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  • Shooter, First-Person Shooter
  • Capcom
  • Capcom
  • Mature
  • June 13, 2006


Get The Girl From Players To Go With You

To make the girl come with you pick her up by pressing a and x at the same time. Then just walk back with her. You can throw her at zombies to knock them down too. It barley affects her health.

Good Weapons

There are good weapons in dead rising such as a frying pan if you put it on a stove you can shove it in a zombies face and kill them quick by a burning death it will also grant you 2000 pp points to put the pan on and reward you 100 pp points to shove it in their face.

Defeating Isabella

Before the battle grab a shotgun or a sniper rifle at gun shop shot her in the head until she DIES

Kill Prisoners, No Life Lost

After you receive the gun in case one, go to second floor were the food shop is grab 1 pie and 1 orange juice put both of them in the blender behind the counter when it pops out of the blender it should be red when you drink it you will be untouchable for about a minute so when it comes time to kill the prisoners make sure you have 2 untouchables and at least 2 pistols and there you go.

Take Out Convicts Very Easy

First, go to the paradise plaza and get the mini uzi and some orange juice just in case. Then at 7:00 go to leisure park and watch the cutscene and then get on the pavilion. Try to lure them over to you then shoot the gunner until he dies. Jump off the pavilion and grab the machine gun and fire at the last two convicts until they die. Also there is a survivor you can save named Sophie after you kill the convicts.

How To Really Get Simone (girl In Players) To Go With You

The only way that I found to make her go with you is to go into case mode. The reason for this is because if you don't do case mode you never meet Isabela and if you do case mode and talk to Simone, Frank mentions Isabela being able to help her.

The Uzi In The Garage

First you go out into leisure park. Then you get to the garage. You take the car and drive through the ticket thing once you get through that you go right. After that you go left into a smaller tunnel. Then you get out of the car and go through a door in a tunnel to the left. (I suggest you bring a weapon). Then you look behind the boxes to the left and there is an uzi there.

How To Make Nectar

First you have to get two bottles of orange juice. Then you have to find a blender and blend them together and you get nectar.

Goods Every Where You Go

When playing you can throw trash cans or card board boxes to get good weapons or food such as pistols, Stun guns, Shower heads, sicles, frozen peas, and squash.

Easy Genasidest Achievement

To get the zombie genacidest achievement first have a new game started. When at entrance plaza with all the survivors then go to the back for the cut scene with Dr. Barnabe. When done just keep fighting the zombies. (Hint, The trash can and 40in tv last for ever. ).

Light In The Dark

When the power goes out in the mall (after 10pm)you can enhance your sight by grabbing a toy light up sword (can be found in paradise, wonderland, and entrance plazas). It emits a red light that in a limited area lets you see better (note: does not work before 10pm).

In Game Cheats

The books found in the game can be used as cheat codes to upgrade weapons, hold onto items longer, perform item tricks, and increase power.

Take No Damage From Falling

When you unlock the knee drop skill you can use this skill to your advantage and drop to the ground taking no damage.

Extra Kick

When you do a ordinary roundhouse you get 10 pp, but if you push down on the movement stick[not click! ] and push x as soon as you land a jump you will do a leg swipe for 30 pp.

Easy Special Forces Guns.

First, start an Overtime Mode game. It is recommended you do to get more achievements. As soon as you leave the hideout, go to The Hunting Shack. Grab a shotgun. Then, head into the maintenance tunnel via park. Go underneath the Food Store. Then, waste the few Zombies there as you enter the hall that leads to the pharmacy. Turn to were you enter the store. Open the door on the left and stand in between the doorway. The S. F . Will see you. They wont shoot instead they try to get in. Waste them. Repeat as desire.

PP Photos

Store sign above Kids' Choice Clothing
Girl cutout in front of Players cd shop
On the clock-face in Universe of Optics
Between the two basketball hoops on the staircase inside Sport Trance
On the green vase inside Marriage Makers
On the back of the giant servbot statue in Child's Play
On the MegaMan shirt inside Tucci's of Rome
On the sign for Jill's Sandwiches
On the sign for Tunemakers
On the bear behind the cash register inside Ye Olde Toybox
On the clothing advertisement inside Kids' Choice Clothing
On the green sign for Colombian Roastmasters
On the MegaMan standee inside Colby's Movieland
On the Ratman standee inside Colby's Movieland
On the Colby's Movieland sign itself
Leisure Park
On the north, east, and south faces of the clock tower
Above the entrance to the maintenance tunnels
Entrance Plaza
On the shoes set upon the pedestal located inside Refined Class
On the advertisement inside Estelle's Fine Lady Cosmetics
On the Fox standee in front of Robsaka Digital
On the Green vase located in the center of Special Gifts
On the bee statue near the entrance to the mall
On the exit doors themselves
On one of the teddy bears inside Children's Castle
On the tent inside Sports High
On the standee of a girl outside Robsaka Digital
Al Fresca Plaza
Between two of the wall paintings inside the gym
On one of the weight-lifting benches inside the gym.
On the "E" of the banner inside the gym
On one of the treadmills in the gym
Above the poster of the muscle-bound kid in the gym
On a treadmill in the gym
Atop one of the bikes inside the gym
On the sign at the entrance to the Food Court
On the sign for Colombian Roastmasters
On the shoes wet upon the pedestal placed inside Brand New U
On the menu inside Hamburger Fiefdom
On the poster inside Eyes Like Us
Wonderland Plaza
On the Sir Book-a-Lot sign outside the store
On the big pink bunny statue near the entrance to the Food Court
On the big pink bunny statue near the entrance to the North Plaza
On one of the windmills inside the southernmost playground
On the yellow house in the northern playground
On the yellow house in the southern playground
On the alien sign atop the Space Rider attraction
On the astronaut sign atop the Space Rider Attraction
On the opposite side of the same sign
On the Kokonutz Sports Town sign
On the sign for the Space Rider attraction
On the grenn/yellow ballon next to the cash register inside Small Fry Duds
On the sign located behind the cash register inside Small Fry Duds
On one of the display shirts located inside Scuffs and Scrapes
On one of the pictures of a sportsperson inside Homerunner's
Food Court
On the Teresa's Oven sign
On the Jade Paradise sign
On the Central Nachos sign
On the Dark Bean sign
On the Frozen Dreams sign
On the Meaty Burgers sign
On the chef statue in front of Chris's Fine Foods
On the chef statue behind Chris's Fine Foods
On the sign with the bull in the Food Court
On the sign with a bee in the Food Court
On the cowboy standee beneath the sign with the bee
North Plaza
On the sign for Crislip's Home Saloon
On the sign promoting gardening inside Crislip's
Behind the checkout counter inside Crislip's on a tack board
On the statue of Cupid in the center of the fountain outside Crislip's
On the sign for seafood inside Seon's Food & Stuff
On the sign for meat inside Seon's
On the Pharmacy sign inside Seon's
On the nose of the mounted deer head in the front of the Huntin' Shack
On the nose of the mounted deer head in the back of the Huntin' Shack
On the American flag in the window outside the Huntin' Shack
On the standee of the rifleman in the window to the Huntin' Shack
On the northernmost helmet inside Ripper's Blades
On the southernmost helmet inside Ripper's Blades
Colby's Movieland
There are 4 located on movie posters behind the snack counter
On the Ratman standee outside the gift shop
On the fox standee inside the gift shop
On the fox standee outside the gift shop
Abduction Room
Note: You must get abducted by the cult members in order to find these.
On the red sacrificial tarp
On the fox standee
Security Room
On the tack board behind the couch inside the surveillance room
On the ventilation duct which serves as your entrance to the security room
Maintenance Tunnels
There is one located on each of the five bomb trucks
Meat Processing Plant
On top of the meat grinding chute
On the poster of a cow.

Two Other Uzi's

First leave the warehouse, when you go through the door there should be a loading screen. When you enter Paradise Plaza you will see a blue tarp or something above you. Go to the stairs on the right and go to the middle of them (you might want to bring a weapon). Once your in the middle of the stairs jump onto the blue thing, don't get frustrated. Once your up keep walking across there you should see orange juice, a box, and a teddy bear. Keep going until you find the uzi.
The other uzi is in Al'Fresca Plaza. Go to the fountain and there are a lot of zombies crowding it. Once in the fountain you should find a dumbbell and a Uzi. And there you have it the two uzi's!

Always Find a Hand Gun

In Paradise Plaza, go through the big glass doors that lead to leisure park but don't go out. Instead, go to the water thing to the left and there will always be a cop (or cops) there. They will be carrying a Handgun.

Killing Raincoat Cult Easier

After you see Seon about to kill Jennifer and sends them on you and you're out of ammo or surrounded there are several options of good weapons for you: hunting knives, cleavers, katanas, swords (these all can be found in the north plaza in a store called rippers blades), or battle axes (found in the entrance plaza in the antique shop) and, your best choice of guns is the sniper rifle (can be found in the hunting shack) so you can pick them off by headshots (make sure you are far away so they don't come after you) or smg (if you wanna know were this is look at the above heading uzi). Be sure to use headshots.

Free Shotgun

In the beginning of the game, when you walk into the entrance hall there will be a cutscene. After the cutscene go to the pile of stuff and there''ll be another cutscene after that you'll see names written in red after you see the name Brian Reynolds on the screen. Head to the fountain (you might want to grab a bat first) there should be a shotgun near his body.

Zombie-Free Zone

When your health is low, go to the north end of paridise plaza, where there is a fountain. Jump to the top of the fountien and you will be safe.

Easy Zombie Genocider

Go to the parking lot in Leisure Park and grab the convertible. Head into the tunnels and make your way to the east part of the map that sticks out to the right. Grab the white car there and head to the upper left most part of the map, and hop into the truck. Now, if you want, you can usually make a small lap around the tunnels without the truck breaking but if you donít feel safe, leave through the west side of the map back into the parking lot. Grab the convertible again and repeat until you get your desired kills. I averaged about 1,000 kills per trip.

Auto Aim Shooting

Stand still with Frank and shoot. Frank will aim at zombies even if they move.

Car In The Parking Lot

Go outside to the park, and look around the perimeter. You will see an opening leading to a motorcycle and a car.

Mission Free Mode/ Zombies Never Get Stronger

During the very beginning of the game you will be in Entrance Plaza. Wait here until 7:00pm and then continue as normal until you get to the Warehouse. Normally you would get a cut-scene where Jessie gives you a gun and activates Case 1. Instead, you get the cut-scene where Frank learns about Queens. Now, you won't have to worry about missions and the zombies will never get stronger.

No Cletus In The Huntin' Shack

After case1 is activated and Jessie gives you the gun, go directly to North Plaza. Once inside go to the Huntin' Shack, it's down a narrow hallway. Go inside the shop and hop over the counter to find 3 shotguns and 2 sniper rifles. If you are quick and get there before 2:00pm Cletus won't be there. Also, if you break the cases there is an infinite number of handguns.

One Bullet Left

If you are ever with survivors and have a any gun use all the ammo except for one bullet give it to a survivor they'll have infinite ammo. Watch thier moods because suicide does exist.

Shovel PP

Get a Shovel from the self in McHandy's Hardware shop. Hit a zombie with it. When they are on the ground press and hold X to get extra PP.

Getting Ending A Easy

First complete all cases then when Forces come get captured get knocked out the time should go down. Wait until Isabella calls you escape and go back to the hideout. Go get clothes go to heliport and wait until 12:00 you did it.

Complete Act 7-2 Easy

At first go to the gun shop and get guns. Then before collecting the bombs fight Carlito. Defeat him go get the bombs make sure to use zombie ride. After you complete it make sure to check on Brad.

Get Through A Crowd Of Zombies

First unlock zombie walk hold x and walk like a zombie or you can walk on them with zombie ride.

Get Too Paradise Plaza Easier

Save Greg Simpson he will show you a shortcut too the Paradise Plaza.

Defeating Cliff Easier

When the battle starts run over and grab a chainsaw. Then chase cliff and slice him as many times as possible until he runs away. Repeat this until he dies.


Go to the food court, and hop on top of the sign with the chef on it. There should be an Uzi with 100 rounds.

The Strongest Weapon

To get the strongest weapon in the game go to the handy man shop in the Al Fresco Plaza and look in the front window and you'll see the chainsaw. Kills zombies in one hit and kills psycopaths in very little hit.

How To Get A Unlimited Supply Of Guns

Get to North Plaza, and, with your map, find the Huntin' Shack. Go inside to find Homicidal Cletis. When you start the fight, hide behind a store display. When he realods, pickup the display and move forward, and drop it close to the counter. When Cletis realodes again, hop over the counter, grab a shotgun, and jump back behind the store display. Youl be lucky if you finish that last move without being shot. Now, every time he reloads, shoot him with the shotgun. If you beat him, you can always come back to the Huntin' Shack for guns.

How To Jump Vehicles

To jump vehicles to get the achievments for them, get to the park and get a car or motorcycle. Drive in the lake and drive out at full speed at the highest part of the lake. An easier way to to jump a motorcycle, is after the fight with Isibella on her motorcycle, you can take it and jump around ramps in North Plaza. You can also ride her bike around two other plazas.

Roller Coaster Ride

Ride the Roller Coaster around for one lap and get 10,000 PP.

Easy Boss Killing Chainsaw

In day two, at some point Odis will call about the roller caoster out of controll. Go check it out to meet Adam The Clown. If you succesfuly beat him, pickuphis chainsaw. You can put it in you invitory, ad it kills bosses in less than 5 hits. Most bosses come with a unique weopon, but this is one of the best.

Easy Way To Kill Sec Ops

The easiest way to kill Special Forces is to get to a Level between 40 and 50 and learn Disembowel. Get close to special forces and just do Disembowel. Dont forget to pick up thier machine guns!


Go to the paradise plaza. Go to the second floor and find the Columbian Roadmasters in the food court. Look over the rail and you should see an orange platform. Jump on it and there should be a katana there. The Katana is a one-hit-kill weapon and chops the limbs off zombies. It is one of the most powerful weapon in the game.

Molotov Cocktails

After the boss fight where you fight paul,he will be engulfed in flames. Do not kill him Instead, pick up the fire extinguisher in the store to put out the fire. Then bring Paul back to the security office. If done correctly, there may be two women as well. After a while,you will recieve a call saying that Paul has a present for you, head back to the security room to meet paul. Continue to talk to him and he will give you his Molotov Cocktail to use. It will have an unlimited supply.

Maintenance Key

You will need to get in the park and go into the parking lot and get in the red sport car. Start to drive into the tunnel and a load screen willcome up. After tfis you willbe in the tunnels and otis will call you saying that he lost a maintenance key down there. You will need to take a right then the first left and then another right right away. You will come to a dea end with a door that is closed at the end. Mowe down the zombies near the door to make it easier to get in. Once in , go all the way back and to the right and it will be right there. If you go to the back and the left ther shoul be an Uzi.

Convicts Machine Gun

Get a nail gun or a pistol and go into the park. Get the attention of the convicts and make them run into a tree. While they are at the tree, get right next to the tree and in front of them. He should back up and try to ram you a couple of times but should not hit you if you are in the right position. The machine gunner will shoot you hardly any so this gives you plenty of time to pop the gunner in the head until he dies. You may then run up and take his gun.


We have no cheats or codes for Dead Rising yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


How To Get The Mega Blaster

After you get the achievement zombie genocider and your status is all full, beat the whole game. Then start a new game go into the security room and exit the monitor room then make a left outside the window and there is your mega blaster.

Alternate Costumes

Note: to get these alternate outfits, you MUST get the achievement AND an ending.
Megaman Boots: get the unbreakable acheivement.
Megaman tights: kill 10 pschyos.
Hockey mask: get all pp stickers.
Prison outfit: get the Carjacker achevement.
Cop Hat: get the Saint acheivement.
Wrestiling boots: break 100 items
Wrestiling briefs: kill 1000 zombies barehandf.
Employee outfit (mail outfit): answer all calls from otis.

Mega Man Suit

Kill 60,000 zombies to unlock the suit!

Hidden Cutscene

At the main title screen when it says press start wait 5 to 10 minutes without doing anything and a hidden cutscene about a woman and a little girl will show up and they get stranded in a crowd of zombies. The cutscene lasts about 5 minutes.

Legendary Soldier

Defeat 10 special forces soldiers

Extra Piece Of Health

Reach level 5 to get an extra piece of health.

Unlock Infinity Mode

Successfully complete the game with the "True" ending.

Unlock Overtime Mode

Complete the first 72 hours of Frank's stay in the mall. Then, return to the helipad by noon on the 22nd.


Escort 7 ladies to safety.

Real Mega Man Blaster

Defeat 53,594 zombies

The Unknown Achivements

Snuff Shot B: Photograph Zombie Brad
Snuff Shot J: Photograph Zombie Jessica
Hella Copter: Repel A Helicopter
Legondary Soldier: Kill 10 Spec Ops Members

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Dead Rising yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no glitches for Dead Rising yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no guides or FAQs for Dead Rising yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


Achievement List

Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points.
Zombie Hunter: Defeat at least 1,000 zombies. 
Zombie Killer: Defeat at least 10,000 zombies.
Zombie Genocider: Defeat at least 53,594 zombies. 
Self Defense: Defeat at least 1 psychopath.
Peace Keeper: Defeat at least 5 psychopaths.
Punisher: Defeat at least 10 psychopaths. 
Legendary Soldier: Unknown 
Hella Copter: Unknown 
Tour Guide: Escort 8 survivors at once. 
Frank the Pimp: Simultaneously escort 8 female survivors. 
Full Set: Collect all portraits in the notebook. Humanist: Get at least 10 
survivors out of the mall. 
Life Saver: Get at least 20 survivors out of the mall. 
Saint: Get at least 50 survivors out of the mall. 
Strike!: Send at least 10 zombies flying with bowling balls. 
Costume Party: Place novelty masks on at least 10 zombies. 
Raining Zombies: Knock at least 30 zombies aside with a parasol. 
Gourmet: Eat all types of food available in the mall. 
Item Smasher: Break at least 100 items.
Bullet Point: Fire at least 1,000 bullets. 
Perfect Gunner: Don't miss with a machine gun. 
Photojournalist: Score at least 1,500 PP from a single photo. 
The Artiste: Score at least 3,000 PP from a single photo. 
Group Photo: Get 50 Target Markers with the camera. 
Portraiture: Photograph at least 10 survivors.
Census Taker: Photograph at least 50 survivors. 
Psycho Photo: Photograph at least 4 psychopaths. 
Psycho Collector: Photograph at least 10 psychopaths. 
PP Collector: Photograph all PP Stickers. 
Snuff Shot B: Unknown 
Snuff Shot J: Unknown 
Transmissionary: Answer all calls from Otis. 
Indoorsman: Spend at least 24 hours indoors. 
Outdoorsman: Spend at least 24 hours outdoors. 
Freefall: Drop from a height of at least 16 feet (5 meters). 
Marathon Runner: Cover a distance of 26.2 miles (42.195 km). 
Carjacker: Steal the convicts' vehicle. 
Stunt Driver: Jump a car at least 33 feet (10 meters). 
Stunt Rider: Jump a motorcycle at least 33 feet (10 meters). 
Zombie Road: Walk over 33 feet (10 meters) on the backs of zombies using the 
Zombie Ride. 
Karate Champ: Defeat at least 1,000 zombies barehanded. 
Sharp Dresser: Change into at least 20 different costumes. 
Clothes Horse: Change into all costumes available in the mall. 
Level Max: Reach level 50. 
Unbreakable: Get the true ending without being knocked out. 
Overtime Mode: Unveil all cases and be at the heliport at noon. 
8 Mode: Get the true ending. 
3 Day Survivor: Survive for at least 72 hours. 
5 Day Survivor: Survive for at least 5 days. 
7 Day Survivor: Survive for at least 7 days.

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