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  • December 5, 1997


Get Guys

On (bear it) if you jump on the bear in front of the warp you will get a few guys (this will take a few attempts to accomplish).

Easy Warp Room Access

While you are in a level and want to exit just press Start and then Select. You will be taken to the warp room. Note: You must have passed the level you are trying to exit from.

The Pits Gem

Do you know how to get the Pits gem? I do. I have beaten the whole game (25 Crystals, 42 Gems) so you should take tips from me. When you are in The Pits and the level splits, go left (I find this the easiest way). Kill all the enemies all the way so this would be easier. Go all the way to the end of the left part and get all the boxes and once the level isnt split anymore, go back the way you came. Once you get all the way back to when the level splits go right. Finish the level regularly and you should have the gem at the end.

Get To The Secret LEVEL 27: TOTALLY FLY

Go to the level HANGIN' OUT. (Warp-pad 4) After you've gotton past the first 2 parts where you are hanging on avoiding those mine-thingys, you should fall through a hole into some eel-less water. If you go "towards" the screen instead of "away" from it you will fall through another pit and now you have to do that hangin' thing again axcept now lava is under you and the mine- thingys go A LOT faster. Get through the hangin' thing and when Crash's feet touch the ground after getting through the hangin' thing you will be transported to the secret warp-pad. You will now be able to do the secret level: LEVEL 27: TOTALLY FLY. (Hint - Press O to dodge the mine- thingys when they come at you while you are hangin' because these mine-thingys go lower than the normal ones ond O makes Crash's legs stop dangling)

Secret Warp-Pad: LEVEL 14: ROAD TO RUIN!!

Go to the level DIGGIN' IT. (Warp-pad 4) When you come across on of spitting plants which is on a CIRCULAR platform surrounded by a PIT, jump onto the spitting plant and body slam it. (If you are not already transported to the secret warp-pad then go on to the grassy part of circular platform) Now you can do the third secret level in the secret warp-pad, a secret part of ROAD TO RUIN.

Piston It Away Gems

In Piston It Away, to get one of the gems, go through the whole level WITHOUT DYING. Then stop at the end, and backwards WITHOUT DYING. Get any boxes you might have missed and get all the way back to the skull platform. You should see the skull platform if you haven't died at all. Get on it and finish the level through there. Make sure you have all the boxes because then at the end of the skull level, there will be a gem waiting for you and another gem in the teleport chamber.

Another Bear Level

In UNBEARABLE you know the trick to follow the baby off the bridge, but don't do that one. When the baby throws you off, go to the end, then go back to the hole where he threw you off. Jump over the hole, and the baby will be there. Try jumping on him, and you will be transported to a secret level.

Night Fight 2nd Gem

To get this gem go to Night Fight on the last level. Get all the boxes until the skull platform and get on it at the end you will see the gem.

Purple Gem

To get the purple gem go to Bee-Having and look for thestack of nitro crates and jump onto them (This will not kill you). It will transport you to a secret part of the level and you will see the purple gem up ahead. Once you've gotten the purple gem you can die and complete the level normally.

Extra Time

In a surfing level, take the bonus path and drown.

Extra Box

In the bonus round in level 18 {Cold Hard Crash} after you pass the 4 tnt boxes right in a row you see 2 bounce boxes. There is 1 box you can not see {above the top bounce box} to get this box do a high jump {press circle then triangle} onto the top bounce box.

Silver Gem Level 7

On level 13 Bear Down, after you run through the level the bear will through you off and you will pass chunks of ice. To get to the secret level jump on the blue ice chunks then onto the snow covered chunk of ice. It will transfer you to Air Crash {in the secret warp room} after you run through that section it will bring you to the near begining of Air Crash. Finish that level and you got the silver gem.

Eagle Squash

On some levels purple eagles will come down hit you. But, jump and hit R1 you can squash them.

Unlimited Lives

On the Unbearable level after the second bridge gets destroyed (there should be some wood planks left) fall down the hole. There will be a secret level which you need to go through to get all the boxes. At the first check point there will be a bunch of metal boxes. Climb up to the highest ridge and do a duck-jump thingy. There are two life boxes that you cannot see. Get them and die. Repeat the cycle until you have 99. You can come back here.

Yellow Jem Very Easily

In Hang Ten, Plant Food and the other surfing levels to get 100 more seconds here what you do: First go as fast as you can, and then when you reach the bounus path go on it and dilebrately fall down the first pit-to anyone's amaze this will give you 100 more seconds!!!

Super Lives!!!

First goto the first level that you find out has seemingly unkillable bees. The bees are easy to kill if you know how to. Get enough speed when you hear the bees coming, then as soon as you are about to touch the bees use the spin attack! Afetr doing so you should have gained a life. Each time you do this, you should gain unlimited lives. Repeat until you have 99 or as many lives as you like. Enjoy being IMMORTAL!!

Blue Gem

Play the first level "Turtle Woods" and collect all of the boxes (including all boxes accesible by belly floping the weird face). Once you have collected the silver gem, go back in the level and collect ZERO boxes. At one point there will be a small wall of boxes. To get beyond this, jump on the bounce crate once to get over. Once you complete the level, the blue gem will be there waiting for you.

Red Gem

You should see the red gem on Snow Go but you can't get it then. Go to Air Crash on the second warp room. Start the stage. Instead of jumping on the first jet-ski, use the floating boxes as stepping stones to get across the water and onto the platform on the right. You will be transported to the secret warp room. Walk through the Snow Go warp gate and you find yourself in the hidden part of that level. Go to the right of the screen and use a spin attack to kill the seal. Slide up the icy sloope, taking care to avoid the porcupine. Kill the spinning penguin then avoid three more porcupines while jumping across three pits. Bounce off the seal and grab the two extra lives. Keep going to the right of the screen past the frame boxes, until you reach an exclamation box. Spin it and all the empty frames become crates. Bounce on the bounce boxes to get across the huge pit below, collecting wumpa fruit as you do so. Carefully make your way around this group of nitro boxes. Touch one and Crash is dead! So be careful. Continue to the right of the screen. When you reach the far right, jump down the hole. At the end of the hole you will see the red gem and you will get it. At the bottom you will find yourself at Snow Go.

Yellow Gem

Go to Hang Eight on the first floor. Then dash through the level within the time limit. Your time remaining is found in the bottom-right of the screen in the middle of the gameplay.

Green Gem

Go to The Eel Deal on the second level. When you get to the first fork in the road take the right hand path. When you see the pile of nitros shaped as an L use Crash's super jump to leap over them to the left. Here is the secret area. Complete it for the green gem.

Get Lifes Or Apples

Got to the "ICE WORLD" thats second floor, when you see the little polar bear JUMP ON HIM 15 TIMES, then the polar bear will give you either lifes or apples. Note: This can be done only once.

Ten Extra Lives

If you body slam the bear in front the door that leads the to the "Bear It" stage five times in a row, you will get ten lives.

1st Level Gem

In the very first warp room, in the very first level get zero(0) boxes to collect a colored gem.

Secret Passage

In bee hunting, on the right there is a tower of nitro boxs. Jump on them on go to the top. It leads to a secret level. in un-bearable when you've finished the levelgo back till you find the little bear. Go right next to thye bear and it will lead you to another level.

Extra Lives

In the second warp room (level 6-10), jump on the baby polar bear's head to collect ten extra lives.

Extra Levels

In the level "Unbearable", when the second polar bear falls off the bridge. Jump 
in after him to enter a bonus level.

In the level "Turtle Woods", after the "Check Point" box is an octagon on the 
ground with a menacing face. Do a Belly-flop on the face and Crash will fall 
through it into a new level.


Green Head

Push x, x, o, o, square, square when ever you want to get a green head.

Bonus Aku-Aku Mask

After losing a life, hold Up + Circle until Crash moves again. Alternatively, while in a warp tunnel, press X(2), then hold X + Up. Release the buttons when Crash receives an Aku-Aku mask after the next life is lost.

Bonus Voodoo Mask

After losing a life, hold Up + Circle until Crash moves again. Alternatively, while in a warp tunnel, press X(2), then hold X + Up. Release the buttons when Crash receives a voodoo mask after the next life is lost.

Revisit Boss Stages

Stand on the middle platform of a warp room. Then, hold L1 + R1 + L2 + R2 + Triangle and press Up when Crash points up or down. Note: You only can return to Bosses you have previously encountered.


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Easter eggs

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