A Walkthrough for "A Vintage Year" Mission - Guide for Hitman: Blood Money

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This walkthrough may not allow you to achieve a "Silent Assassin" rank, but it will 
get you a "Professional" rank; which is the second best rank you can get.  "A 
Vintage Year" is the first actual real mission, since "Death of a Showman" was the 
training mission.  So follow along to get the job done right.

1.  Kill Don Ferdinand Delgado
2.  Kill Manuel Delgado
3.  Escape

Now in my eyes, this level is pretty fun.  I really like the level design, but 
anyways.  In this level, you won't need any guns.  Just the regular stuff.  When 
you start, you'll see the front door in front of you, and tourists are entering 
it.  Go through it, and now your in the courtyard.  To your left, there should be a 
house, and a door with a guy with a camara sitting at the top of the steps.  Enter 
that house, but make sure no guards are looking.  Close the door, and in front of 
you will be the power box.  Break it, and run down the hall and hide in that 
closet.  Wait a moment, and a guy will come around the corner to see whats up.  
Right when he turns the corner, emerge from the closet, and sneak up on him with 
the sedative syringe.  Once you stab him with the syringe, take his suit.  You can 
leave his body there, since nobody ever comes that way.  Now go back out into the 
courtyard.  Now to your left now there will be big large like circular doors.  Go 
over to them, and enter them.  There will be a guard standing looking over the 
railing.  Just leave him.  Turn right, and run down the  steps.  Now when you reach 
the bottom, Manuel Delgado will either be exiting a door coming toward the stairs, 
or in the little opening right to the left of the stairs.  Wait for all the 
tourists to come, and stuff, and follow Manuel.  He will take a tourist to a secret 
door.  Don't go in, just wait for Manuel to come out.  When he does, follow him, 
and he will go to a small room.  He will lean over the table and it seemed to me he 
was snorting cocaine, but pull out a coin, and go over towards the back of the 
room.  You will see a container, perfect to store a body in.  Drop the coin to 
attract Manuel.  When he goes over there to check, make sure the guard in the next 
room cant see you, and fiber wire him.  Drag his body to the container, and toss 
his body in, and close the lid.  Now we have to go find Don Ferdinand Delgado.  
When you exit the winery doors, look directly to your left and you'll see a door 
with a guard by it.  Go through it, and you'll be on the side of Delgado's 
hacienda.  Once you enter the door, turn right, and you'll see a guard going 
through the door.  Wait for him to go in, and go up to the drain pipe, and climb up 
it.  It'll take you to the second floor.  When your in.  Open the door on the left, 
you may have to pick it.  Go down the stairs, and pick the door at the bottom.  
There will be a guard asleep on the bed, sneak up to the little stand at the end of 
his bed, and steal the VIP guard suit.  Now go out into the hallway, and go to the 
door directly on your right.  Then when you enter go through the door to your 
right, which will take you outside where you climbed up the drain pipe.  Go to the 
front of the hacienda.  There will be a guard, guarding the front door.  Go to the 
left side, and you will see a small house like structure.  In the corner is a drain 
pipe.  Make sure nobody is looking, and climb up it.  When you get on the roof, be 
careful, a guard patrols below, and he will see you up there.  Climb through the 
window on the right.  Once your in, usually Delgado will be playing  the cello, or 
whatever it is, if he is sneak up to him, and fiber wire him.  But if hes not he's 
probably roaming through his bedroom, so just wait for him to enter his music 
room.  When he does kill him.  When you kill him.  Drag him into the next room, and 
throw him over the balcony.  The reason I don't throw him over the balcony in his 
music room is because sometimes he will hit the side of the cliff, and the guard 
will see him so... Now time to excape.  Go back to where you syringed the first 
guard, and get your suit back.  Now go into the courtyard, and exit the way you 
came.  If you look to your right, there is a large opening on the side of the 
wall.  Go to it.  TRheres a path that leads around the whole complex, so go down 
it, and when you turn the cornerm there will be a truck.  Use it as cover, and 
there will be a guard who patrols the area.  Wait for him to get close, and sneak 
up to him, and syringe him with the sedative.  Then drag him off into the weeds.  
Now go straight, and you'll see a little fence.  Turn right, and you'll see a very 
narrow path, go down it.  It zig-zags back and forth down the cliff.  When you get 
to the end you'll see a worker smoking by the dock.  Sneak up to him, and press R1 
to shove him into the water.  Now sneak down the dock, but be careful.  There is a 
worker, and a guard.  Wait for the worker to enter the elevator, and leave, and 
sneak up on the guard and shove him in the water.  Now go around the dock to the 
sea-plane and escape.

That was "A Vintage Year" level for you.  I hope it helps you out, and I wrote some 
other walkthroughs for Hitman: Blood Money, so check those out.  I plan to write 
more walkthoughs for the other levels, so sit tight.  Thanks for reading.  One

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