PS4 Gets Uncharted


Sony was prepping the world tonight for the release of the PS4, and in the process they showed off a quick intro to one of the next big titles for the new console: Uncharted!

The developers at Naughty Dog are hard at work at the next iteration of the series, and there isn’t much more coming out yet. We don’t even know if Nathan Drake will be in the unscheduled release. The only concrete info was released on the PlayStation blog by Naughty Dog and it only said they were busy. Like all the previous versions, this one will only be available on the PS4 – all you gamers waiting for the Xbox One won’t get a chance to play.

Over the past few years, Naughty Dog has been unofficially saying that they’d like to focus on other games/series, but with this confirmation, it seems they were convinced to have at least a dedicated team working on getting a new Drake adventure. The teaser trailer has also been posted online, and Sony did confirm that Todd Stashwick is providing some type of voice acting for the game – he’s a great actor, and he’s been in a variety of TV shows and movies in the past decade.

Drake’s Deception is one of my favorite games, and here at, we’ll keep an eye on any upcoming developments. And of course any cheat codes.

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2 Comments on "PS4 Gets Uncharted"

  1. Johnna Rhodus November 17, 2013 at 9:44 pm - Reply
    This would be awesome! Uncharted has always been one of my favorite PS3 games, it would be amazing to have the franchise continue on the PS4.
  2. Charles Mohler November 19, 2013 at 9:51 pm - Reply
    The level of detail in this game on the ps3 has always been outstanding.The functionality of controls and such has always been perfect and seeing that they will be making a new game for the Ps4 is amazing. I can only imagine how beautiful this game shall be.

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