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10 STAR RANKING GUIDE               

                                                 By Chr1s_r3dfield

Table of Contents:





5-1. Action level
5-2. Riddle level
5-3. Saves
5-4. Defeated Enemies by Fighting
5-5. Defeated Enemies by Shooting
5-6. Items
5-7. Time
5-8. Boat Stage Time
5-9. Ending
5-10. Total Damage

6-1. Pyramid Head (Apartment Building)
6-2. Hanged Men
6-3. Pyramid Head (Hospital Basement)
6-4. Doorman
6-5. Eddie
6-6. Pyramid Heads (Alternate Hotel)
6-7. Mary/Maria



9-1. The Beginning
9-2. The streets of Silent Hill
9-3. Wood Side Apartment
9-4. Blue Creek Apartment
9-5. Rosewater Park
9-6. The streets of Silent Hill 2nd time
9-7. Pete's Bowl-O-Rama
9-8. Brookhaven Hospital
9-9. Alternate Hospital
9-10. Alternate Silent Hill
9-11. Rosewater Park 2nd time
9-12. Silent Hill Historical Society
9-13. Toluca Prison
9-14. Labyrinth
9-15. The Boat Stage
9-16. Lakeview Hotel
9-17. Alternate Hotel
9-18. The End





Well, this is the first FAQ I wrote, so all I want to say is:
I've been playing the Silent Hill series for a few years now and have 
completed them all so I have a lot of experience. I wrote this FAQ to help 
people get 10 stars without too much trouble, which I have been through.
I hope they find this FAQ useful, because attempting for a 10 star game 
without help is very hard.


If you have any questions that you don't understand in the game, or have an 
opinion about my FAQ, feel free to e-mail me and I'll reply to you.
My e-mail is [email protected]
However, I will immediately delete a message that has an attachment.
It's not necessary, but you could write for the subject SH or SILENT HILL or 
And please, try to read the FAQ before asking me questions about it.


If you wish to publish this, just contact me and ask me for permission.
But remember to contact me first!
There's not much more to be said here...


There are three versions of the Silent Hill 2 game:
The original for PS2, the version for the XBOX (Restless Dreams) and the 
Greatest Hits Version for PS2
The XBOX version and The Greatest Hits version have the same extras that the 
original doesn't have.
There are extra endings, a mini-game and items. However, in order to get 10 
stars, the extra items also need to be picked up.
You must have 150 items and a few more - in the original version +7 and in 
the others +8.I played the Original Version only, so I don't know much about 
the other versions.
I'll explain how the 10 star ranking works in the next section.


Getting the 10 stars in Silent Hill games is the hardest thing I ever tried 
with games.
But as soon as you complete the game a few times on hard difficulty, you 
become a pro, and it doesn't seem so hard.
When I first started going for 10 stars, I was like '' this is impossible to 
get!'', but once I completed the game and was very close to 10 stars, I got 
motivated to keep trying.
Well, let's see the requirements, shall we?

5-1. Action Level: It has to be HARD, or you won't get the golden star, 
required for 10 stars. It is hard only throughout the first and second play, 
but after that it becomes extremely easy.
On Action level Hard, enemies are tough and can kill you easily if you're 
not careful.

5-2. Riddle Level: It can be either HARD or EXTRA Riddle Level. If you have 
already completed the HARD riddle once, you should already have the EXTRA 
riddle unlocked, instead of HARD. It says HARD, but when you save your 
progress, it says EXTRA.
It's not sure if you'll have it, and I'm not sure why. For some reason, 
through my first play, when I completed hard riddle, I didn't unlock extra, 
but later I did. However, after I completed the Extra riddle once and played 
again, it was back on Hard.
Anyway, it doesn't matter whether it's hard or extra.
Keep in mind that if you're going for 10 stars, you must know all riddles, 
not to waste time.

5-3. Saves: You can save up to two times, but no more than that!
Some people say that even if you check the save sign and don't save, it 
counts as a save.
The places where I saved the game through my play's in the alternate 
hospital, after you meet up with Maria. The reason why I saved here is 
simple - the chances of Maria's death are big, and Pyramid Head is shortly 
after that.
The second place where I save is right after the fight with Eddie, because 
of the boat stage. But if you prefer, you can save before Eddie, to conserve 
your health and have better chances of killing him with the least damage.
This save point idea was given to me by Shawn, another Silent Hill fan who 
wrote a 10 star guide. He got 10 stars a few years ago, while I didn't even 
know of Silent Hill.
You're going to need a lot of time, especially until you reach the first 
save point, at least about 50 minutes- 1 hour. You'll also need to kill 
enemies, so it will take some time. But be careful, if you die, you'll have 
to start all over.

5-4 Defeated Enemies by Shooting: This is pretty hard if you're going for 10 
stars, especially if there are a lot of enemies around. You must kill at 
least 75 enemies by shooting to get a gold star, which is required for 10 
Here's a tactic of killing an enemy by shooting - you bring the enemy down, 
and keep shooting him until the radio static stops. It's very important to 
stop shooting once you can't hear the radio anymore, because otherwise 
you'll waste a lot of ammo.
The problem is that James will keep aiming and shooting the enemies for a 
while, even if they're dead. 
It takes a lot of bullets to kill an enemy when he's on the ground, and the 
enemy will probably get up once after you bring him down, so it won't be 
easy. It takes about one clip (8-10 bullets) of handgun to kill an enemy by 
shooting when he's on the ground.

5-5. Defeated Enemies by Fighting: You'll probably get the most enemies 
killed by fighting because it's extremely easy. Once the enemy is on the 
ground, all you have to do is get near the enemy and kick it using the 
action button. But if there are a few enemies around, the ones you bring 
down may get up while you're fighting the other one.
Again, you must kill at least 75 enemies to get a golden star. There's not 
much more to explain here. You can see the tactics in the section BASICS FOR 

5-6. Items: This one is so easy, that even a complete amateur of Silent Hill 
can get this one done.
All you have to do is find at least 150 items + the extra items. Now in the 
original version there are 7 extra items (there are 4 extra items which you 
need for the Rebirth ending, the dog key, the hyper spray and the chainsaw), 
and in the Greatest Hits version you need 150 items +8. The 8th extra item 
that you need is the blue gem.
So all you have to do is get at least 150 items +7/8.
Nothing more to say here...

5-7. Time: This shouldn't be a problem, if you know the game well, that is. 
The time for which you beat the game must be under 3 hours. It's not hard, 
considering that you'll complete the game for about 2h 30min.
The tactics here are simple - you just have to know where exactly to go and 
you must know all the puzzle solutions, so that you don't waste time. The 
enemy kills will especially take your time, so I advise that you know where 
to go and what to do. Also, while you're on the streets of Silent Hill 
you'll have to get off you're route to get items like ammo and recovery 
medicines. This you will need to do, to get enough items. 
While playing, you shouldn't worry about time, because you'll have bigger 

5-8. Boat Stage Time: In the beginning, this is very hard, but after a few 
shots, it becomes fairly easy. On EASY and NORMAL action level it's simple - 
you just need to hold the left analog stick.
But...on HARD action level it's not so simple. You must rotate both analog 
sticks towards each other. Rotate the right analog stick clockwise and turn 
the left analog stick thunder clockwise. You must complete the boat stage 
for less than 1 minute and 20 seconds. You should have about 5 seconds left 
when you beat the stage, but it's only important that you beat the stage in 
less than 1min 20 sec.

5-9. Ending: The ending doesn't affect your ranking, but if you know what's 
good for you, you'll go for the DOG ending. Reason - it's very hard getting 
less than 500 pts of damage if you have to fight both Pyramid Heads and 
Mary/Maria. In the DOG ending case, you will not be penalized for getting 
that ending, but before attempting the 10 stars, you must have all endings, 
which there are 4. 
But you also must get the extra endings, which there is 1 in the original 
version and 3 in the others.
So, if you have the original version, you must have 4 endings (+1) and if 
you have the Greatest Hits version, you must have 4 endings (+3).
But if you do wish to get an ending besides DOG, you can find the guide in 
this FAQ. Whether you want any other ending besides DOG and REBIRTH, you 
can't get them, because you must find all extra items, which include the 4 
items for the REBIRTH end. Both of those are joke endings, so, spare 
yourself, and go for DOG.

5-10. Total Damage: This one is pretty hard, even if you're a Silent Hill 
veteran. You can take up to 500 points of damage, but no more than that. 
This is pretty hard, considering that you also need to kill 150 enemies 
altogether. It's even harder if you're going for an ending besides DOG. 
I barely made it with this one, but only because I got careless in the end. 
You must stay focused all of the time! If you get hit too many times in a 
certain place, restart your game. That way you'll be better the next time 
you play. The more you keep trying, the bigger are chances that you'll make 
it. Certain bosses (like Eddie) will take a lot of your health, so you must 
conserve your health as much as it is possible. Don't allow yourself to be 
hit by dumb enemies like the SPITTER. Those boring guys can hit you a lot of 
times if you're not careful, so don't waste your damage points on dumb 
Through my first play for 10 stars I got 527 pts of damage and I was not 
happy about it. After that, it became less hard.


This section is divided for strategies against the bosses in Silent Hill 2.
Let's start now with the first one:

6-1. Pyramid Head (Apartment Building): The Pyramid Head in the Blue Creek 
Apartment is pretty dangerous - he has attacks that take you a lot of health 
and he has one super attack that kills you instantly. I never got killed 
there until I tried to complete the game with no saves. Here's the strategy 
for PH (it is simple):
When the battle starts, start shooting at the creeper. Remember to reload 
your handgun in the items menu, by no chances in the game! That would be 
So, shoot PH a few times until he appears on the screen and stops - then run 
to the opposite corner, dodging PH's hit. When in the corner, you can shoot 
him a lot of times (unless you bumped into a wall). You can shoot him about 
10 times if he's far away. You can tell that you're shooting him when you 
hear a metallic sound.
Before he attacks, run to the opposite corner (don't wait for too long, or 
you might get killed) and shoot again. After he has taken a lot of shots, 
he'll start using his super attack, so be careful. Expect to die here at 
least once, but not if you save the game. It's a curse to die in a game 
exactly when you don't save it.
When you hear the sirens, it means you have defeated PH, but even then he 
can kill you so stay out of his way. If you're close to him, he'll try to 
kill you on his way out.
If you're in the corner opposite of the door when you hear the sirens, just 
stay still until PH leaves the room. But if you're in the corner with the 
door, run to the opposite side and wait until PH leaves.

6-2. Hanged Men: This boss shouldn't be a problem to you. The weapon of your 
choice is the shotgun, because it stuns them, not allowing them to choke 
There are three of them in the room, so here's what I do:
I go to a corner and make sure that they're not close to me and then I fire 
at them one bullet (very rarely two, because it's risky).
After I fire the bullet, I run to a corner (opposite of the Hanged Men) and 
do the same thing (fire a bullet).For a minute or two, one of them should 
die, leaving two more.
After all three are dead, another one shows up - he's faster and tougher, 
but since he's alone, he's easy to kill. Kill him the same way you did the 
first three.
You can take one or two hits the most, but no more than that!

6-3. Pyramid Head (Hospital Basement): I always hated this part, because 
Maria can get killed easily. On other difficulties you could just run to the 
elevator, but on HARD action level there's no way to do it, especially if 
you bump into a wall.
So here's what you do: As soon as PH appears shoot him about 5-7 times using 
the handgun to stun him. This will give you time to get passed one or two 
corners. As soon as you pass those corners, stop and turn around. Be careful 
not to shoot Maria (one shot kills her). Fire off a few more rounds at PH.
After that, pass two more corners (three if they're short) and repeat the 
process. After that I usually just keep running towards the elevator, but if 
you don't want Maria to take any damage, repeat the process I just 
It's the best to save the game after meeting up with Maria, because I can't 
guarantee that you'll make it from the first go.

6-4. Doorman: This is hard if you want 10 stars, mostly because this is a 
fight from close range. T he weapon of choice here is the shotgun. Okay, 
here we go:
As soon as the battle starts, make a quick turn around (L1+R1/PS2) and run 
to the left corner. Quickly aim and fire two shots to stun him. The next 
step is risky, but here goes, there's no other way - run past by the Doorman 
and to the other corner. Shoot him two more times. Repeat the process until 
he dies. In case you're in the centre and he grabs you fire one bullet and 
he'll grab you again (since if you try to run to a corner, he'll grab you 
anyway). After that shoot one more bullet and run to a corner while he's 
Thanks to Shawn Jenner for this tactic.

6-5. Eddie: This is one of the hardest bosses to kill. It's okay if Eddie 
hits you countless times, because his attacks are almost impossible to 
avoid. At first, you'll fight Eddie in a small room. Here's what I do: I 
equip the hunting rifle and shoot him four times. If you're lucky, Eddie 
will just run around or start hitting you. But if he draws his gun, it's 
going to be bad.
Be careful not to miss Eddie while he's running around. Soon, he'll run into 
the meat room. This is where hell begins - when the battle starts, strafe 
right behind the meat and start running, because Eddie will chase you. When 
you get enough time to turn around and aim, wait until the view is clear 
(the meat might block the aiming view) and start shooting.
Reload in the menu and continue. You might get lucky and Eddie might start 
going towards you, giving you plenty of time to shoot him, however, he might 
punch you, but don't worry, it doesn't take much health.
If Eddie starts shooting, get behind the closest meat and wait for him to 
get closer, so that he uses his hands, not the revolver.

6-6. Pyramid Heads (Alternate Hotel):  Your timing here has to be real good 
or you're finished. There are two Pyramid Heads here and this is the most 
boring fight in the while game. It's not too hard, but it's really long. On 
EASY, you shoot them a couple of times with the rifle and they die, but one 
HARD, you'll spend a lot of bullets, so I suggest you have about a hundred 
bullets (you also need to fight the last boss). 
Pyramid Heads have one simple attack - they stab you. Don't worry, this 
can't kill you instantly, but it can take about half of your health, so I 
suggest staying at full health. If your timing is right, PH might not even 
touch you.
Here's the strategy - when the battle starts, run into a corner and aim with 
the rifle. Make sure that neither of PH is near you, or they will hit you. 
If you have enough space, fire one (maybe two) rifle shots. Quickly release 
the aim button and run to the next corner. Be careful not to run too close 
to PH, because they will hit you. After you have fired the shot, or two, run 
to the other corner (run opposite of the place where Pyramid Heads are - for 
example, if Pyramid Heads are more on the left side, run to the right side 
and to the corner.
Be careful not to bump into a wall, because you'll lose time. If you get to 
a corner and still see PH close to you, run to the other corner. Try to keep 
those two together, so that you can hit them nicely. Sometimes you can stun 
PH when shooting. If that happens after the second shot, fire off two more, 
but don't let him get too close.
For about 7-10 minutes, this battle should be over.

6-7. Mary/Maria: I haven't found a reliable tactic against this boss, but I 
do it this way:
When the battle starts, I turn around and run to the other side. She then 
usually fires those bats. They won't take your health, they only stun you. 
Just keep running from them until they disappear. Then fire two shots at the 
boss and back up, she will probably try to choke you.
The best weapon here would certainly be the handgun, because it's fast and 
easy to use (as for the shotgun and rifle, it takes a lot of time for James 
to fire a bullet and lower his gun), but by the time you reach the final 
boss, you probably won't have enough ammo for the handgun, so keep using it 
until you're out of ammo.
After that, go for the rifle. This is the toughest boss I ever fought in all 
of Silent Hill series.


Of course there's a reason why you're going for 10 stars. That reason is the 
weapon called hyper spray. I mentioned that it has to be collected to get 10 
stars. When you beat the game twice you unlock the hyper spray. There are a 
few types of hyper spray, depending on how many stars you got. If you get 10 
stars, you get the green hyper spray that has the power of the hunting 
rifle. It's unlimited, but whenever you use it, it drains your health. It 
can't kill you, but it can bring your health down to the minimum. But if you 
want 10 stars, you absolutely must not use it. You have to collect it and 
the chainsaw, but you mustn't use it, or you get a rank deduction.
You can find the hyper spray in motor home in Saul Street.
After a 10 star game, playing with the green hyper spray makes you feel like 
a god.
It will kill all enemies except the final boss and PH in the hospital and in 
the labyrinth. Mostly all other enemies (not bosses) die by a simple push of 
a button.


This section is divided to help the players overcome obstacles with ease and 
get the 10 stars in a less hard way. This isn't just ordinary hits and tips, 
but these will help you in HARD action level to learn the basics.
First of all, you must know that you mustn't use any extra weapons 
(chainsaw, hyper spray), but you must collect them in order to get 10 stars. 
You must know the solution to all puzzles, because if you don't, you'll 
waste a lot of time. 
Next, you should set the bullet adjuster to x3. If you don't, you'll be out 
of ammo most of the time. It takes more than 10 bullets to kill an enemy on 
HARD and if you don't set the adjuster to x3, you'll get only 10 bullets 
each time you find an ammo box. But if you set it x3, you'll get 30 bullets 
for one box.
I don't think you should use melee weapons, because it's too risky. Even if 
you know how to handle melee weapons (unlike me), don't use them. You won't 
need to, either. The only place where you will use it is on the first 
Spitter in the beginning of the game. You will use the handgun until you 
reach the alternate hospital. You'll then use the shotgun until you reach 
the Historical Society. The rifle will be used only on the last three bosses 
(or last one if you're going for the DOG ending).
As for health - conserve as many health items as you can. You'll need them, 
believe me. Now here are some hints for Maria: If you want her to stay 
alive, kill all enemies when you're with her. Also, if she gets in front of 
you, immediately stop shooting - one shot kills her, so be careful. If she 
gets hit a few times, it's okay, but no more than that. Going through the 
game with Maria will be pretty hard, because she'll be a burden to you.
Use the quick spin (L1+R1/PS2) to escape the enemies that are too close to 
you. You can also use it to save time that doesn't need to be wasted. Use 
the strafing to dodge enemies attacks (L1 or R1/PS2).
If there are a lot of enemies around, don't kick the ones on the ground. 
First bring the other ones down, unless it's safe to kick them. But never do 
this: There are two Nurses with pipes. You bring one down and kick it while 
the other one beats you up. WRONG!
Bring them both down to have a better opportunity - to kill them without 
taking any hits and to kill them by shooting (for example). After they are 
both on the ground, start kicking them.
When you kill an enemy, they'll probably reappear. Kill them again to get an 
enemy kill. I suggest you take a paper and write how many enemies you killed 
by shooting, and how many by fighting.
Doormen - those enemies are one of the strongest in the game. Luckily, we'll 
see them only in the hotel. The weapon I use on them is the shotgun, even 
though it doesn't make much effect. Fire two rounds to immobilize them, then 
kick them, or shoot them to death. If you wish to shoot them, they'll get up 
and you'll have to shoot them two more times.
The streets - when you're on the streets, kill as many enemies as possible, 
because there are many of them, and the area is perfect for the fight - it's 
big and wide. Also, make sure to collect as many items as possible. You'll 
find a lot of items on the streets. Just don't kill them the first time on 
the streets - you will only have the plank.
Oh, and when there's more than 3 enemies at one place, use the shotgun to 
eliminate them - the shotgun can bring enemies down instantly, giving you a 
lot of opportunities. And one more thing - I won't mention all items in the 
game (health, ammo), some you'll have to find yourself, I don't know the 
whole game perfectly.
Well, I hope I helped. I can only provide hints and information from here.


9-1. The Beginning

And so, our game begins. Prepare your self. You could turn on some 
background music, because the game is tensing. Don't forget to set the 
bullet adjuster. Rub your hands and let's begin!
The toilet scene; When the scene is done (don't worry, the cut scenes do not 
take your time, but don't watch them to stay focused on the game) take the 
blue gem (greatest hits only) and get out.
After the cut scene, make the quick turn-around and go to James' car. Take 
the map and go left and a bit up, until you reach a small pathway to 
descend. Follow the only path, past the well and open the door. You're in 
the cemetery. Go forward and turn a bit to the right as you run.
After the cut scene with Angela, keep going forward, past the church and 
open the door. There's only one path here, so follow it. When you hear the 
sound of the chainsaw, stop. Go a bit forward and turn right. The chainsaw 
is in a log. Take it as an extra item, but don't use it. Keep going forward 
until you reach the streets of Silent Hill.

9-2. The Streets of Silent Hill

You should get to the streets for a few minutes. Now it's very important 
that you follow my guide on this part.
Once you reach the streets, go left, running on the right side of the 
street, until you reach a flower shop. Near it are health items to collect, 
on a display table. Go back from where you came and run to the opposite side 
(right) until the cut scene occurs.
Keep running after the trails of blood, but keep near the wall on the right 
side, because there is a health drink below a shutter. Keep going until you 
reach the trails of blood that lead into an alley. Follow it, but only for 
about 10 meters until you reach a fence with a door. Open the door and take 
the items (health drinks) - do not save!
Get out back to the alley and keep following the blood until you reach a 
dead end, a barricaded entrance. Go through it and a cut scene occurs. Here 
you fight the first enemy. Here's the tactics. As James takes the plank, 
hold the aim button and wait for the Spitter to spit his gas. Then start 
moving towards him, swinging the plank. If he hits you once, it' okay, but 
no more than that!
When you kill him, get out and back on your route, back on the streets. 
Enemies are everywhere, so unless you're a melee weapon master, don't kill 
the enemies. Go to Martin Street to find the apartment key and a health 
drink near a fence. Then go opposite of Martin Street to the small alley and 
take the health drink. Now go to Happy Burger (check on the map), left of 
Happy Burger is a FAK (first aid kit) and then go opposite, to find a health 
drink on stairs, just before Neely's Bar. Go across the street of Happy 
Burger and go to the front of the Sports Injury Center. You'll find a FAK.
Keep heading forward until you reach Lady Jades Restaurant, to find a FAK 
and a box of handgun bullets.
Finally, head to the Wood Side Apartment until you reach a fence gate. 
Unlock it using the key you found in Martin Street. Go inside the backyard 
and enter the building. Herein starts our suffering...

9-3. Wood Side Apartment

Take the map off the left wall and the health drink below the stairs. Go up 
to the second floor and open the door. Go right, ignore the enemies 
(carefully!) and open room 205 (check on map, some doors are barricaded). 
Take the FLASHLIGHT and quickly leave the room, before the Mannequin hits 
you. Return to the main hall and head to the third floor. Once you enter the 
hall, you'll see bars on the right. Check them to try to take the key. 
After the cut scene, go up to room 301 to take the HANDGUN in a basket. Get 
out and kill the enemy (preferably by shooting) and back to the second 
floor. There are no enemies anymore in the hall, so you can easily head 
towards room 208. At about halfway you'll hear a scream. After that, go to 
room 208 to find a corpse and the KEY TO ROOM 202.
I suggest that as soon as you get out of the room, you strafe right, because 
there could be a Spitter near you. Either way, kill him by fighting, because 
this hall is full of monsters. As soon as you kill the first one, slowly 
head to the end of the hall until you see another one, kill him. You're left 
with one more - but be careful, there's a small bug-like creature. Anyway, 
you can kill the last one by fighting and go to room 202.
Here, you'll find handgun bullets and CLOCK KEY. Return to room 208. If 
there are enemies in the hall, kill them by shooting. Go to room 208 and use 
the key on the clock.

On the wall is a written solution. 
H-Henry resembles hour
M-Mildred resembles minute
S-Scott resembles second.

You can only set hours and minutes, so them like they are on the wall. 
You'll hear a ''click'' when you did it right. After that, go to the clock's 
right side and push it. Enter the secret passage to get into a room. Get out 
of the room through the door and go up to the third floor. In the lobby, 
just before the door you'll find bullets. Now hen you get to the third 
floor, kill one enemy which is blocking your way to room 307. Even if he 
isn't blocking it, kill him.
Enter room 307 and after the cut scene with Pyramid Head take the COURTYARD 
KEY from the closet.
Now get out to the hall, go down the hall and enter the first door right. In 
this room there are enemies to kill and items to find. Now go out and kill 
the last enemy in the hall, or both of them, if the other one reappears. You 
might want to return to the previous room to kill again the ones that 
revived. Until you leave both apartment buildings, try to have at least 8 
enemies killed by shooting.
Anyway, we're in the hall of the third floor. First go west to the bars and 
take the FIR ESCAPE KEY and the health drink from the laundry room. Go east 
(check the map), that is, just go right of the room where you killed those 
enemies until you reach the door that leads into the entrance hall.
Go down to the first floor and go to the passage on the left to take the 
CANNED JUICE. Now go back and open the entrance door on the first floor. 
You'll be in the backyard where you started.
Go left and open the door where you've been (the one that leads into the 
building) and go straight to unlock the door on the first floor. Now you're 
in the courtyard. First go into the pool, you can simply just jump into it, 
and kill the enemies. Try to kill at least one by shooting. Take the SNAKE 
COIN and go back.
You have to entrances - the one where you've just been and another one. Go 
to the second one. Now listen carefully - as soon as you enter the room, run 
forward a few steps until you see a Spitter. Kill him by fighting and 
quickly turn around. There will be two more, but one behind you. Kill him by 
shooting and run left. But be careful, another might be there. If you happen 
to run into one, shoot him as you back up, but not too far. Kill that one by 
fighting and turn around to see if there' anyone else.
If there isn't, go to end of the right side of the hall (viewing from the 
entrance door) and open the door (room 101). Take the handgun ammo from the 
corner and enter the bathroom door. Once the cut scene has completed, return 
to the courtyard.
Now finally return to the main hall of the building (the one where you used 
the courtyard key) and climb up to the second floor. Kill the enemy by 
shooting and go into the laundry room. Use the CANNED JUICE on the garbage 
disposal and go back to the main hall.
Go to the first floor and open the entrance door to return to the backyard. 
Go to the centre to get to a garbage container. Take the OLD MAN COIN and 
return to the second floor where you used CANNED JUICE. Go west to the end 
of the hall and use the FIRE ESCAPE KEY. Enter the Blue Creek apartment 

9-4. Blue Creek Apartment

This is much shorter than Wood Side, so let's get this over with quickly. Go 
to the toilet and take out the paper. There' a code. It's for the safe in 
this room. If you're playing on hard, it should say something like 
It's like this: V-is five for roman. So if it's VV, then it is 5+5 is 10And 
so for the other numbers .If it's X2, the solution is 12. It's simple.
On extra, it says for example f>>5<>7, then the solution is: f is the 6th 
alphabetical number, so it' 6, but since only first nine letters appear, 
then you add 9 to each letter. That would mean that f is 15, g is 16, etc.
The >>> and <<< means in which direction to rotate the safe numbers. You 
must unlock this, because 4-5 handgun boxes are inside. That's about a 
hundred bullets.
Before leaving the room, take the health drink. Open the lobby door to get 
to the hall that will lead you to the first floor. On the floor beside the 
door is a map. Take it.
Go to room 109. Open the bedroom door. After the cut scene with Angela, take 
the PRISONER COIN. Go out to the hall and kill the enemies, preferably by 
shooting. Go to room 105. Take the WHITE CRISM (VERY IMPORTANT!) and use the 
coins on the desk. Here's the solution:
On hard it's - Empty, Old Man, Empty, Snake, Prisoner.
On extra it's - Old Man, Empty, Snake, Prisoner, Empty
I have to thank Conqueror for the puzzle solution.
Anyway, take the LYNE HOUSE KEY and head back to the second floor and use 
the key on room 209.Don't forget to kill enemies in the lobby. Now, you're 
in room 209. Go to the balcony and turn right. Go into the next room and 
take the APARTMENT STAIRWELL KEY. Back to the lobby and kill the enemies. 
Before you use the key on the door that leads to the stairwell, take a deep 
breath, and prepare for the first battle with Pyramid Head. I explained all 
tactics in the BOSS GUIDE section, so there's no need to do that again. Be 
careful not do die, because you'll have to start all over if you get killed 
Well I guess I can mention again that you have to shoot PH until you hear 
the sirens, then stay in a safe spot until he leaves. After the water is 
drained, follow the stairs and get out of there. Go down the stairs and turn 
left to take the health drink at a fence. Go to the opposite side now, but 
stay on the left side until you see a small opening with stairs. Climb them 
to find bullets. Go back and keep going straight until you see the sign that 
says "Rosewater Park".

9-5. Rosewater Park

The apartment buildings were just the first step. I hope you have at least 
18 enemies killed by fighting, and about 10 by shooting. From here, until 
Brookhaven you'll be killing enemies by shooting.
Enter the Rosewater Park and explore that maze, because there are a lot of 
useful supplies there. After you are done, go north until you reach the park 
end. In the right corner should be a health drink. Go left until the cut 
scene occurs, with the one and only - Maria!
From here she'll be a burden to you, so be careful not to shoot her. Go in 
the direction where you were going just before meeting Maria until you can 
turn left to the stairs. Keep going, until you see a Mannequin just before 
the park's exit. The Mannequin is on the right side and there's a health 
drink there. Kill her by shooting, but be careful not to shoot Maria. The 
Maria tactics are in the HINTS AND TIPS section. Go back on the streets.

9-6. The streets of Silent Hill 2nd time

We continue - turn left and keep going until you reach a collapsed road. 
Take the handgun bullet box and return to your route. Do you see ''Jack' 
Inn'' on the map?
Follow Nathan Avenue, going left from Jack's Inn. Keep yourself on the left 
side on the road, until you reach a fence opening. Go inside and take the 
DOG KEY from the dog house. Continue going, and remember to kill all enemies 
by shooting. When ever you hear your radio and see no monsters, stop and 
look around to kill them. You must be the hunter here.
Go to the ''Texon'' gas station to find a lot of useful items. Take the IRON 
PIPE from the car and two more health drinks and a box of bullets in front 
of a white van.
Also, look for the extra item on a newspaper stand, it's nearby. It's a book 
called CRIMSON CEREMONY. Make sure you found all supplies before you leave 
the Texon station. Keep following Nathan Avenue, nit because you have to, 
but because of enemies and a box of bullets. Keep going until you get to a 
corpse that holds a map. Take it - it shows ''Pete's Bowl-O-Rama''. Go 
there, but before that, take the box of handgun bullets near the corpse, a 
bit before it. If it makes you feel better, I didn't go there and I got the 
enemy kills that were needed for 10 stars, but I barely made it, so go 
Now go for the bowling place. In front of ''Pete's Bowl-O-Rama'' there is a 
health drink next to the sidewalk near some bushes. Take it.
Go inside the place.

9-7. Pete's Bowl-O-Rama

Maria decided to stay outside because she hates bowling, so you're in there 
alone. Open the door on James' right side and go through the next room until 
you reach the door. Once you're in the bowling field, move forward. Once 
Eddie's cut scene is over, head outside. Go right to see another cut scene. 
Go with Maria in that direction (right of the bowl's entrance) and follow 
the alley. Open the door at the end and go to James' left side until you 
reach a dead end. Go a few steps back and open the door. Go through 
''Heaven' Night'' (there's a FAK in the stage) and out to the back alley. Go 
straight and turn to James' right side. Follow the only path until you see a 
cut scene with Laura entering the hospital.
Go after her inside the hospital!

9-8. Brookhaven Hospital

This is one of the hardest parts in the whole game...
I always hated this hospital in both SH2 and 3. But let's hurry and it'll be 
over sooner!
First, take the map from the wall on the left side. Hope you have at least 
15 kills by shooting, but even that's too few. Open the door to the Document 
Room. Take the health drink from the desk where Maria is and open the door. 
Take the PURPLE BULL KEY from the desk on James' right side. Go back to the 
lobby and use the stairs to get to the second floor. Kill the Nurses, but be 
careful not to shoot Maria. Just remember, by the time you leave the 
hospital, you must have at least 50 kills by fighting and at least 30 by 
Once you killed the enemies, go into the small hall on the left and into 
Women's locker room. Check the doll on James' right side to take BENT 
NEEDLE. Move forward and take the SHOTGUN from the locker. Exit the room and 
cross the hall into Men's locker room. Take the EXAMINATION ROOM KEY from 
the locker. You should now go to the first floor to get the pass code and a 
box of shells for the shotgun.
So go down to the first floor and open the Examination Room. Open the next 
door (the only one) and take the shells from the sink. Also, next to the 
other door (which you will now unlock) is a pass code for the third floor. 
Go back to the second floor. Lemme mention this one more time - if an enemy 
reappears, kill him again! You must kill as many enemies as possible.
Actually, here's what I do next: I go to the third floor, kill the enemies 
in the lobby, enter the code on the wide door (1328), open it, kill the 
enemies and go to room S3. That's where you leave Maria and you can go 
alone, not worrying about her getting killed. Now that you're in room S3, 
you've obtained the ROOF KEY. Go back to the second floor (kill all enemies 
in the meantime, but carefully! They could surround you in the lobby, so run 
past one of them to have them in one spot, and then use the shotgun. As for 
the other lobby, that leads to the stairs, use the handgun quickly and don't 
kick them, because there's too many) and open the wide door. Take the 
handgun box from the chairs. Open the first door to James' right, the 
Examination room. Take the FAK and read the code from the typewriter. Get 
out and wipe out all enemies. Go to room M2 and take some shells and LAPIS 
EYE KEY. Go to room M6, kill the enemies and take the items.
Now go back to the stairwell and go to the roof. Read the diary if you want 
and go to the fence, where Pyramid Head will knock you down. 
Safety first! Use a FAK and a health drink. If you're heading for the LEAVE 
ending, use one more health drink. Open the third door from the left and 
read the bloody code. It's random, so I can't help you.
Now get out of here to the lobby. If you hear the sound of a stick, prepare 
your handgun. If they're there, you know what to do (kill them: p).
Open the wide, kill the enemies and go to S11 to take a health drink. Do not 
Go out and turn left. Keep going until the end of the hall. Open S14 and do 
this - combine LAPIS EYE KEY and PURPLE BULL KEY and use them on the box on 
the bed. Then enter the codes (bloody code and the one from examination room 
on the second floor). 
When you're done, you'll get a piece of HAIR. Go out to the lobby and into 
the Shower room. Combine the BENT NEEDLE and HAIR and use them to get 
ELEVATOR KEY. Use the key on the elevator on the third floor. Use the 
elevator to go down to the first floor.
Go to room C3 to find ammo. Then go to room C2 to find Laura. After all 
three cut scenes the battle with Hanged Men begins. You'll find my guide on 
them in BOOS GUIDE section. Use the shotgun on those creepers until all four 
of them die.
After that, the sirens are heard and the hospital becomes nightmarish (I 
always hated those worlds). You should be thankful that you don't need to 
see the alternate hospital in SH3 (especially if going for 10 stars there).
Well let' get this over with, shall we?

9-9. Alternate Hospital

This one is much shorter than the normal hospital, so let's hurry and end 
We are in a small room now. Exit it and collect the shells from the lobby. 
Enter room C2, but be careful of enemy ambushes. If you see more than one 
nurse right in front of you, use the shotgun. Anyways, take the FAK and exit 
the place. Go to room C1 and be extremely cautious. Kill the enemies here 
using the shotgun and take all items.
Get out and take the elevator to the second floor. Kill the enemies in the 
lobby, preferably by shooting, but if you must, kill them by fighting. Go to 
room M4. Kill the enemies with the shotgun and take the items. Go back to 
the lobby and go into room M6. Take the DRY CELL BATTERY and BASEMENT 
Get out and enter the elevator. Take it to the third floor. When you get out 
of the elevator, turn right and kill the nurse. Then turn around and kill 
the other ones. Go to room S11 to take the ampoule. You can go to the room 
where you left Maria (S3), but nothing is there. Open the wide door at the 
end of the lobby and kill the enemies. Don't move; just wait for them to 
come to you. Go to the stairwell and just keep descending until you reach 
the basement. Use the key and go inside.
Take the bullets and move the bookshelf. After that a cut scene with Maria 
occurs. Since you revealed a secret passage, go down there. Take the COPPER 
RING from the floor and get out, back to the stairwell.
When at the stairwell, go up to the third floor and save your game! 
Now I suggest you quit and rest, unless you're ready for more suffering and 
have enough time. At this point you should have about one hour of playtime. 
Maybe it took you a bit more time, because of the enemies you had to kill. 
Also, you should have about 50 kills by fighting and at least 20 by 
shooting. If you don't, its okay - you'll get it in the places that yet have 
to be explored.
Now go out to the third floor lobby and kill the enemies if they revived. 
Remember to stand in front of Maria (not Maria in front of you), and kill 
the enemies by fighting, since Maria's with you. Open the wide door that 
leads into the hall and take the elevator to the second floor.
VERY IMPORTANT! While you're in the elevator with Maria you'll get a radio 
static and you'll hear a voice. The voice belongs to a man who runs a show. 
Anyway, the man will ask you three questions. The answers are 3, 1 and 3. 
The first answer is Lakeside Amusement Park, the second answer is Walter 
Sullivan, and the third answer is Nathan Avenue. The answers are input on 
the third floor in the Store room.
But you don't go there yet.
Now that you're on the second floor, go to the Day room and try to open the 
fridge. Maria will give you a hand and you'll get the LEAD RING. Now go to 
the third floor and look left from the elevator. There's a door with a woman 
on it. Combine the rings and use them, but don't go in yet.
Go to the lobby and into the storeroom. You'll find supplies there, as well 
as the trick-or-treat box. It has nine buttons on it, placed like numbers - 
three in each row. Press the right one in the first row, press the first one 
in the second row, and press the right one in the third row. You'll get two 
ampoules and lots of shotgun ammo. Now go to the door where you used the 
rings. Keep going down until you reach a door. Enter it.
Now be very careful - this is the basement hall with Pyramid Head. At first 
he won't come, but if you move to the left corner, you'll hear a groan and 
suddenly, he'll appear from James' right side. So here's what you do: As 
soon as you hear the groan, go back a few steps and make sure you're 
standing next to Maria, NOT behind her. Shoot PH 5-7 times and run away for 
two corners. Then shoot him again to freeze him (5-7 times) and continue 
doing so until you get passed a wall with a wire net on it. You can then 
start running as fast as you can to the elevator. But do not bump into 
walls. You can find the guide for PH in the basement in the BOSS GUIDE 
section, like all other bosses.
Now that you've escaped and Maria has died, you can go on without a burden. 
Not that I was happy the first time when played through this part, but we 
need our freedom, once in a while. Besides, Maria's not done for, yet.
When the elevator opens, go to the Director's room (all other doors are 
locked and are strange looking). Take the HOSPITAL LOBBY KEY and you'll see 
a cut scene. Go out and use the key on the hospital's main door to get out. 
You're out of that horrible place, but the fun's just getting started. Now 
comes a part when James must face his repressed feelings and sins...

9-10. Alternate Silent Hill

After the cut scene of James deciding to finally find Mary, you start on the 
streets. You'll hear the sticks of the nurses. Follow those sounds and kill 
them - since you're on the street (there's a lot of space), I suggest you 
kill all enemies by fighting until you reach the Historical Society. On the 
streets is the best opportunity for enemy kills, so kill every single enemy. 
Go right of the hospital and right into Rendell Street. Keep going forward 
until you reach the end of the road, with an ampoule and handgun bullets in 
the left corner. Go back and you'll see a FAK near a car (you can't see the 
FAK while going into Rendell street, because it's behind a car.)
Now there are a lot of items to be found here, and I don't know where they 
are, so if you don't get them, you'll still have far more than enough for a 
gold star. So when you check it out (if you want to), go into Saul Street 
and follow it until you reach a door. Remember to kill enemies until you 
reach it.
Go through the ''alley'' and open the door at the end of the ''alley''.
Go a bit forward and get inside motor home on James' right side. Take the 
Hyper Spray and get out. Take the FAK and bullets that are in front of the 
motor home and keep going. Okay, I won't mention enemies, because you know 
what to do (just in case you don't know, the answer is KILL 'EM!). I'll just 
give you directions for Rosewater Park. Starting from Saul Street, turn 
left, then right, to the front of Neely's bar and keep going straight until 
you pass the alley on the left. Then turn left and stop at the ''Letta 
Wrench'' place (it's on your map). Now just pass by the Wood Side and Blue 
Creek apartment and keep going until you reach a dead end. Open the door. 
Now all that's left for you to do is get to Rosewater Park. Use the park's 
left (west) entrance. I hope you already have at least 35 dead enemies by 

9-11. Rosewater Park 2nd time

So, we're back in the park. You'll probably spend some time here, so you'll 
find some useful items. What you need to do, is find a statue. Behind the 
statue is a mound of dirt where you can dig. After you have dug, use the 
WRENCH to open the box. Inside it is an OLD BRONZE KEY. Now get out of the 
park using the same entrance and head right (west) for the Silent Hill 
Historical Society. You'll run into a lot of enemies until you reach that 
place, so kill them all.
When you finally reach the Society, unlock the entrance door using the OLD 
BRONZE KEY and enter the place. Now comes the part I hate the most - well 
actually, a bit later, but this place is a part of it.

9-12. Silent Hill Historical Society

Well, you're now officially in the Historical Society. Go forward and open 
the door on the right side. Take the OBSIDIAN GOBLET, the extra item from 
the glass case and keep going down the hallway until you reach a door.
Take the FAK from the desk and open the next door. Watch out for some 
enemies here (3 of them, I think) and after you kill them, open the door at 
the end of the hall. Go forward and open the door. Jump into the hole and 
you'll be in a well. Equip you're STEEL PIPE and start examining the well 
walls until James says ''Huh? This spot is different''. Use the pipe to 
break the wall by hitting it twice. Equip your handgun (or shotgun, 
depending on how much ammo you have for the handgun) and open the door. 
Immediately start shooting the Spitter on the right side. Keep going 
carefully, because there are more enemies around. 
Kill them by fighting (from here kill enemies to get the fight-kills done - 
you need 75) and open the right door. Open the door on the right and take 
the SPIRAL-WRITING KEY from the floor. Suddenly, the picture goes black. 
Move to the door's right side and use the DRY BATTERY CELL. You'll then see 
bugs all around. Ignore them; just input the code on the panel, which is on 
the door's right side. Three numbers need to be pushed. The code is random, 
so you'll have to figure it out yourself.
After you input the right code, open the door. Go to James' right side and 
use the SPIRAL-WRITING KEY on the floor-door. Jump into the hole.

9-13. Toluca Prison

Watch the cut scene with Eddie, and then take the TABLET OF GLUTTONOUS PIG 
and health drink. Get out of the cafeteria.
Turn left (on James' side) and watch for the Spitters. Take the handgun 
bullets from the first desk and the map (VERY IMPORTANT!) from the second. 
Go south a bit and open the wide door to enter the shower room. Go right and 
as soon as you are past the corner, shoot at the enemy. Go forward and take 
the TABLET OF SEDUCTRESS. You can get out of there now.
Go south and enter the door that leads to the cell block (check the map). I 
don't know exactly which two cells are unlocked, but check one for bullets 
and the other for WAX DOLL. Be aware of the enemies (outside and inside the 
cell). Once you get those two items, get out of the cell block through the 
east door.
Go left and kill the enemies. Open the first door to the left, to get to the 
kitchen. Kill the Spitter and take the rifle shells. Get out and start going 
left (north). Open the door that leads to the north cell block. Don't check 
the first 4 cells, because one is open and has nothing in it, but one that 
is further, has the TABLET OF OPPRESSOR.
Now you have all three tablets, so go back to the east hall which you just 
came from and open the wide door on the right side that leads to a huge 
area. Just keep moving forward until you get to a platform-like thing. 
Combine the three tablets and use them.
You'll hear a scream. Go back to the door and take the HORSESHOE from it. 
Get out of there and go into the north cell block. Go through it and unlock 
the door to get back to the west hall. Go a bit up and open the door on the 
left side. Take the FAK from the desk and get out. Go left and open the 
door. Go through the room and open the door.
Now listen carefully! Once you are in the next hall, start shooting the 
Spitter until he falls, then get passed him and turn around to bring down 
the other one. The first one will probably move, but don't worry - kill the 
closest one first, by kicking it preferably, even if you got 75 kills by 
Now, remember the room where you got the FAK? You probably saw a LIGHTER on 
the other side. Check on the map and open that room. You'll recognize it, 
because there are only two rooms that lead to the west hall, and you just 
used one to get here.
Anyway, take the LIGHTER and get out of that room. Now, one of the rooms in 
this hall is a bathroom. Skip the bathroom (it only has a save point) and 
look for a door that leads to a room with a Spitter and a lot of health 
supplies. I think the room is south-west, just before the iron fence. When 
you enter the room, kill the enemy and take the FAK and ampoule. Open the 
next door and take the HUNTING RIFLE and the ammo in the room.
Go two rooms back (to the hall). Open the Iron Gate and get to the manhole. 
Combine the HORSESHOE, WAX DOLL and LIGHTER and use them. When you open the 
manhole, jump into the hole. The next part is pretty simple - just follow 
the one path until you reach the labyrinth, but I'll explain the path 
Once you have jumped into the hole, through the manhole, open the double 
doors and go through the morgue. Jump into the hole and open the next door. 
Jump into the hole again. Get inside the elevator and take the four items 
from all four corners. The elevator starts going down.
When it opens, finally go out and open the next door. Now comes the most 
boring part of the game.

9-14. Labyrinth

To me, this is one of the most boring parts in the whole game. Luckily, it's 
not logically hard, nor long. But as for action, you'll be surprised to 
still have your controller (or keyboard) okay after this is done.
Now, let's do this!
This is a maze, so follow my instructions - Turn left, kill Spitters, go 
straight, go south and use the north ladders.
WARNING! You don't need to go through this area, because it only contains a 
weapon (which is useless, by the way) and ammo, so go there only if you want 
If you choose to go down there, do this.
Once you're down, go wherever you want (left or right) and keep going until 
you reach a door on the other side - this room is circular, so the trick is 
to get behind the ladder you just used. Be careful, because Pyramid Head 
might be there. If you see him, run for your life!
When you reach the door, open it. Take the items from the bloody desk, 
including the GREAT KNIFE, PH's weapon. But it's useless, so just keep it as 
souvenir from the nightmarish world.
Go back and use the ladder. Go forward and use the other ladder to go down. 
Kill the enemies and go up the next ladder.
You'll find yourself in a room with a box that has faces on it. On easy and 
normal the puzzle is always the same, but since this is hard, or extra, the 
riddle is random. You have to rotate the face to create a passage in the 
square room, to get down to the cell. Here's a tip - when you rotate the 
box, you may se a hollow space in the square room (located down or up). If 
you see it up, try to move the face of the box down, to get the hollow space 
down, so that you can pass, etc.
Once you have solved the puzzle, go through the passage to get to the cell. 
Here you'll see the one and only - MARIA!
I'm not gonna explain in this FAQ how she's alive, but if you want to know, 
e-mail me (not just that, but everything else about SH). After the cut 
scene, return to the room with the boxes and take the WIRE CUTTER from the 
sparking place. Head back to the beginning, where you saw a bunch of wires 
blocking your path. Use the WIRE CUTTER and use the ladder.
This is pretty simple - you just need to look for the ladder and use it to 
get up. Kill the enemies and use the next ladder. Go through until you find 
another ladder, which you'll use to get up.
Ignore the save point and open the door. Prepare your shotgun and go forward 
until you hear a scream. After the cut scene, you'll be fighting the 
Doorman. The BOOS GUIDE section has all tactics explained, so check it to 
kill the Doorman.
It's not easy, but if you focus and stay calm, you'll make it with less than 
3 hits. After the next cut scene, get out and open the door which is on the 
right side.
Here you encounter another puzzle, but it's pretty simple. If you think you 
have a good memory, go into the room on the right side. Check all six 
corpses and remember their names (murderer, thief, etc.). Get out and go 
forward. Open the door on the left side. You'll see six nooses here. If 
you're playing on hard riddle level, the innocent man is the counterfeiter, 
and on extra it's the thief. So do this -- remember where the innocent man's 
corpse was, pull all other five nooses, and then the sixth one. Return to 
the room with the corpses and take the KEY OF THE PERSECUTED from the fallen 
paper, where the innocent man was.
Go out and watch out for enemies (they'll appear if you revisited those two 
rooms two often) and open the farthest door. Go to the bars and use the key 
on the handcuffs. Go down the ladder and keep going straight until you reach 
a door. Open it and you'll see Maria dead. After the cut scene, James' goes 
out of the cell.
Go forward and turn left. Follow the path until you reach a ladder. Take the 
FAK from the floor and go to the graveyard, where you'll see three graves, 
with Angela's, Eddie's and James' name on them. First take all items, 
including the ampoule and ammo, and save if you are bad against Eddie. But I 
suggest you save after Eddie, because of the boat stage.
Jump into James' grave and keep going forward until you reach a door. Open 
it. After the cut scene you fight Eddie. If you know what's good for ya, 
you'll stay close to him so that he doesn't use the gun, and shoot him with 
the rifle.
Once he runs out, take the items near the corpse and follow Eddie. Kill him 
Finally, get out of the meat room and you're free of that dark place.
Now we have only one destination - the Lakeview Hotel.

9-15. The Boat Stage

If you have saved before the fight with Eddie, then don't save now. If you 
haven't saved, immediately do it here on the barrel. Take a stopwatch and 
prepare control the boat. When you get in it, start the stopwatch and 
immediately skip the cut scene and start moving the boat right (by rotating 
the right analog stick - PS2), but don't move too much right, because you'll 
surpass the light in the distance. When you're in front of the light, rotate 
both analog sticks (the left one counter clock wise, and right one clock 
If you don't see a cut scene for less than 1 minute and 20 seconds, you'll 
have to restart. When you're done, go up to the yard and take the LITTLE 
MERMAID MUSIC BOX from the fountain. Climb the stairs and enter the damn 

9-16. Lakeview Hotel

We're finally here...
Now let's finish this and ''end this nightmare''- James' words.
First, take the map from the wall on the left side. On the hotel map room 
312 is marked and it says '' waiting for you''. Strange, isn't it?
Now that you've taken the map, turn right and open the door on the right 
side that leads to the restaurant. Go to the piano and you'll hear someone 
playing it. It's that spoiled brat Laura!
After the cut scene, take the FISH KEY from the table and equip your rifle 
(or you can use the shotgun). Get out and turn left. As soon as you see the 
enemy similar to the Doorman, shoot him twice to knock them down. If you 
need to kill the enemy by shooting, let him get up and shoot him two more 
times. Be warned that another enemy is in the distance. Kill him, because 
you'll later use the stairs where that punk is.
In any case, once they're dead, open the wide door on the right, which leads 
to the lobby (two doors lead to that same lobby, use which door you want). 
When you're in the lobby, check the reception. Open the door to it, and take 
the key to room 312. Get out and use the huge stair case to get to the 
second floor. Check your map and go to the cloak room. There, you'll find 
ammo and a FAK. Also, use the FISH KEY on the briefcase to get the KEY TO 
ROOM 204. Get out of the cloak room and pick up the handgun ammo which is 
near the window, at the end of the hall. Now check your map and go to the 
reading room. Take the shells and the health drink.
Now get out and check the map to see where room 204 is. Go to the hall where 
the door that leads to that room is. Kill the two Doormen (it doesn't matter 
if they hit you even three times) and unlock room 204. Take the EMPLOYEE 
ELEVATOR KEY and get out. Go back to the main hall, where you used the huge 
staircase to get to the second floor. Open the door on the opposite side and 
take the ampoule from the table in the hall. Use the key you just found on 
the elevator. Go inside the small elevator and you'll hear the alarm. Check 
the buttons on the elevator and you'll see a sign that says ''weight limit - 
one person''. Get out of the elevator and check the shelf on the right side. 
Leave all of your items on the shelf - when I say all, I mean every single 
item you have (even Mary's picture and health items, not to mention weapons 
and ammo).
Take the elevator to the first floor. Take the map from the wall on the left 
side and turn right. Go straight and open the door on the left side that has 
a red light above it. The room is called 'pantry'. Take the SNOW WHITE MUSIC 
BOX and get out. Go back to the elevator, but don't enter it - you can't use 
it anyway. Go left into the office to take the VIDEO TAPE and the CAN 
OPENER. Get out and go left. Ignore the first door and open the second, to 
get to the employee lounge. Take the two boxes of rifle shells and get out. 
Go right and open the door on the right side, just before the elevator, that 
leads to the staircase.
Go down the stairs and open the door. Go south and then east to get to the 
boiler room. Be aware of the Mannequin. Take the FAK and the BAR KEY. Get 
out and head for the kitchen. Get passed the Mannequin to get there. Take 
the health drinks and use the CAN OPENER on the can to get a LIGHT BULB. 
Open the next door and use the LIGHT BULB to get light. Use the BAR KEY to 
unlock the next door.
You're in a hall. Go inside the elevator and take the CAN OF THINNER. Turn 
around and get passed those damn Mannequins. Climb the stairs and you'll be 
back in the hall where you started. Go to the main hall and climb the stairs 
to get to the second floor. Go to the employee elevator and take back your 
things. What a relief, huh? If you didn't get enough kills, go back to the 
B1 floor and kill them.
Go to room 204 and go through the broken wall. You'll see a picture on the 
bed. Use the CAN OF THINNER to see the code (town, mist, wait, etc.). The 
code is random, so just enter what you see. You need to enter the code on 
the briefcase next to the bed. You'll get the CINDERELLA MUSIC BOX. Now that 
you have all three boxes, unlock the door from the inside in room 202 and go 
back to the main hall. Use the boxes on the big music-thing in the centre. 
There are three holes in the object. In each hole, it says something. 
Fortunately, hard and extra riddle are the same when it comes to this 
puzzle, so here's the solution:

Twas shameful greed did stain her shoe with blood -- If you see this sign, 

Beauty - Both a blessing and a curse thou be - here you use the SNOW WHITE 

Even so, I still want to believe that she was happy - here you use the 

After that, play the music and take the HOTEL STAIRWAY KEY. Go back to the 
hall where you started and use the small stairs n the east side to get to 
the third floor. Use the key on the Iron Gate and enter room 312.
No one's here...
Another disappointment... Approach the VCR and use the TAPE on it. After the 
cut scene, get out of the room.
Now for the final part...

9-17. Alternate Hotel

For those who want to go for the DOG ending, they're one minute away from 
completing the game. But as for those who want any other ending than DOG - 
"PLEASE DO NOT GO FOR A DIFFERENT ENDING!" It will destroy you completely!
But if you've decided to go into that deathtrap, I'll write the guide. 
WARNING! This part is for all players. Even if you're heading for the DOG 
end, don't use the DOG KEY yet, you must find the BOOK OFCRIMSON CEREMONIES
Go down the stairs and enter the reading room. Take the BOOK OF CRIMSON 
CEREMONIES. If you're going for DOG end, go back up the stairs and use the 
key to unlock the observation deck. Here, the game ends...
As for the gamers that want REBIRTH ending, they go on. Don't climb the 
stairs, but go to the west hall and open room 202. Now you'll be in the east 
hall. Go down and open the door that leads out. Take the ampoule and enter 
the elevator. Take it to B1 floor and go inside the bar. Take the health 
drinks and go to the kitchen. Take the ammo and get out, through the next 
door. Go to the stairwell.
Here we see Angela one last time, before she disappears in the flames. Exit 
the stairwell using the same door and you'll be in the same place again, but 
with no fire. Go up and open the door. You'll be in a hall. Take the 
supplies from the corner and open the door at the end of the hall. You'll 
find your self in a long hall. Go through it and open the next door. There's 
a save point here - if you didn't save two times by now, save now. Enter the 
room and watch the cut scene - or skip it.
Now you fight two Pyramid Heads, but I explained the tactics in the BOSS 
GUIDE section, so check it out.
Once they're dead, take the eggs from them and use one egg on the left door, 
and one on the right. Open which door you want. Finally outside! But don't 
be too happy, you know what comes now - the final boss.

9-18. The End

Go all the way up until you reach a.... I don't know if it can be called a 
Anyway, go to Mary/Maria. Mary is on a bed, and Maria at a window. Now for 
the final fight. It's explained in the BOOS GUIDE section. Once she's down, 
shoot her one last time. Here, the game ends...
You got the REBIRTH ending, because you needed to get all 7 (8) extra items, 
which includes the 4 items for REBIRTH end. I suggest you skip all cut 
scenes to find out your rank faster.
If you got 10 stars, you can finally relax....


Here, I'll put my results from my first play for 10 stars.

Ending: DOG
Action Level: HARD
Riddle Level: HARD
Items: 199(+7)
Save: 2
Defeated Enemies by Shooting: 75
Defeated Enemies by Fighting: 82
Time: 2h 28m
Boat Stage Time: 1m 15s
Total Damage: 493 pts

Ranking: 10 STARS

I know what you folks are thinking - that I made it thanks to luck.
But I didn't. I didn't get 10 stars only once, so I got better and better. I 
didn't remember the other results, but who cares. As long as we have the 
green spray unlocked, its fine, right? :)
The reason why I got 199 items is because I didn't check the streets of 
Silent Hill on my way from the hospital. I have the original version, so I 
needed to get only 7, not 8 extra items.
I got 493 pts of damage, because those Spitters in the labyrinth joined 
forces and boxed me in.
I didn't kill more than 75 and 82 enemies, because I was counting how much I 
killed, and I didn't want to risk more damage pts.
What more can I say?




Well, I hope my FAQ helped you. If you need to ask me any thing, I mean 
anything about Silent Hill, just e-mail me at the address mentioned above. 
I'm also an expert on Resident Evil, so you can ask me about that, too.
I'm not just good with action in Silent Hill and Resident Evil, but also 
plot stories and events.
If you didn't understand something in my FAQ, e-mail me and I'll try to 
explain it in better details. If you think my FAQ is good (or that it sucks) 
send me an e-mail.
I would just like to thank Ghidrah for supporting me to write this FAQ and 
helping me with it. Without him I wouldn't have been able to create this 
FAQ. He's an expert on speed guides, so if you need to get passed enemies 
easily (not just in Silent Hill), e-mail him. 
Well, that concludes it. Hope you enjoyed. See ya around!

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