or ray gun and get all the zombies in a pack and run away and shoot them until they get to close or you have to reload get farther away and shoot them.

General Tips on How To Get Stuff

When you get into the box room and you have enough money to use the box what you want to do is hit the box then quickly turn on the power and then shoot the top middle part of the box and then the light and you should get one of these guns. You have to move really fast to do this and if you want it to work, don't buy any guns off the wall because then you will get a sniper riflle or a m1 garand instead.

Mystery Box Cheat/hint For Ray Gun

This usually works better for co op. So, try to get as many points as possible, by knifing zombies, perhaps, and occasionally stealing kills. DO NOT USE ALL YOUR PISTOL AMMO. You will need it for this glitch. This cheat should be done on round 2 so once yo hace 1000 points, use the no points glitch to open the help room. After that, go to the mystery box and use it. Right after (and I mean RIGHT AFTER) you press use, knife 2x and shoot with the pistol 3 times at the mystery box. This should be done before the first guns appear. If they appear before you are done, you did it wrong. If done right, the guns should dissappear after you knife and reappear right after you shoot it 3x. (maybe. Im not too sure about this dissappearing it happened only twice for me). This cheat will give you a about a 60% chance of getting the ray gun. If not, you should get a BAR or an automatic. Hope this works for you!

Unlimited Flame Thrower Ammo Nacht

First earn enouggh points to open the stairs and open one (either one). Then you earn 2000 points. Go to the cabinet and open it. It should give you a flamethrower. Instead of double tap and hold for a constant fire just keep tapping. It never needs to cool down or reload!

Out Of Shino Numa

First start off by getting 3000 points nifing is a good way to get that fast then buy the stars then go to were the froger trap is (outside door) buy the hut go around the corner you will see 2 barrels go to the one that is furthest away walk into that one then puase and unpause a couple times till you get through the wall next to you then quit the app start it again then if you did it correct you will drop to the ground out of the map.

God Window In Shi No Numa

First when the game is started pass the first 3 rounds knifing the zombies and rebuilding barriers then when the 3rd round is done you should have about 2000 points open the stairs NOT the gate. Go to the mystery box and get a gun turn around and go through the doorway and make a right to the window that shows the swamp stay there and do not open any other door or it will go away all the zombies will spawn at that window only so you don't have to worry about your back but if your still worried just buy bouncing bettys when the dog round comes kill them and go back to the window before the next round starts or they will start to spawn everywhere else keep doing it til your bored or can't hold the window no longer.

Natcht Der Untoten Strategy

When you begin knife the zombies fir the first 3 or 4 rounds. Buy the gun on the wall past the stairs then open the door with 'Help' written on it. Go to the stairs in the 'Help' room and wait there for as long as you can. Once your feel claustrophobic, open the debris on the stair case. Then go into the first door you'll see and go by the grenades on the wall and watch the door, keep an eye out for the window. Once you have enough points buy the shot gun in the first room on the second floor, I advise to make a crawler then go, which should be at the end of the room on the opposite side to the right. Then go back to the grenade room and stay for as long as you can then open the debris on the stairs and throw grenades when zombies try to run up the stairs.

Getting Behind The Mystery Box Without A Charger

Well you go to the map with door that has the word help scratched on it and you go to the mystery box of course and there you should wait for five minutes and then click resume carnage and continue running towards the mystery box and then you are in.

Sawed-off Shotgun Secret Hiding Spot

This is for Nacht Der Untoten. The sawed-off shotgun is near the place where you can camp and get a lot of points/ really far levels. Buy the stairs and there will be a wall when you reach the top of the stairs. Walk around the segment of wall (towards the other opening). Turn right just before you go through the doorway. There is the sawed-off shotgun. Turn around and camp where the grenades are to kill the zombies easily and get to high levels. HAPPY ZOMBIE HUNTING!

DER REISE Dog Survival

I used to have trouble with the dogs in Der Reise, but I found a good way to survive them. For the first 3 rounds, knife all of the zombies, maybe shoot them a few times before knifing them for some extra points. After round 3, quickly run over and open the door to your LEFT IF YOU'RE STARING AT THE PACK-A-PUNCH MACHINE. The one that's closest to the zombie window that is down the stairs in that small hallway. Anyway, open that door, open the second door ahead, then run over and buy the thompson. Turn left and hide out in the little area where the random box spot is. (It won't actually be there, it's just the spot for it. ) if the dogs aren't coming, head back into the Pack-A-Punch area and survive with the thompson. After the round, go back to the random box spot where the thompson is. Or if you know a better dog hiding spot, use that. Good Luck!

Zombie Swarm

This trick is for DER REISE. Only works in co-op. In the area with the Bowie knife, turn and go into the room with the quick revive perk. There is a small patch in the corner opposie the quick revive that has small holes, allowing you to see below. One person stand on top of that, and the other proceed to the room past the Bowie knife, the teleporter room. Once you reach the teleporter, turn right and go through the door and down the stairs. Continue until you reach the end. You should be right below you're partner. There's a slit you can look out of, facing the Bowie knife area. Zombies will swarm in the Bowie knife area, not attacking you. I think there's even grenades down in the lower area. Happy Hunting!

DER REISE Strategy (Co-op)

Strategy for Der Reise, only works on Co-op. For the first two rounds, shoot the zombies twice and then knife them. After round two, open all the doors up to the power and random box. Turn on the power, then open the Bowie knife/teleporter room. Go into the teleporter room, turn around, and head up the catwalk. One person can snipe from the catwalk, and the other can cover the stairs of the catwalk. Oh, and forgot to mention that once you turn on the power, go out the door where the speed cola is, and buy the weapon to the left of you if you're facing the speed cola.

Hidden Radio In Der Reise

I found a hidden radio in the map Der Reise. It is located near the top of the map, where the third portal is located. When you reach the portal, turn right, and enter the doorway, and turn right again until you reach the end of the path. Near some wall debris use the knife near a black box, and a recording starts to play.

Outside In Nacht

Alright here's how to do it first you need to open the help room door, then you go over to the boxes opposite to the Thompson wall near the window, go on the side opposite to the window and run diagonally between the boxes and the bump in the wall unplug chager and replug into iPod or iPhone until you get out then don't move or the screen will become gray or you will go back into the building enjoy :).

Get On Top Of The Storage Building In Shi No Numa

When you first start you need about 3000 points then you unlock the stairs once you do that you go unlock the storage door then you unlock the storage building. Your going to want to go to the left when you get in and you walk towards the teddy bear once you do that you keep running into the corner and then unplug replug (on the computer cord) you should reappear in the doorway then do that all again then you should be on a different part of it witch is where the zombies come in but when you are there you can't get hot by the zombies. Then go to the left ONLY then once you go to the left there's two corners the one on the left gets you to the rafters once your there you unplug replug while your jamming yourself in the corner. The other one will get you on top of the building and you do the same thing that you did to get to the rafters then your there.

Mystery Box Hint #2 (Shi No Numa)

This glitch is pretty easy, all you have to do is go to the box after the first time it traveled out of it's first spot. Now, go in front of the box and get out of the App up to 3 times. Then after you finish. You can buy guns as many times you want, and the box never leaves!


We have no cheats or codes for Call of Duty: World at War: Zombies yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no unlockables for Call of Duty: World at War: Zombies yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Call of Duty: World at War: Zombies yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


Shield Glitch (Nacht Der Untoten)

Go to Nacht Der Untoten. Once in the game go to the wall with the Kar98k. Walk along the wall of the Kar98k to the start of the barrier on the left. Then walk back towards the Kar98k, stop at the first half pole mark next to the Kar98k. Stop there and walk against the half pole while plugging and uplugging your charger. You should be in the wall, and they should walk at least up to the pole unable to get you. Also available on PS3 and Xbox 360, but there is no charger so you jump and crouch against the half pole from the barrier. (Note: May be patched).

Stairway Glitch In Zombie Veruckt

I found this glitch with a friend in Zombie Veruckt. When you first start out you need to turn the power on. Then a door will open on the 1st floor next to quick revive. Then you go to the bottom of the stairway and look to your right at the wall. Then keep moving towards the wall while plugging and unplugging charger. Soon you will end up in the upstairs room without buying the debris.

Glitch Past Barrier In Der Riese

First you unlock the door with the double barreled shotgun then the next room. You will turn to the left until you see a metal tube that goes up and to the left. Go on the right side of it. Aim so you can see the tube but are not aiming at it. Run diagonal into it. Pause resume. This may take a few try's but when you see a gate and not the wall exit the app. Once you go back in the app go to the right and you are out. Zombies wont know where you are unless you go up to the bent fence. DO NOT TURN ON POWER.

Flamethrower Glitch

Get 5000 points and go up to the Pack a Punch machine; don't upgrade yet. All you have to do now is use the flamethrower at the same time you upgrade your flamethrower. Your reward is a flamethrower with unlimited ammo. But, remember, if you tap fire button or exit out of the app, you will lose the unlimited ammo.

Zombie Glitch

I will share one glitch I found in cod 5 zombies. LEVEL: NACHT DER UNTOTEN. You may do either single or multi player, however you need to die once so if you play co-op play with someone who knows your trying to glitch such as a friend.
(1) start a new game.
(2) play the game until you get at least 1000 points, WITHOUT unlocking any doors.
(3) open the staircase, NOT the one in the help room.
(4) stay on the staircase, and let a zombie kill you and your friend depending on if you co-op or single player.
(5) click retry or new game.
(6) get 990 points, NO MORE OR LESS.
(7) again without opening the help room, go up to the debris in the stairway and click open door twice.
(8) it shouldn't open (duh)
(9) now play the game until you get at least 2000 points, no more than 2990.
(10) open the help room and the stairway next to the mystery box.
(11) go up to the last unopened debris that you clicked with 990 points earlier, and click it twice more.
(12) it again shouldn't open, but the zombies are now walking into the barrier and getting all stuck! This will deplete the flow of zombies to you upstairs by about half, because the ones from the 2nd story still come. Conveniently, there are grenades right where you can stand to fight off the swarms! Happy zombie killing!
It takes about 5 minutes to complete this, it is worth it seeing you can get to very high levels (i. e . 30-60) team up with your friend and it will be easier.


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We have no achievements or trophies for Call of Duty: World at War: Zombies yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

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