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  • Shooter, First-Person Shooter
  • Visceral
  • Electronic Arts
  • Mature
  • January 25, 2011


We have no tips for Dead Space 2 yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


Glitch: Free Unlimited Credits

If you want free credits (unlimited supply), you first need to get the Supernova DLC or the Martial Law DLC packs. With those you can get the Detonator weapon at the store for no cost. Go and get it, then shoot the mines at a wall. Next, deactivate them, and then go get them but DON'T RELOAD. Now take the mines back to the store and sell them back and the Detonator too. You can then buy it again for free and it is fully loaded with mines again! BOOM - FREE CREDITS!

Glitch: Infinite Semi-conductors, Nodes, And CASH!

Go to the final room in Chapter 15 (where there is a bench/store and also a save point). Next, go back down the corridor and go to the room with the two power nodes, a RUBY semi-conductor and a few other things. Collect everything and then return to the save point. Save your game and reload it - when you go back to the locked Node room, the stuff will be there again. You can then collect them, and repeat as many times as you like. There are a few other chapters where you can do this same thing! (6 and 7).


Necromorph Gear Unlockables

  • Level 03 - Lurker / Range Damage Increase
  • Level 06 - Pack / Melee Damage Increase
  • Level 09 - Spitter / Execution Damage Increase
  • Level 12 - Puker / Ranged Damage Increase
  • Level 15 - Lurker / Melee Damage Increase
  • Level 18 - Pack / Execution Attack Damage Increase
  • Level 21 - Spitter / Melee Damage Increase
  • Level 24 - Puker / Execution Attack Damage Increase
  • Level 27 - Lurker / Execution Attack Damage Increase
  • Level 31 - Pack / Health Increase
  • Level 35 - Spitter / Ranged Damage Increase
  • Level 39 - Puker / Melee Damage Increase
  • Level 43 - Lurker / Health Increase
  • Level 48 - Pack / Lose Stasis Faster
  • Level 53 - Spitter / Health Increase
  • Level 58 - Puker / Health Increase

  • Human Gear Unlockables

  • Level 04 - Solid Army Green Suit
  • Level 07 - Line Gun
  • Level 08 - Solid Red Suit
  • Level 11 - Force Gun
  • Level 13 - Solid Black Suit
  • Level 14 - Increased Magazine Size / Plasma Cutter
  • Level 16 - Solid Olive Suit
  • Level 17 - Seeker Rifle
  • Level 20 - Urban Camo Blue Suit
  • Level 23 - Urban Camo Army Green Suit
  • Level 25 - Increased Magazine Size / Line Gun
  • Level 26 - Urban Camo Red Suit
  • Level 28 - Javelin Gun
  • Level 29 - Increased Magazine Size / Force Gun
  • Level 32 - Urban Camo Military
  • Level 33 - Increased Magazine Size / Seeker Rifle
  • Level 34 - Increased Weapon Damage / Plasma Cutter
  • Level 36 - Urban Camo Olive Suit
  • Level 41 - Tiger Camo Blue Suit
  • Level 42 - Increased Weapon Damage / Line Gun
  • Level 44 - Increased Magazine Size / Javelin Gun
  • Level 45 - Tiger Camo Army Green Suit
  • Level 46 - Increased Weapon Damage / Force Gun
  • Level 49 - Tiger Camo Red Suit
  • Level 50 - Increased Damage / Seeker Rifle
  • Level 52 - Tiger Camo Military Suit
  • Level 56 - War Torn Suit
  • Level 57 - Increased Weapon Damage / Javelin Gun
  • Level 59 - Visceral Games Suit

  • Unlockable Suits

  • Arctic Security Suit - Beat the game on Zealot
  • Soldier Suit - Beat the game on Hardcore Mode
  • Hacker Suit - Unlocked if you have a Dead Space: Ignition
  • Elite Riot Suit - Beat the game, start New Game +
  • Elite Engineer Suit - Beat the game, start New Game +, schematic is found near the first store.
  • Elite Vintage Suit (Reduces shop prices) - Beat the game, start New Game +, find schematic in Chapter 6 near the end of the level
  • Elite Security Suit - Beat the game, start New Game +, find schematic in Chapter 9 after you leave train, other side of the railing
  • Elite Advanced Suit - Beat the game, start New Game +, find schematic in Chapter 11 at the top of the yellow elevator
  • Urban Camo Viral Black (Steelers colors) - Find and kill someone wearing this online
  • Urban Camo Viral Yellow (Green Bay Packers colors) - Find and kill someone wearing this online

  • Unlock New Game +

    Clear the game with any of the difficultys and you can use the save game as New Game +. This lets you play the game from the beginning with all your saved wepons and inventory! Making things much more interesting.

    Unlock Expert And Impossible Difficulty Levels

    Just defeat Chapter 10 (the "Secrets and Salvation" campaign) to unlock the additional difficulty levels.

    Unlock Hardcore Difficulty

    Clear the campaign game on any difficulty and you'll unlock "Hardcore" difficulty level. This is the same as "Zealot" difficulty, but you're only allowed to restart from the last save game and you're ONLY allowed THREE saves for the whole campaign.

    Easter eggs

    We have no easter eggs for Dead Space 2 yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


    We have no glitches for Dead Space 2 yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


    We have no guides or FAQs for Dead Space 2 yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


    Achievement List

  • Mission Impossible (50G) – Complete the game on Zealot setting.
  • Romper Stomper (25G) – Stomp 10 Containers.
  • Vacuum Cleaner (30G) – Decompress 20 Necromorphs without getting sucked out yourself.
  • Made Us Whole (10G) – Complete the game on any difficulty setting.
  • Frozen in Time (10G) – Kill 50 Necromorphs while they are in Stasis (single player only).
  • First Aid (10G) – Use Quick Heal ten times (single player only).
  • Epic Dismemberment (50G) – Dismember 2,500 Necromorph Limbs (single player only).
  • …And Stay Down (10G) – Kill 25 crawling enemies with Stomp (single player only).
  • Think Fast (15G) – Kill 30 Necromorphs with Kinesis objects.
  • The Nanny (10G) – Kill 30 Crawlers without detonating them.
  • C-Section (10G) – Knock down an enemy with Contact Beam Alt-Fire then kill it with Primary Fire before it stands up.
  • Going For Distance (20G) – Impale an enemy and make him fly through the air for 17 meters – it must stick to the surface.
  • Taste Of Your Own Medicine (20G) – TK Impale a live Slasher to a surface using a Slasher’s arm – it must stick to the surface.
  • Its A Trap! (20G) – Kill 20 enemies with Detonator Mines in a deployed state.
  • Necro Flambe (10G) – Kill 50 enemies using the Flamethrower.
  • Peek A Boo! (20G) – Kill a Stalker with the Seeker Rifle while in Zoom Mode.
  • Brute Juke (10G) – Kill a Brute without taking damage.
  • Shoot the Limbs! (10G) – Dismember 25 Necromorph Limbs (single player only).
  • Bouncing Betty (10G) – Kill a Cyst by catching its Mine and throwing it back.
  • Skewered in Space (15G) – Impale an enemy into a Decompression Window to cause it to blow out.
  • Hard to the Core (50G) – Complete the game on Hard Core setting.
  • Clean Cut (10G) – Sever all three tentacles of a Lurker with one Line Gun Primary Fire shot (single player only).
  • Lawnmower Man (10G) – Kill 4 enemies with the same Ripper blade.
  • Fully Loaded (50G) – Simultaneously have four completely upgraded weapons.
  • The Sampler Platter (20G) – Kill a Necromorph with every Weapon in the game (single player only).
  • Lightspeed de Milo (10G) – Dismember the Lightspeed Boy Statue.
  • Looking Good (10G) – Purchase the Advanced Suit.
  • Fully Outfitted (30G) – Upgrade your RIG and Stasis completely.
  • Picking Favorites (30G) – Upgrade 1 Weapon completely.
  • The Engineer (10G) – Collect 10 Schematics.
  • My Boom Stick (20G) – Kill 6 enemies at once with Line Gun’s Alt-Fire (single player only).
  • Shock Therapy (10G) – Impale an enemy with the Javelin Gun and use its Alt-Fire to shock 3 others (single player only).
  • Collect Peng (20G) – Find the Peng treasure.
  • The Librarian (10G) – Collect 100 logs.
  • The Electrician (10G) – Collect 10 Semiconductors.

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