Nintendo Power Goes Out, Future US Promises Bang

Nintendo Power

After 24 years of loyally appearing in gamer mailboxes, Nintendo Power has finally tanked. An anonymous source broke the news to Ars Technica today, marking the end of one of the oldest gaming magazines in history.

This isn’t entirely surprising considering the fact that the entire US magazine industry saw a 10% decline in the first half of 2012 alone. More and more people are turning to online sources of news, being faster and of course cheaper than print versions. Though some publications are working on making the transition to the internet, Nintendo seems to have lost interest in its magazine altogether.

The upkeep of Nintendo Power was passed on to Future US in 2007, and since then the gaming giant has apparently been “difficult to work with,” according to the Ars Technica source. Nintendo was unwilling to take over the magazine again, look into Future’s “digital initiatives,” or renew their contract.

The grim news has been confirmed by senior editor Chris Hoffman via Twitter, saying that the Nintendo Power team would “try to make the last issues memorable,” while writer Phil Theobald promised that they have “something pretty sweet planned for the last issue.”Meanwhile, the staff will be transitioning to other magazines under Future US, so at least the writers we have come to know and love will not be without work.

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