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A  H O U S E  O F  C A R D S

Written By Colton Kenney

P R E F F E R E D  W E A P O N  S E T
-Silverballer w/ Silencer
-W2000 Sniper Rifle w/ Scope 2 and Silencer

-Muhammed bin Fasil al Kaleef
-Hendrick Shmutz
-The Sheik's Scientist

W A L K T H R O U G H 
When the mission starts you'll be outside the front entrance of the Shamal Hotel
and Casino. Run into the casino taking either the left or right fork. Go to the 
regestration desk on the right side of the room and talk to the woman to 
recieve the keycard for your room. Now go up the stairs and call the elevator 
on the left side. When it arrives get in. Now wait until the doors close and 
then climb up above the elevator. Set your sniper rifle case down. Eventually 
the Sheik's scientist will enter this elevator. When the elevator starts going 
up pull out your fiber wire and strangle him. Be sure to take his keycard. Drop 
down and take the briefcase with the diamonds, press the button for the 7th 
floor and take the case to your room. Now head back to that elevator and reclaim
your sniper case. Take it to your room as well. Now enter the elevator on the 
right side and climb up above it. Eventually Hendrick Shmutz will enter. Do the 
same with him as you did with the scientist. Now head down to the casino level.
Take the double doors on the right then immediately turn left and then right at 
the first door. One of the Sheik's guards repeatedly comes into the bathroom. 
First we need to take care of the civillian. When nobody else is in the bathroom
and the door is closed, sneak up behind him while he's using the toilet and push
him forwards. This will knock him out. Close the stall door and wait for the 
guard to come into the bathroom. Do the same with him and take his clothes as 
well. Take his keycard if you didn't already take the scientist's. Now head to 
the 7th floor and retrieve your sniper case. Now head to the 8th floor. Check 
your map for the room with guards at the room's entrance (the yellow symbols on 
the map). Go to that room and close the doors behind you. Now set down the 
sniper case and pull out your sedative syringe. Sneak up behind the guard 
looking out the window and sedate him. Now go to the bedroom and dial the 
Sheik's cellphone with the scientist's. Go back to your sniper case and unpack 
it. Now go out to the balcony and wait. Look for a square shaped area with 
double doors leading to the area. There should be a red light by the doors as 
well. Eventually the Sheik will come through the doors. Wait for him to stop 
and then assassinate him. Go back into the room and put your sniper rifle away. 
Take it back to your room on the 7th floor and unpack it again. now store in in 
the ICA case behind the couch. Grab the diamonds briefcase and head back down  
to the lobby. Go to the casino level and this time take the double doors on the 
left side. Go outside to the limo that's waiting for you to finish the mission.

E N D 

Written by Colton Kenney (El Verdugo)
My e-mail is [email protected]
Thanks to Cheatcodes.com. Also thanks to Edios and
IO Interactive for making such a great game.

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