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  • Action, Adventure
  • THQ
  • THQ
  • Teen
  • June 16, 2008


How To Kill The Robbers In Belliville

To kill all of them follow these presice instructions:

1:take out your venus human trap
2:fire it in the center
3:freeze time
4:take out the zap-o-matic
tip:feel free to use temporal fist

Destroy Nexo Walker With Your Lazer

Fly behind the Nexo walker at the sunny wood bowl. After that just zap it. It will do it's own lazer on you. Jump over it but stay behind. The small Nexo's will try to shoot you just hit them back with PK and throw them. Then once you have the Nexo Walkeron half life. You will fly back form behind it. Then fly back behind it and do the whole thing again.

Get All DAHM Achievements

First we will start back at Las Paridiso. Find the gas station that has a big cylinder shaped propane tank at the corner. Just shoot it with the zap-o-matic then a big yellow word that says DAHM! Will pop up. Then we go to Sunnywood. Take your saucer and use the death ray on the word sunny on the big sign that says Sunnywood. The next two are also in Sunnywood. Find that big silver globe. Use pk on it then just smash cars with it. Then for the next, find a building that has a donut on it. Use pk on a citizen (it don't work on cops)and pk throw them through the hole in the donut. The next is in shen long. Go to the monastery island. Find 2 rocks that are very close together. If you see a big brown rock shaped like a ball behind the two, then use pk on it. Then find the big group of monks in front of the big statue, throw the rock/ball at them. Make sure its kind of off the ground or it will bounce in the air and get lost. Knock down at least 3 monks with it in a single throw. The next two are in Belleville. Get in the saucer and find 3 barges in the water and blow them up with the death ray. The next is at the big arch. Pick up a citizen and stand on top of a building close to the arch. Then fly up in the air and throw him over the arch. The citizen should then blow up for some odd reason.

Beat Crusteau/Giant Squid

To beat the giant squid, use your disintegrator ray and keep firing. Be accurate when firing. Don't waste your ammo! After awhile, his tentacle will have electric strings on them. You just have to jump through them. Keep firing w/ disintegrator ray until he's dead. You can also use time stop to fire his fireballs back at him. But your best bet is the disintegrator ray.

How To Kill Saxon

If you are on the level where you must fight that huge dragon thing, read this. The dragon will try to shoot you with missiles. When the missile is in the air close to you, use time stop. Then use pk on the missile and point it back toward the dragon. You don't have to use the temporal fist, so you can just point the missile in the direction on the dragon you want it to go, then it will go by itself without the temporal fist. When the missile hits the dragon, its shields will temporarily be destroyed, and you can shoot him until the shields come back on. For most damage, try to use the ion detonator. Repeat until dragon is destroyed.


Unlock Costume: Biker

Enter code: 1gb57M2x

Saucer Attachments Option

Enter code: V81fvUW3

Saucer Skin Options

Enter code: X91mw7zp

70's Appearance


60's Appearance


Unlock Costume: Chef

Enter code: 51c24KiW

Unlock Costume: Ganster

Enter code: J5d99bPz

Unlock Costume: Mime

Enter code: 7qd33J1n

Unlock Costume: Kung Fu Master

Enter code: Ly11r98H

Unlock Costume: Velvet

Enter code: F9sT5v88

Unlock Costume: Seventies

Enter code: S63bf2kd

Unlock Costume: Sixties

Enter code: M13Ni95L

Turn On Cheat Mode

To turn on the cheat mode, select "Unlock Content" in the Extras menu. Then enter the cheat codes to unlock the options. After they are unlocked, you can view them in the "Options" menu.


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