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  • Adventure, Action / RPG Adventure
  • Unknown
  • Squaresoft
  • Teen
  • January 15, 1998


Poach Same Monster Over And Over And Over

Note: This not work on monsters that can not move in water/chocobos) First go to Bariaus Valley select the monster on your team you want to poach (Wildbow is very good with this glitch) and have him move in a depth 2 water area. Now get the person with secret hunt on kill the monster then it should say "poach successful" but the monsters body will remain there and you can revive it and kill it again and again and again if it a good monster like a wildbow you can poach it to get the ribbon over and over and over. And still keep the wildbow!

Not A Big Battle

Right before you enter the fight with the guy who knows Night Sword I don't know his name but he wears brown armor. The fight takes place at Zirekile Falls. Just before you enter take all his weapons, armor ,etc. Then he can't use Night sword on you or anyone else.

Get New Moves Or Items

When you are fighting about 4/5 guys, weaken just one of them so bad that they will have somewhere around 10 hp! Then kill everyone else while the weakened one is hiding. When the other guys are killed, the weakened one will come and attack. Don't attack him/her until you get everything from the monster! (You can't get anything unless the timer runs down to the number 0. When it does, they will turn into a Crystal or a treasure box!)

Get New Monsters

Warning! You must be a meditator to do this hint. When you are a meditator, learn something called "Train"! Then go to item and change it for "Train"! When your fighting(and you want that monster) and the monster is almost dead (like 50-40hp) hit it with the guy who knows "Train" and then the screen should say "Tamed" with a little bit of different music!

Get More Gp

When you just got some new people from the Soldier Office, give them the best items that they can get! Then go to a Bar and do the Propositions! Use three guys to get alot of Gp! If you don't use three guys, then you will get somewhere around 40-50 Gp. If you use three guys, then you will get around 100-150!

Increase Faith & Brave Levels Permanently

It is really simple but takes a lot of time. Simply make someone a mediator and have them cast either Praise or Preach on any character. If it works their level will increase by four but sometimes you will miss. Keep doing it until the battle is over. Then go to formation and check the levels of the character that you had either preached or praised. Generally with Ramza, everytime his level increases by four in the battle, it also increases his permanent status by one, this might be different for other characters though. Takes a long time but I have Ramza at a 98 Brave and 97 Faith. What does it do, well for faith it helps increase damage for spells making a calculator even more dangerous, I don't know what Brave does though. WARNING: If you increase any characters level too high, with the exception of Ramza, he or she will tell you to kneel and prey. If their level goes too high they leave the party and you loose what they had on them, so make sure you save when you start hitting the nineties.

Score Challenge Mode (Japanese Version)

Obtain the Book Of Life in Chapter two. Then, stop reading the book before reaching the "Good Ending". Now read through the book again to access a hidden "Score Challenge mode". This mode allows the Chocobo Race sequence to be played for money.

Full Cure

To cure your party in battle first put the battle mode on active. Then cast Regain on your party. After Regain, but before the next spell, open the PlayStation door. The battle will stop, but the regain will not.

Instantly Kill Undead

To instantly kill an undead (ghouls, skeletons, etc), simply throw them a Phoenix Down. You will never miss and they'll die instantly! Note: When you kill undead this way a timer will appear. If you don't finish the game before the timer reaches 0 the undead will rise again.

Obtain Strong Weapons

Enter the Deep Dungeon (or explore around the Deep Dungeon) and fight random battles. After awhile a battle with a few male ninjas and one female ninja will begin. The ability catch on all of you characters must be present. Kill all of the male ninjas during the beginning of the battle. Then, wait until the female ninja throws a weapon (Chaos blade, Nagra rock, etc). Since you have the catch ability on, the weapons will be yours.

Obtain Rare Move Find Items

When obtaining move find items that are spread throughout the game, step on the panel that has the item hidden beneath and lower your brave level. This increases the chances of obtaining a rare item.

Duplicate Weapons

Set the Ninja "Two Swords" skill on anyone. Equip a shield in their right hand, and the item you want duplicated in their left. Now go to a shop that sells the items you want duplicated, choose "BEST FIT" and buy them. Next, go to the formation screen and remove the items. You should now have two of the item you had in the left hand. For example, to duplicate Excaliber, go to Lionel castle's shop. You'll get a second Excalibur for only 10 gold.

Cloning Swords

The sword to be cloned must be weaker than any other sword that can be purchased. First, change your character to a Knight and equip two swords on him or her. Then, equip the sword to be clone in your character's lower hand and a shield in the upper hand. Go to a shop, select best fit, and purchase it. Your character should now have two of the desired sword.

Cloning Samurai And Ninja Swords

Note: Orlandu must on your team to perform this trick. The sword to be cloned must be weaker than any other sword that can be purchased. Change Orlandu to his primary job and equip two swords on him. Then, equip the sword to be clone in the lower hand and a shield in the upper hand. Go to a shop, select best fit, and purchase it. Your character should now have two of the desired sword.

Get Cloud

This tip must be done during Chapter Four. Not that you should have about six empty spaces in your formation screen before attempting this.

    1. Go to Zeltennia Castle and listen to the rumor called "Cursed Island". 2. Buy a flower from Aeris at Zarghidas Trade City then go to Goug machine city with Mustadio. The screen will fade and go to a scene of Mustadio, Ramza and a steel ball. 3. Go to the bar in Goland Coal City and listen to the rumor of the "Ghost of Colliery". 4. After this, go to Lesalia Imperia and the screen should shown a scene of a bar. When you leave, invite Beowulf to join your party. 5. Now that you have Beowulf, go to Goland Coal City and you will fight 4 battles here and save Reis. After you save Reis you will get a Zodiac Stone that will trigger the steel ball. 6. Return to Goug Machine City again and add the Robot to your party. 7. Now that you have the robot, go to Nelveska Temple. You will fight another robot kill him and you will recieve a stone that will bring Cloud to your world. 8. Now go back to Goug Machine City and you will trigger the time portal machine and it will suck Cloud from the future bringing him to your world. 9. Now go to Zarghidas Trade City and save Cloud from the thieves that are punking Aeris. Note: If this part didn't work make sure that you killed Dycerag and his Zodiac Soul Adramelk.
When Cloud joins your party all he can do is defend and attack. You'll need to find his Materia Blade so that he can use all of his limit attacks from Final Fantasy VII. The Materia Blade is located in the Bervania Volcano. Set your party's on Move-Find Item. Then go to the highest tall rock and to the top of it.

Best Equipment And Its Location

Sword: Nagra Rock - In the back of Nelveska Temple or poach:Porky Knight Sword: Break Blade - Last battle of Deep Dungeon Bow: Perseus Bow - 8th battle of Deep Dungeon Crossbow: Gastrafitis - Shop Knive: Zorlin Shape - Poach a Plague Stick: Whale Whisker - Poach: Tiamat Hammer: Scorpion Tail - Poach: Hyundra Axe: Slasher - Shop Katana: Chirijraden - Last battle of Deep Dungeon Ninja Sword: Kogo Knife - 7th battle of Deep Dungeon Gun: Blast Gun - 6th battle of Deep Dungeon Spear: Javelin II - Right podium of Nelveska Temple Staff: Sage Staff - 7th battle of Deep Dungeon Rod: Faith Rod - 4th battle of Deep Dungeon Book: Madlemgen - Poach: Great Morbol Harp: Fairy Harp - 4th battle of Deep Dungeon or poach: Treant Fabric: Ryozan Silk - Poach: Tiamat Bag: FS Bag - Poach: Wild Boar Shield: Escutcheon II - Left podium of Nelveska Temple Helmet: Grand Helmet - 9th battle of Deep Dungeon Hat: Thief Hat - Shop Ribbon: Ribbon - Poach: Wild Boar Armor: Maximillion - 9th battle of Deep Dungeon Robe: Robe of Lords - 8th battle of Deep Dungeon Cloth: Rubber Conscious - Poach: Hydra Gauntlet: Genji Guantlet - Steal: Elmdor Ring: Angel Ring - Shop Mantle: Vanish Mantle - Gemineas Peak Perfume: Chantage - Poach: Porky


Music Test

Enter "BGMXXXX" as a name.

Music Test (Japanese Version)

Enter "B-G-M-Ki-Ki-Ta-I" as a name.

Control Screen Brightness (Japanese Version)

In the "Sound Novel", press L1 to increase or R1 to decrease the brightness.


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