A New Life Silent Assassin Walkthrough - Guide for Hitman: Blood Money

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     Go to the van that is in the driveway with the rear doors open. Wait for 
the guard to leave then take out your syringe sedative. Put some of 
your "potion" in the donuts. Take them to the surveillance truck and wait for 
the guards to eat them. Go inside once they pass out and take the video tape 
and one of the suits. Go back outside and find the utility box next to the 
garages. Wait for the guard again to leave then break it. Go inside and enter 
the first door on your left. When the guard leaves take out your fiber wire and 
kill the man wearing the yellow shirt. He is your target, Vinnie Sinistra. Drag 
him to the closet so the body isn't counted as a found body.

     Go to the backyard and find the pool cleaner's shed. Go inside and get the 
lighter fluid sitting on a crate. Go to the barbecue pit and put the fluid on 
it. Wait for the woman to light herself on fire and run into the pool. Take her 
necklace with microfilm in it. This is your second objective.

     Run back to the surveillance truck and get your suit to avoid losing a 
money bonus and leaving evidence behind. Make sure the jogger isn't by the 
surveillance truck or he will see the bodies laying there and he will be 
counted as a witness. Escape the suburb to complete your mission and get a 
silent assassin ranking.

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