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  • Simulation, Dancing Sim
  • Konami
  • Konami
  • Unknown


Mirror Mode

At the screen were you must choose the difficulty press/step: left & right continuously until the word mirror apears on the screen. This cheat will flip the arrows.

Faster Way To Unlock Songs

Unlocking songs can be very tedious.. and gets really annoying when you only play 3 songs and have to watch the ending credits. You can avoid this and keep playing till you drop by going to the Options Menus, Game Options, and turning Event Mode OFF. This will let you play songs without the ending credits after the final stage.

Unlocking Songs

The following secret songs are when you complete a certain amount of songs. The first song is unlocked after completing 5 songs. One by one, each song is unlocked in increments of 5 completions. Four secret songs are brand-new Konami originals, while the first twelve are the secret songs from the arcade version of 4th Mix, the last 2 songs are 'Bonus Tracks' from later releases of Dance Dance Revolution. The secret songs are:

       -Synchronized Love (Red Monster Hyper Mix)
       -Dancing All Alone
       -Hero (Happy Grandale Mix)
       -Dam Dariram (KCP Mix)
       -If You Were Here (B4 Za Beat Mix)
       -Let's Talk It Over
       -Make Your Move
       -Share My Love
       -Era [nostalmix]
       -Don't Stop! ~AMD 2nd Mix~
       -Never Let You Down
       -Midnite Blaze
       -Get Me In Your Sight ~AMD Cancun Mix~
       -Leading Cyber
       -Orion.78 (Civilization Mix)

Unlocking Endless Mode

To unlock Endless Mode, 1.) Open up ALL secret songs then 2.) Complete Game Mode once. Both of these requirments must be fulfilled in order to acquire this mode. Do note that there are no records kept for Endless mode.

Play As Emi Without Her Cap

Press and HOLD Right when choosing mode, choosing style and choosing character (in All Music mode she's the first so there isn't any problem with that). Only when the music list is revealed completely then you can let go of your finger/foot.

Challenge Mode

Successfully complete ten songs.

Synchronized Love Song

Successfully complete five songs.


Correct The Arrow Speed

Playing Dance Dance Revolution 3rd mix (J) and above is difficult on a (E) PlayStation system, as (J) uses an NTSC format for it's games, meaning that the timing of the arrows starts out right, but ends up well out at the end of the song because of differing refresh rates. If your (E) PlayStation console is capable of playing international games, and you have NTSC compatible hardware (most of you will), you can use a Gameshark (or other Action Replay device) to adjust the speed of the arrows so that they are in sync with the music on our (E) PlayStations. Use these codes to correct the problem for Dance Dance Revolution 4th Mix:


Little Mode

At the screen were you must select the difficulty level press/step: Left then Down then Right then Down then Left then the word Little will apear on the screen.


We have no unlockables for Dance Dance Revolution: 4th Mix yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Dance Dance Revolution: 4th Mix yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


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