IO Changes New Hitman’s Sexy Nun-Killing Level After Controversy

Hitman: Absolution - Attack of the Saints

In a conversation with Eurogamer, Hitman: Absolution director Tore Blystad revealed that the development team has decided to change one of the game’s levels after the massive controversy surrounding the trailer. You know the one.

IO Interactive released its “Attack of the Saints” trailer last May. The video showed a group of nuns walking piously along until they come upon Agent 47, at which point they rip off their frocks so that they can shoot at him looking more like strippers. The trailer baffled many and upset many more, creating massive controversy about the morality of something depicting the killing of a group of scantily clad women who had been previously disguised as nuns. It was all very confusing.

Not three months later, Blystad expressed regret over the backlash and explained that they have changed this particular level of Absolution because of it.

“We learned from the trailer that we really needed to give these characters some context and some backstory. We’re working within the game – within that level – to build these characters up before you meet them. That way you know what you’re getting and you aren’t put off by them.”

Whether the characters that Blystad is referring to are the quickly dispatched nun assassins is unclear. He also explained that due to the nature of the Hitman series, the developers had not foreseen the strong reaction of the gaming community.

“We were surprised by the reaction to it. We’ve been trying to find out, y’know, how could we not see this happening? If we knew it would get such a negative reaction we would have done it in a different way. The game is inspired by Grindhouse-style movies, so for us the trailer was natural way to deal with that subject matter. We hope when people play it they have fun with it.”

Blystad then predicted that by the time Absolution is released in November, no one will remember the Saints trailer. Whether his prediction abilities have improved since the trailer was released remains to be seen.

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