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  • Action, Adventure
  • Unknown
  • Bandai
  • Everyone
  • June 5, 2002


Heal Digimon

You can heal your digimon outside of battle and not by using the Inns or items to do so. If during your travels you obtain a technique such as "Small Heal" and mostly any move that has the word "heal" in it, you can open the start Menu and select the "Techniques" option and click on the digimon that has the technique and you can use what ever move he has learned to heal any of the 3 digimon in your traveling party.

Easy Victory Against All Digimon

Acquire Digitamimon which you can easily get from Patamon's Angimon lv 20 (note* there are many other ways to achieve him) and raise Digitamimon up until he learns the move "Soul Snatcher" this move will almost always put a One-Hit-KO on all enemies, however it does not work on bosses or special fights. If you raise him up more you can also load this technique so any other digivolution can use it.

Easy Experience Points!

In order for this to happen you HAVE to have a fishing pole and be able to get to the South Sector. Once in the south sector- after you get passed jungle Graveyard, you come to Phoneix Bay, from there keep on going straight until you reach Ether Jungle. When you first enter, go up a little ways and take a left, here you will see the murky waters of Ether Jungle. Fish here, and you should get Shellmon if you don't land on the yellow (which would be Cardmon)Fighting two Shellmon I PROMISE will get your digimon to grow a level. I think if it's level 90 or above, then you'd have to fight ALOT of Shellmon- so a way to grow levels fast for 80-99 (and if you get the mega form of any digimon- I have a feeling you gotta come here too to get alot of exp. ) is that if you keep going straight you'll eventually come across Jungle Shrine. Here you can fight Numemon and recive a great amount of exp. For it. Just try to be quick and kill it because it flees alot!

Name Your Digimon

After you get the TNT chip, Boronmon will go backto the Shaman's House. You will see Boronomon there. When you talk to him twice, he will say that he learned how toname Digimon. You can name your Digimon.

How To Really Get Through Mirage Desert

To get to Mirage Tower, when you enter Mobious Desert, just go South, South, West, West, West, and you're at Mirage Tower.

Signature Attacks

Signature attacks are your Digimon's true power like Guilmon's Pyrosphere,Kyubimon's Dragon Wheel, MetalMamemon's Energetic Bomb and Wargreymon's Terra Force. Every Digimon has their own Signature Attack if you keep training on them.


You must have Wargreymon and Metalgarurumon to level 40 before DNA digivolving to Omnimon.


You must have ExVeemon and Stingmon to level 5 before DNA digivolving to Paildramon or raise ExVeemon's level to 30 to have Stingmon.Raise Stingmon's level to 5 to have Paildramon.


You DNA digivolve MagnaAngemon and Taomon to have Phoenixmon.


You DNA digivolve Wargrowlmon and Digitamamon to have Megagargomon.


Raise Angewomon's level to 40.


Raise Stingmon's level to 40.

Defeating Knightmon

At the Amaterasu Server, you must beat the 4 city chiefs first from the different cities around Amaterasu Server. After beating all of them, go to the Amaterasu Bridge to battle Knightmon. His life will be reduced when you fight him. If you battle Knightmon first without challenging the 4 city chiefs first, whatever power you release to attack him or some magic items you've got, there's no way his life will be reduced.

The Fishing Pole

(1) First the old man at the Shellbeach will ofer to make a fishing pole for you but you have to get the 3 items which are Bamboo Spear, Spider Web, and Red Snapper.
(2) You can get the Bamboo Spear at Mr. Smith's Shop. This is the pole.
(3) Next go and get the Spider Web at the Protocol Forest from the Dokugumon. This is the line.
(4) Then go to the dock at Divermons Lake and there should be a Divermon. He will say theres something stuck in his throat and if you help him it will be the Red Snapper. He will say that you can keep it and this is the lure. Make sure you talked to the old man at Shell Beach or the Divermon won't be there. (And make sure you have all 3 items before going back and talking to the old man).
(5) Last but not least go back and talk to the man at Shell Beach and he will make you a fishing pole. You can use it in water and at Divermons Lake you can even reel in some Divermon.

Mirage Dessert

To get through mirge dessert easily is when you first enter go to the top left corner, then when you go through go to the bottom left corner. Keep doing this until you go through at least 5 screens. [If you get lost find the DRI and start over again].

How To Get Through The Mirage Desert In West Sector!

When entering the entrance, talk to Guilomon, and he'll say that if you get lost, all you do is go to the right of the screen. Then enter. It may take a while, but eventually, you'll need to go up (after about 30 digimon battles) and then you should find the Mirage Tower, where the Leader should be. Enjoy!


We have no cheats or codes for Digimon World 3 yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no unlockables for Digimon World 3 yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Digimon World 3 yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no glitches for Digimon World 3 yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

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