Hearthfire: Skyrim DLC

Bethesda announced the release date for it’s Skyrim DLC entitled “Hearthfire” as September 4th. This add-on isn’t free though; it will set you back 400 Microsoft points for the Xbox 360 version.

The name matches the main theme and features of the DLC. You can now buy land and build your very own permanent home. With new tools like a drafting table and carpentry bench, you are the sole contractor for your new residence. From architect and designer to builder and home-owner. From a simple single-room house to multi-story mansions and castles. You can also have a family, kids, and more. It’s like The Sims: Skyrim Edition!

Taken to extreme, it also let’s you design your furniture and knick-knacks, which honestly isn’t a feature I would probably use very much. Luckily, you can create stewards to do all the “frou-frou” stuff for you…

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